Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food, Sweet Potato & Chicken Dinner, 4 Ounce

Earth’s Best is the first and only full line of organic baby food. We strive to provide better for baby products to ensure that babies can grow up healthy and strong, eating pure, wholesome foods. And throughout the years we’ve grown too. We now offer organic formulas, snacks, meals and even baby body products for your little one. By expanding the trusted Earth’s Best brand beyond baby foods we hope all children will grow up with the freshest and purest products possible in a clean and safe world.

Quick facts

  • Made from sweet potatoes, apricot, whole grain brown rice flour, and ground chicken
  • Perfect for babies 6 months and older
  • Excellent way to support your baby’s healthy diet
  • USDA certified organic
  • No artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives

Top reviews

My baby liked it

I didn’t eat any but my baby liked it. She said it was savory but sweet and it reminded her of fine dining in Tuscany. Also I like that with the jarred foods is you know when you recycle it will never become waste. I just learned this and am telling everyone – only glass recycles forever. And if you don’t recycle then you and I have nothing in common and you should stop reading here. It’s not even a hard thing to do anymore. Nobody else in my building recycles and it drives me crazy. You just rinse it and put it in a different bin and still put it out on trash day. Stop being lazy.
MargaritaMooresville, NC

moms (and dads) beware of plastic in the food

I just wanted to post here that I found small bits of plastic in this food as I was feeding my 9 month old. Plastic!!! in food!!!! baby food!!! So please be careful if you buy this or are considering it.

My daughter LOVES this food– it’s actually her favorite. This is the first time we have noticed plastic in it in over 2 months.

LoritaEast Syracuse, NY

the garbanzo beans in it give horrible gas

To be fair only one of my twins got gas from this but it was horrible. Up all night screaming from gas pains. Garbanzo beans are not an ideal food for young babies.
TangelaCanton Center, CT

Baby didn’t like it

I usually make my baby’s food…. it’s so easy, steam fruits & veggies and puree…. but sometimes I don’t have enough time to cook and I buy Earth’s Best baby foods….baby likes all the fruits and veggies so far but didn’t like this one. She refused to eat it. When I tried it I understood why, I wouldn’t eat it myself either… it tastes nasty…. my poor baby…. immediately I made her a homemade potato, zucchini, & asparagus puree and she loved it. I wouldn’t recommend this flavor!
PorshaJeffersonville, KY

My baby’s favorite dinner

My six month old baby loves the Earth’s Best 2nd Sweet Potato Chicken Dinner – it’s his favorite. He seems to love all the Earth’s Best 2nd foods – fruits, vegetables, and dinners. The consistency of the food makes it easy for him to eat – not too thick, not too thin.
ErasmoRibera, NM

Baby loves it, but there is plastic in it

This is my daughter’s most favorite baby food by far. This is the only ones she’ll eat and rarely will eat the other kinds. However, the taste is very bland, for me as an adult at least. After you put the unfinished portion in the fridge, it may become sort of watery at which point I throw it out. It is unique from the others in the combination of vegetables it has, especially zucchini.
I had to update my review today, because I saw little pieces of thin stretchy plastic in two jars of this baby food. PLASTIC IN BABY FOOD? I notified Earth’s Best about it and will be sending them these pieces of plastic for testing, but I am not giving my baby this food any more, even though she likes it, that’s it for us.
TaishaLandisville, PA

Baby likes this one

The earths best he eats the most, this one is a little thicker than his original chicken/sweet potato favorite which is very runny.
LorrettaLong Green, MD

Organic and Tasty

I’d continue to buy but I’m moving over to more home made finger foods and away from glass jars…shattered too many. They like all the flavors though. Great textures too.
NadeneStroud, OK

Our twins love this one. With the subscription, the price is fair

Both our twins love this one right from the start but it’s not loaded with lentils (see ingredients below). We introduced it when they were 7 months old and now they’re 10 months. I’m glad they are eating something green because we couldn’t get them to eat the one with peas when we tried at 7 months, but we got them to eat the peas later at 9 months.

Their favorite vegetable is sweet potato and we’ve also tried sweet potato with cinnamon. They love all the fruit varieties.

I’m glad they love this one because lentils and brown rice form a complete protein, although a view of the ingredients shows that lentils is not one of the prime ingredients.

This one also has carrots and I’ve heard all babies like carrots. I don’t know if they would like it without the carrots. I haven’t seen this one – lentils and brown rice – in our local stores, so I’m glad to get it here. Along with some others, we get this one with the subscription. Of course, with twins one is forced to buy more in bulk and we’re so busy that it’s great to get these delivered.

