Earthborn Holistic Chicken Catcciatori Chicken Dinner in Gravy Wet Cat Food, 5-1/2-Ounce Can, 24-Pack

Earthborn Holistic Chicken Catcciatori canned Chicken Dinner in Gravy is an excellent source of high quality protein. This grain-free dinner consists of chicken, and lots of it, providing a delicious, highly digestible diet. This recipe also includes wholesome potatoes as an exceptional source of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene which help maintain your cat’s immune system. Boneless, skinless white meat chicken in a savory gravy will be sure to please your finicky cat. Chicken Catcciatori is 100-Percent guaranteed for taste and nutrition. Chicken Catcciatori is produced in a human grade facility using many of the same ingredients and processes that are used in ‘people food’.

Quick facts

  • Filled with wholesome antioxidant nutrient-rich natural vegetables and fruits
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Specifically formulated and correctly balanced
  • Excellent source of high quality protein
  • Help your cat stay in top condition

Top reviews

My cat loves this, I’d love it if the chicken was from the USA

This is shredded and looks (and smells) exactly like human food, with a little gravy mixed in. My Maine Coon recently started losing her hair, we assumed she developed a food allergy to the dry Iams she’d been eating most her life. Switched her over to some grain-free Blue Buffalo dry and her fur came back. She didn’t care for any of the Blue Buffalo canned foods, so on a whim I picked up a few cans of this Earthborn at the local pet store. She loves it, so I give her 1/2 canned and the other 1/2 of her daily food ration of the Blue Buffalo. This is one of the very few canned foods she can keep down with her sensitive tummy.

Edited August 26: I’m torn about this chicken not being from the USA. When I first purchased this food, the rep from Earthborn told me all the food was made in Evansville, IN. Yesterday I went to buy more, there was a Catcciatori Chicken box turned upside down in the store and it said Made in Thailand. My first thought was the BOX was made in Thailand, but I picked up a can and even though it said “Distributed by….Evansville, IN” on the can, also printed sideways in TINY lettering I had NEVER noticed before was “made in Thailand”. I contacted Earthborn about this on their Facebook page and basically got the runaround as to why they can’t use USA-grown chickens.

CarlotaPeach Springs, AZ