Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Third Trimester Tea, 16 Teabags/Box

Third Trimester Tea was formulated as a tonic to nurture all those mama parts heading into the home stretch (pardon the pun)! A safe, delicious blend of vitamin and mineral packed herbs historically used for labor preparation and as a uterine toner, including Red Raspberry Leaf (an all-around great pregnancy herb), iron-rich Stinging Nettle, calming Chamomile and Rosehips (both full of vitamins and bioflavonoids), and calcium filled Oat Straw, Third Trimester Tea is a brilliant blend of Mother Nature’s gifts to mamas-in-waiting

Quick facts

  • Comes in easy to brew tea bags
  • Organic herbal tree which is free of caffeine
  • Steep, sip and enjoy

Top reviews

Induced my labor.

I drank this tea at the end of my 3rd trimester (9th month). This tea has a high concentration of Red Rasberry tea leaves. It is known to induce labor during the third trimester and it did. I was three days past my babies due date when I drank a cup of this tea at midnight. I went into labor 4 hours later.

My doula didn’t think this tea induced labor but I believe it did because I started having slight cramping after I finished one cup of this tea. I went to sleep and woke up 4 hours later with mild cramping which quickly turned into contractions. My baby was born at 11 AM …natural childbirth.

Good stuff to have around if you are past your due date. Doesn’t taste as good as the Peaceful Mama tea though.

PattieFox Valley, IL

Better than the competitors

I love Earth Mama products so I decided to give their Third Trimester Tea a try. I ordered both Earth Mama and Traditional Medicinals. There is a big difference between the taste of these two. While they’re both grassy and herby as you would expect, Earth Mama tea has a more pleasant kick to it. It does not have the bitter aftertaste that Traditional Medicinals has. I was able to drink Earth Mama without any brown sugar or honey but I had to have something to sweeten Traditional Medicinals.

Earth Mama is more expensive but I think it’s worth it. I did not return Traditional Medicinals, I do not hate it, but Earth Mama Third Trimester Tea is definitely better.

My only complaint is that they do not list the amounts of each ingredient. That makes it impossible to make a comparison based on potency of ingredients. Still, I would recommend this product, and would use it exclusively if I hadn’t ordered the other brand already.

MiyokoShrub Oak, NY

Great taste, great price!

I bought this in bulk because I’m in my 3rd trimester and need to drink this daily to prepare for labor… it’s amazing. I love the taste, and buying it on here saves me money because it’s much cheaper than paying retail store prices here. You aren’t able to reuse the bags, but that’s fine with me. (one bag makes one cup, strictly. trying to milk a 2nd cup out of a used teabag will only result in funny-tasting water)
EugeniaLittle America, WY

Tastes Great and I feel better already

I’ve done yoga, swam, and eating well to make me feel better for much of the second and early third trimester. But the third trimester (especially later closer to delivery) has brought on a host of other side effects despite being in good physical health. that’s when specialty herbs to deal with pregnancy-specific symptoms such as leg-cramping due to nerves and vessels being under pressure from a large uterus help..and are like night and day for those of us suffering the symptoms. I switched to a different brand of prenatal vitamins (organic and food-based) that helped reduce many but there were still aches, pains, and bone-crackling… So last night at 38 weeks (after being reluctant to use this tea as one reviewer claims it induced her labor), I tried this tea hot with a half-tablespoon of organic, raw honey (oh, the flavor is heaven with this combination!). Wow, this tea not only tastes real good, but has further alleviated almost all the remaining symptoms (except pressure on my pelvis due to carrying a large baby). My head was cleared, I became calm and relaxed, all those aches around the uterus were minimized, and my uterus feels more stiff and able to hold its own, rather than a very soft sack that was jostling around my bones and other organs. I’m typically not into herbs too much, but was desperate to relieve my discomfort and pains with natural things that have been used for a while and don’t seem to harm the baby from word-of-mouth from midwives, and this seems to do the trick. I’ll be taking this everyday until I deliver (maximum in one and a half weeks).
RolfHingham, MA

Yummy Tea!

