Eagle Brand Fat Free Condensed Milk, Sweetened, 14-Ounce Can

Eagle Brand Fat Free Condensed Milk, Sweetened, 14-Ounce Can

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Eagle Brand Fat Free Sweetened condensed Milk, Made with nonfat milk instead of whole milk, however, I can not taste the difference. I bake pies, put it in Coffee and so many other items and it taste the same as the regular condensed milk … so good and Rich!. Did you know when combined with acidic fruit juice such as lemon juice, it thickens without heating to create velvety pie fillings, puddings and so many other desserts and you don’t have to add any more sugar. Eagle Brand Fat Free sweetened condensed Milk is so thick, creamy and smooth…I love it! Thank You
JocelynCromwell, IN

A Lost Treasure

I used to be able to find fat free condensed milk everywhere but now it seems to have gone the way of the Dodo. I desperately need this product for many modified recipes for lower fat, calorie and cholesterol content! The fantastic thing about this product is that it could replace regular condensed milk and make a recipe just as good – particularly my Key Lime Pie and various ice cream recipes
ShawnSaint Johns, OH

satisfying experience

product arrived in a timely fashion
packaging was appropriate
product expiration stamp well into the future (2013)
fully satisfied with this experience.
ShanRentz, GA

JUST as wonderful as its “fatter” brother

This may be fat free, but you wouldn’t know it — it has the same “Mouth” texture and creaminess and sweetness and oh-so-wonderfulness as its fatter brother with the red label.

Thank you Bordens for finding “Heaven on Earth” and putting it in a can!!!

RicoSaddle River, NJ