Durkee Grill Creations Kansas City Style Steak Seasoning

Ships Same Day…BRAND NEW Factory Sealed…Expires JULY 2018…DURKEE Grill Creations…KANSAS CITY STYLE STEAK SEASONING…You Get (1) ONE 6.2 oz. Shaker & Spoon Dispenser Bottle..

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The Best!

The flavor of the “Kansas City ” seasoning is terriffic. It is crowd pleasing. A great GRILLED flavor. Tastes like my favorite steak place!! Am terriffied that Durkee might try to change it!
GertudeSarasota, FL

Best grilling spice in the world.

I love this spice! It is coarse, flavorful and works on every meat. Walmart used to carry it and now it is only available through a vendor on Amazon. It is pricier than it was in the store but it is well worth it. I have tried others with the same like ingredients but they don’t have the same boldness. Don’t waste your time on others, spend the money and buy it!
LeisaGrandview, MO

This is the same as………

I called Spice Advice at 800-247-5251 and they told me that this Kansas City Steak, Weber (or Tones) Canadian Steak, and Grill Creations – Grill seasoning are all the same.

However, if you are not convinced and want to order this under the Kansas City name, you can get it through diversified distributing (the distributor for Tones, Durkee, etc).

I cannot verify that these are all the same. This is just what I was told.

KallieMineville, NY

Best Steak Seasoning Ever

This is the best steak seasoning I’ve ever found in a store. I’ve established a great reputation for my steaks based on this seasoning. Unfortunately my local grocer stopped carrying it! I am worried I won’t be able to find it any longer. It really is the best!!
JohnieLeslie, MO

Not just for steak!

This is the best seasoning! I use it on chicken, salmon, hamburgers, sauteed squash and zucchini…it’s the best and my family loves it!
MalkaMount Joy, PA