The packaging is excellent. I’ve ordered an unbelievable number of cases of jars of different types and only had one jar arrive broken.

Ingredients per label: Water, organic apples, organic carrots, organic brown rice, organic lentils, organic canola oil.

This has 70 calories, 10% protein, 100% vitamin A, 4% vitamin C, 2% calcium and 4% iron.

I’m informed that the daily intake percentage is based on an adult.

EarleSpofford, NH

Dessert to Them. But is it Nutritional Enough?

My twin 10-month old babies treat this one as dessert. Their first Earth’s Best jar they loved was straight sweet potatoes. After water, sweet potatoes are the first ingredient in this one, followed by apricot puree. That’s dessert for them right there. After that comes the chicken and then brown rice flour (not as good as brown rice though).

This is a meal that babies around the age of mine are probably almost all going to love instantly. Almost all babies love sweet potatoes for starters. Add apricot puree and there’s really not much one could do to discourage babies after that. I recommend this flavor brand.

Ingredients per label: Water, organic sweet potatoes, organic apricot puree, mechanically separated organic chicken, organic brown rice flour.

The rice flour absorbed the water and gave it a real nice consistency, and the sweet potatoes gave it a nice color.

Nutrition per label: 80 calories, 15% protein, 90% vitamin A, 2% vitamin C, 2% calcium and 6% iron.

This one had the most vitamin A of all Earth’s Best jars I’ve tried. I’ve been informed that the percentage of daily needs met is based on an adult.

JeromyOsage City, KS

Repeated deliveries of broken jars. Great product though

I liked getting this one for my twin 10-month olds because it has such interesting ingredients, particularly the zucchini and the garbanzo beans. I like the fact that it’s vegetarian yet I believe it has a complete protein since it also has brown rice. This list of ingredients looks excellent and it’s a green color naturally.

The babies liked it. They have liked everything that has carrots.

I have the subscription for this one as I really like the ingredients and the fact that I’m giving the babies food that is naturally green.

Ingredients per the label: Water, organic corn, organic zucchini, organic green beans, organic brown rice, organic carrots, organic garbanzo beans, organic canola oil.

This has 70 calories, 8% protein, 40% vitamin A, 10% vitamin C, 2% calcium and 2% iron. I’ve been informed that the percentage of daily needs met is based on an adult.

YurikoJamestown, SC

Good flavor, too runny though

Baby loved this one, but as he has progressed I had to cut this one out because it is too runny and if I have to move the spoon quickly out of the way of his grabby hands, it is all over! I think they could use a little less water maybe a little more potato to make it more the consistency of the turkey dinner one.
CarisaBud, WV

12% Protein and 50% Vitamin A

Earth’s Best Turkey Vegetable Dinner hits the spot with apples with turkey. You can add cranberries if you want to take it to the next level. I just can’t find non-sweetened and non-dried cranberries even at the better food stores.

Apples, carrots and turkey taste good to my 10-month old growing twin girls. Babies love carrots since they’re sweet to their taste, so that made a great addition. The whole barley flour absorbs the water to give it an acceptable consistency.

The ingredients per the label: Water, organic apples, organic carrots, mechanically separated organic turkey, organic whole barley flour.

In addition to 12% protein and 50% vitamin A, it has 6% calcium and 4% iron.

I’m very pleased my babies like this food and are being introduced to so many foods through Earth’s Best. I’ve been informed that the percentage of daily needs met is based on an adult.

LucileWeslaco, TX

Baby Lilly says 2 thumbs up!

My little girl can’t get enough of this! I like that it is organic and contains fruit, veggies, protein and grains in one tasty meal. I wish it came in larger portions since my 10 month old always wants 2 jars.
ScarletCayuse, OR

Earth’s Best Rice & Lentil dinner

Its my daughter’s favorite first and foremost. For me I love that i can get lentils, there aren’t many stage 2 or 3 vegetarian choices.
AnnelieseNorway, MI

Plastic in the food!

Wow, i am shocked to find clear plastic pieces in the jars. The other posters say they notified Earth’s Best about this in August and they are still selling it without checking or recalling!! No more earth’s best for my little guy. I am taking my business elsewhere and I am very sad that organic company is selling baby food with plastic and bpa in their jars. They gotta do better than this to get my business.
LoriEvans, WV

My baby’s favorite 2nd stage food so far and great for constipation!