This is a very tasty tea. I am using it for the pregnancy reasons, but I am not sure if it IS tightening everything up or not, but it tastes really good with soem honey added. It is not bitter, kind of a mild mint and berry flavor. I recommend it!
JoanieCimarron, CO

Fresh Ingredients and No Fillers!

They have been a wonderful company to work with and I can tell that their customer service is excellent. They truly care about the quality of their product and the satisfaction of customers (and bloggers like myself!)


Shipping for the product was fast. The first thing that struck me was the aroma as I was opening the shipping package. I could immediately sort out the mint and raspberry tea blend. It was a clear sign to me that their teas are fresh.

Inside the product box, the 16 tea bags were sealed in two small plastic bags (each containing 8 bags), preserving the freshness of half of your stash until it’s time to open the second set.


Reading through the ingredients, this tea contains no flavorings, just pure natural herbs. All of the herbs contained in Earth Mama Third Trimester Tea are beneficial for pregnancy – red raspberry, spearmint, stinging nettle, oatstraw, chamomile, rosehips, and alfalfa – all 100% certified organic by the FDA. Red Raspberry Leaf is the first ingredient and there are no fillers!

The hint of mint is a nice thouch for those who do not like drinking straight Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. It also opens the sinuses – an added benefit if you struggle with stuffiness or other sinus problems during pregnancy.


As if I wasn’t already thrilled with my box of Third Trimester Tea, it also came with a coupon on the inside of the box for 50 cents off my next box.

I find this tea calming and relaxing. Anytime I am feeling stressed, I know that a cup will put me at ease.

I have very little criticisms of Earth Mama Angel Baby Third Trimester Tea (and I always look for something!) There are no tags on the tea bags (for hanging over the side of your cup), which is not a big deal in my opinion.

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Disclaimer: Earth Mama Angel Baby provided this product for my review at no cost.

ArlindaCarmel Valley, CA


I used this tea for my last two pregnancy’s. I really enjoy it. The taste is good, and it helps me relax. I like knowing i’m doing something good to help my body prepare for the big labor day. Great tea!
ArlenPendleton, IN

Good stuff!

I’ve been drinking red raspberry leaf tea throughout my pregnancy after my midwife recommended it for cramping and it really helped. I got sooooo tired of straight red raspberry leaf though so I decided to try this one instead. I’m not a huge mint fan, so I was a little worried since this has spearmint that I wouldn’t like it, but it’s only a hint of mint, so I don’t mind it. I’m especially happy that it has stinging nettles in it since I worry about my iron levels and have heard nettles help.
HeatherEast Vassalboro, ME

Feel good third trimester tea

I’m not a tea drinker, but I thought I had to try this and hopefully would help during labor. At first, i really didn’t like the smell, but only after the 1st try, I started liking it! I easily got used to the smell and taste. It’s not bitter at all even after 10 mins of soaking the tea bag. I love this tea, and been drinking it once a day, I’ll increase consumption toward my EDD.
DesmondBrowning, IL

A good tea but…

I have been drinking this tea every night just for the benefits it claims to produce. However it is a little bland tasting. I usually don’t add sugar and just drink it quickly but I was a little disappointed that it isn’t more flavorful considering all of the natural herbs it contains. This is just one of those things where you won’t really know if it worked or not, but the price was good and I’ll continue drinking it every night. By the way I thought the price was for one box, but you get three boxes which will cover you for the entire third trimester. It also says to drink several times a day, but I’ve only been drinking it once every night.
DallasFallon, NV

Great Tea

My wife used this while we were pregnant. She loved it it tasted good and did what the mid wife said it would by making labor easier so you wouldn’t need any medication.
KrystaBuckman, MN

Pleasant taste

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant, and had been previously just been drinking Traditional Medicinals Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. I used the Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil and love it, so I decided to try the Third Trimester Tea. Like a previous reviewer, I was worried about the spearmint, but it’s not overwhelming at all. I definitely enjoy this tea more than plain RRL tea. I’ve only tried it hot so far, but hopefully it tastes just as good iced.
MaileLoreauville, LA