Durkee Blue Food Color, 16-Ounce Containers

A clear, deep blue liquid used to provide a consistent, colorful blue color to foods. Durkee Blue Food Color provides a vibrant color but no flavor.

Quick facts

  • Gluten Free

Top reviews

Hard to find!

Hard to find this food coloring in this size. This is perfect for the amount of eggs we use each Easter!
MaxBronson, KS


Does what it was intended for! we were unable to find blue food coloring in any of the local and not so local grocery stores except for the small 1 once bottles. we make a lot of cakes in my household. we needed a lot of blue for blue velvet cakes.
RicardaJamestown, MI

Very Blue

This colorant is wonderful, but be careful and wear gloves, otherwise the skin on your hands will be a lovely blue!
TangelaBardstown, KY

Blue Food Color

I use blue food color for a number of projects. I have searched for large quantities and this was the best product for the price.
KemberlyGreentown, IN

We use it to color the water in our fountain.

Blue food coloring is very hard to find in our town for some reason. Now we’re set for a while!
ToneyFenton, MO