Duncan Hines Signature Fudge Butter Recipe Cake Mix, 16.5-Oz. Boxes


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Great Mix

I cannot find this version of Duncan Hines Mixes in any local store so was happy to find it on Amazon. Instead of adding butter, I use 8 oz sour cream and l/3 cup oil. Makes a very moist tasty bundt cake.
ChantayRuther Glen, VA

Best Ever

Thank you so much for carrying the best ever cake. Where I live, I haven’t been able to find this cake mix in years!
EvonWest College Corner, IN

just not for cupcakes

I have only one real issue with this cake mix: it doesn’t make good cupcakes. I’ve made three separate batches (one with baking-approved margarine and two with regular butter) and the tops are flat, even indented, but run out onto the muffin pans. You have to cut circles around the top to get them out of the pan, and they just aren’t attractive. Each time I’ve also gotten some crumbling when I’ve iced the tops, probably because of the light texture and the trauma from getting them out of the pan.

I get compliments on the taste, and the texture is very light. This mix would probably be a fine cake for most uses. But if you want to make cupcakes, especially to decorate, pick another mix.

JoslynFisher, IL