I like the Earth’s Best baby food line because of the organic ingredients. Amazon has great prices (especially if you subscribe) and free delivery to your doorstop, which is convenient when you’re a busy mom. My daughter doesn’t like a lot of baby foods, but will eat this one. As other reviewers have stated, it’s a bit runnier that other EB’s stage 2 foods, so I add some oatmeal to it. It’s also a bit bland, so I add a dash of cinnamon after heating it up. As an added bonus, it works wonders for her digestive tract! She had problems with constipation for about 2.5 months, sometimes going up to 10 days before we had to give her a suppository, and then I discovered that this food makes her poop every time (I also started giving her a sippy cup of water with meals and during the day to help with the fiber). I rated it 4 instead of 5 stars because the main ingredients are sweet potatoes and apricots rather than sweet potatoes and chicken. I wish there were more chicken in this so there was more protein.
ArlyneFremont, IN

Sons Favorite Dinner!!!

This is my son’s favorite dinner! Best of all it seems it has the best combo of protein (21%) , vitamin A (100%) and C (30%). It is runnier than most of their dinners which was a great start for solids with protein in it. Love love love this brand and flavor. I think I purchased 50 jars so far.
LyleCrane, IN

No Issues

I don’t know how everyone else got these broken, but when I received them they came wrapped in plastic and in bubble wrap, not a single jar was broken. My son loves them and the price was great and I had no issues at all.
DeniceLongleaf, LA

Too thin

Would be a quality product if it weren’t so thin. Nearly the consistency of soup. It just makes too much of a mess no matter how careful you try to be.
LaviniaSiloam, GA

A great place to start

I would love to say that I have the time to make my son’s food everyday. Its not the case. Honestly, I do make it most of the time, but some days, you just don’t have the time/energy to get it all done. Enter this product. Before I bought this baby food, I read the reviews and all these people were saying that it has fruit in it, its like a dessert, yadda yadda yadda. The truth is, is that yes, it has a bit of fruit in it, but its not sweet at all. The fruit merely brings out the flavors naturally so that you don’t have to add anything else. Its a great product to enter proteins into baby’s diet. The consistency is smooth enough that if you wanted to add cereal to it also, baby will not choke on it. I highly recommend.
KatriceRandallstown, MD

good for you but not best flavor

We love earth’s best organic baby food, but this is not the tastiest one. I’ve tried it myself and think it is pretty gross. But my daughter still eats it, just not with as much enthusiasm as other flavors. It’s got a decent amount of protein, which is important for us as a vegetarian family.
BetseyCoatsburg, IL

A favorite!

Soft smooth texture – my little one devours this one…it is one of the best meat/veg dinners we have found!
DonaldGregory, TX

Runny and odd-tasting

My triplets will not eat this, eventhe one who will eat ANYTHING. The consistency is way too runny as well and does not stay on the spoon.
ErlineHinton, OK

Too runny…

My baby LOVES sweet potatoes. I can essentially mix any food into sweet potatoes and he will eat them; which in this case could be a good or bad thing depending on what I wanted to mix in there… it was horribly runny, like spooning formula into his mouth. Ick.
DeliciaWarners, NY

Great taste for a picky baby, but very thin compared to others

My daughter was not a big fan of baby food, especially any with proteins, but she did LOVE this one! The flavor is just right, not too sweet or too savory, and doesn’t have a strong chicken flavor. Almost like plain sweet potatoes but not as sharp, thus it’s a very good first protein to offer, and good for picky eaters. My nephews and my niece also liked this flavor, so it’s a pretty safe bet to keep on hand if you don’t know a particular baby’s preferences.
Something I wish I had known was that it is quite a bit runnier than other Stage 2 Earth’s Best, especially for having chicken. I added quite a bit of rice cereal to thicken it up after my daughter had gotten tired of the runny texture, and she liked that just fine, but it is an extra step. However the runnier texture makes it workable for younger babies or those with gagging/texture problems.
LennieEmerson, GA

Great stuff

This is the only food my daughter will eat consistly. She really enjoys it. The packaging is great. Never had any broken (having ordered 4 times).
JonTwin Lakes, MN

Son loves it

My son loves the rice and lentil jars. It’s not as liquid in consistency as the peas and brown rice jars. I have it on order with subscribe and save + amazon mom and it always arrives nicely packaged.
LeonHasbrouck Heights, NJ

Love it

I have twin girls, they both loved the Vegetable Turkey Dinner. It was one of their favorite baby foods. Great price.
ValeneCumberland, NC


I normally love Earth’s Best products (as does my son). However, tonight after I’d given him half the jar I thought I would try some since it was a new flavor and I realized that there were little pieces or soft shredded plastic in it. I was appalled! As this is my first child and I don’t have any experience with this kind of thing, I called poison control. They said he would be ok and once I knew he was fine, I got really angry. I looked it up online and found that Earth’s Best has actually known about the plastic for some time but are still selling it. Don’t buy Earth’s Best! Really disappointing.
ReikoDresher, PA