DuneCraft Rock Gardens Bonsai Rock Garden

Grow a beautiful Wisteria in just a few weeks.

Quick facts

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  • Handcrafted rock planter
  • Contoured sprouting dome
  • seed pack included
  • Natural gravel cover
  • Deluxe planting mixture

Top reviews

Piece of crap!

I have followed the instructions provided exactly and the only thing that has grown is mold. The directions say to remove mold with a stick but it just keeps coming back( I think this is going to be the 4th time now.) I wish I had known what a piece of crap this item was. Oh and the dome they provide is a piece of thin plastic that doesn’t even fit in the rock.
CandieFritch, TX

rock garden

Disappointed that I received a rock with a seed to grow into a plant. This item was not as presented as I did not understand that I would be trying to grow a plant from the seed up.
CamilaCourtland, MS

Didn’t grow

I bought this kit for my dd last year. She was SO excited to receive it and followed the directions exactly. But, nothing grew- not even a shoot. She was very disappointed and even called the manufacturer since her kit only came with 2 seeds. They said just to wait and see … well nothing happened. She still has the container sitting on the window sill after a year! Really a waste of money.
GlynisMadison Heights, MI

Bonsai rock … no garden!

Got the “garden” in the mail and discovered as soon as I opened it that there was a crack that ran from the top of the “rock” to the bottom. The rock was actually a lump of clay like any pre-school kid uses to make their hand print or an ashtray in class; not a “rock” at all. I followed all instructions to the letter. It has been a month since I planted the seed and still nothing. Total waste of money so far. I have planted another seed (leaving the first intact, just in case it is VERY slow to germinate) and will try for another month to 6 weeks. So basically, it didn’t do as advertised; was nothing like what was advertised, and the only educational value to it was the lesson learned: Don’t waste my money on stuff that I could build myself! Being a Bonsai hobbiest, I was sadly disappointed in this product. I expect better from Amazon.com!
WayneEarlsboro, OK