Durkee Maple Flavor, 16-Ounce Containers

Durkee Maple Flavor is concentrated maple flavor that is made from natural and imitation maple flavors. This product provides a smooth and rich maple flavor to foods. Durkee Imitation Maple Flavor contains no alcohol. It is a dark brown-black liquid.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 16-ounce containers (total of 32-ounces)
  • Made from natural and imitation maple flavors
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Provides a smooth and rich maple flavor to foods

Top reviews

Wonderful Flavor

We like to smoke chicken and turkey and I always soak the birds for about 24 hours in a brine solution with quite a few spices, liquid smoke and Maple Flavoring. It gives the birds a wonderful flavor. I make Maple Nut Rings for special occasion breakfasts/brunchs which calls for Maple Flavoring. I also like to make my own pancake syrup so I use a lot of Maple Flavoring. It is so convenient to be able to buy these large bottles and always have it on hand. Thanks Amazon, you made my life a little easier.
MikeCokeburg, PA

Excellent flavor

We make our syrup in our family of 7. Its much cheaper than store bought and now that we’re used it to it, we can stand store bought anymore. We used to use Mapeline, but all the stores in our area stopped carrying it. This isn’t quite as good as mapeline, but its pretty close. Much cheaper than buying mapeline online and the large bottles will last a long time.
ErnaEastlake, MI

Great product, great price

Just what I was looking for. Made maple syrup right away, and my family loved it. Thanks!!
ShayneMendota, IL

Good Product

This product seems a little weaker than competative products but if you are using a lot of you can double the amount and still be far ahead of supermarket prices.
CletaKnickerbocker, TX


I decided to take a test on this product. I am making large batches of cinnamon rolls to raise funds for a charity. I needed a source for good, cheap maple flavoring. This is a keeper! I would definitely buy again. I may have to use a little more than my normal dose, but not by much. I have even used this flavoring in my coffee!
ViWoodbine, KS