e.frutti Sour Mini Burger

eFrutti Candy has all the innovative, creative, and fun candy you need to satisfy your snack, break time or party needs. This includes fun gummi candies in a multitude of forms, colors, and animal and other critter themes. These delightful gummi candies

Quick facts

  • Spin off of our regular mini burgers
  • Multicolor
  • Each mini burger is .5 inch high
  • Eat by hand candy
  • Each burger has a gummi bun, burger patty, lettuce and cheese

Top reviews

EXCELLENT price, GREAT gummy candy!

My wife would always buy boxes of the sour mini burgers from Price Busters at around $7.20 a piece. Since they rarely restocked the item we had to go in search of an alternative source. At about $5.50/box these are a TERRIFIC price.

The sour mini burgers come individually wrapped, 60 per box, and 3 gummy pieces in each wrapper.

If you are addicted to gummy candy as my wife is, you’d probably love this deal. They also shipped very fast and came in a pre-packed Amazon box. HIGHLY recommended if you’re looking for some good gummy candy and e.frutti does make some good gummy candy.

BrunaStockton, IA