Earth’s Best Organic Country Dinner, 2nd Variety Pack, 4 Ounce Jars

Organic… Pure… Delicious. Give your baby a healthy start on life with Earth’s Best. Earth’s Best is the only full line of organic baby food and it is the first brand of baby food to be produced with NO Genetically Engineered Ingredients. Earth’s Best infant cereals and jarred foods are available in over 40 varieties, along with infant juices and teething biscuits to satisfy the taste and texture of babies four months and up.

Quick facts

  • Three each: Chicken & Brown Rice, Chicken Tomato Pastina, Harvest Squash Turkey and Beef, Carrots & Corn
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

Top reviews

Great Product horrible packing/shipping Amazon!

I love this product and signed up for the monthly delivery..but unfortunately the order arrived 75% damaged and moldy. I am currently attempting to get a refund.
SabraAxtell, NE

Great brand, yucky flavors

I hate to badmouth such a great brand, because we really like Earth’s Best and LOVE getting them with Amazon Subscribe N Save. But honestly, these are gross. I try not to feed Sam anything I wouldn’t eat, and both of us agreed…we won’t ever get this selection again.
VerdieDow, IL

Organic and Tasty

I’d continue to buy but I’m moving over to more home made finger foods and away from glass jars…shattered too many. They like all the flavors though. Great textures too.
DamionSouth West City, MO

Loved it

Fast delivery to our door. Great taste and texture for our 8 month old baby boy. Great deal.
EldaXenia, OH

excellent service

Yes, I would recommend this product. My son likes them. Most impressively, Amazon provided excellent post-purchase service. When the whole package came to my house, there were two broken jars with puree and pieces of glass messing around. Then I sent an email to Amazon about the poor quality of packaging. To my surprise, Amazon replaced the whole package within two days without any additional charge. Awesome service!
LatashiaColoma, CA


This baby food arrived quickly and was well packaged to protect the glass jars. Thanks!
EllyWinchester, VA

Most are yummy

Each child is different for their taste in food. My son did not like all the flavors so I can not give this 5 stars. If just rating on quality of the product I give 5 stars. The ingredients are healthy and the product is in good quality. This is by far one of my most favorite baby food brands and this is the only brand my son will actually eat meat from.
BongRock Island, TN

My Daughter loves these.

I already wrote about the fruit and vegetable variety packs, but as I said I ‘subscribe and save’ to several of Earth’s Best lunches, and dinners. I used to do the breakfasts as well but my baby wasn’t too fond of them. So we do fruit yogurt and a grain cereal mixed in generally for breakfast. But I’ve tasted all of these as well and they don’t taste bad at all.
KatheleenElkland, MO

Almost Perfect

My daughter exclusively eats Earth’s Best jarred baby food. My only complaint with most of the varieties is that the food’s consistency is too thin. If I were to feed her the food straight from the jar it would be very messy because the food is just too runny. I usually empty the jar into a bowl, and add two scoops of Earth’s Best cereal, mix well, heat in the microwave for fifteen seconds, and then feed it to her. I like the country dinner variety pack because it contains a beef variety, and a pastina flavor. However, I wish it were not more expensive than the regular dinner variety pack. All in all, the runny texture isn’t enough to make me stop buying the product, but I do think it could be improved upon a bit.
NonaMckenzie, ND

Great variety – good textures

I really like this variety pack of dinners. I like my son to get a protein before bed – I think it helps him sleep. He is a good eater and really liked all of these flavors. He even enjoyed the little bit of texture of the beef and corn and chicken pastina.

I hope that Amazon keeps offering this variety pack, but we will be moving on to 3rd foods soon.

LeanneIndependence, KY