Earth’s Best Organic Crunchin’ Grahams, Apple Cinnamon, 5.3 Ounce

Earth’s Best Organic Sesame Street Crunchin’ Grahams sticks are made with organic ingredients including whole wheat flour. They contain 8 grams of whole grain for toddlers, specially formulated with iron, zinc and B vitamins. Earth’s Best is committed to fostering healthy habits for children by providing fun, convenient, foods with superior nutrition. Every item in the Earth’s Best Sesame Street line is designed to meet toddlers’ special nutritional needs, as recommended by the nutritional and pediatric experts from the Earth’s Best Medical Advisory Board. Containing an excellent source of iron, zinc, and six B vitamins, our delicious breakfasts, meals and snacks make healthy eating fun throughout the day. Earth’s Best Sesame Street is part of Sesame Workshop’s multifaceted Healthy Habits for Life initiative designed to start children off with healthier habits early on in life.

Quick facts

  • Made with organic whole grain wheat flour
  • Excellent source of iron, zinc & 6 B-vitamins
  • No hydrogenated oil and no trans fat
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and no genetically engineered ingredients
  • Kosher and USDA Organic certified

Top reviews


I really didn’t notice Elmo on the package? These are for kids more than adults. Nothing wrong with flavor, but priced for kids that scream alot.
ShainaLake George, NY

My daughter’s first word was cracker

I started giving these to my daughter when she was 9 months. She loved them so much her first word was cracker (while signing more)! They dissolve in her mouth so I don’t have to worry about choking. And they are healthy too. I highly recommend it.
AimeeShafter, CA

A favorite

We have to hide these boxes and pull them out when our one year-old daughter won’t eat anything else. She will always eat these. Her brother and sister are always sneaking and eating them too.
NatachaFredericktown, PA

All she ever wants to eat

My little girl will ask for these crackers day and night. Bought a pkg of 6 and have used up 4 real quick. I will be back for more very soon.
KamalaQulin, MO

Graham crackers good enough for Mommy to eat too!

I LOVE these graham sticks. They dissolve well and are super yummy (yes, I have eaten quite a few of them:). I think they taste better than any other graham cracker I’ve tried, and they’re organic to boot. As far as sugary snacks go, they have pretty healthy ingredients. I like pretty much everything I’ve tried from Earth’s best. For those of you interested in how they’re sweetened they contain organic invert syrup, organic evaporated can juice, and organic honey. They don’t have anything “scary” in them like maltodextrin or other such sweeteners. Just vitamins and natural, organic products.
MerlinEssex, CA

My Baby and Toddler Love These

And they are good for them! With whole wheat flower and no high fructose corn syrup like a lot of other crackers.
MelinaCartwright, OK


My 1 year old loves these! Great snack! I’ve tried to find these at my stores and can’t seem to get them very often. Love that they are organic and my one year old loves that Elmo is on the box!
JaneanMenlo, GA

Yummy and clean

I love these snacks because they are whole grain and organic. I also love the fact that they do not spill everywhere out of the snack cup like cheerios. I have also noticed that they do not leave a lot of crumbs, which makes Mommy happy.
WarnerLa Grange, TN

organic honey grahams

I bought these for my grandbabies because they are earths best and organic. They like them,but not as well as the cinnamon ones. I tried them,thought they tasted kind of like dirt.
TammyWaterloo, AL

organic graham crackers

Bought these for my grandbabies and they love them. I love them because they are organic. Only the best for my little guys. My big guys even snack on them.
MistiLindley, NY

Taste and smell were intolerable.

I bought these graham sticks based on their excellent reviews and having purchased Earth’s Best organic vanilla cookies, had high hopes for a healthy snack to serve my kids. Needless to say, I should have purchased one box at the grocery store first before committing to 6 boxes through Amazon (which you are unable to return -even unopened boxes- since this is a food item). The crackers smelled strange even before tasting them. My 5 year old turned up her nose and refused to eat them anymore after trying a few. I wish I could describe the taste, but it would be really hard. It may sound strange for an organic food, but it was almost like a faint chemical smell. At best, I can say that they weren’t anything like a regular graham cracker flavor (even as an organic option they should have a better taste). My 2 year old did eat some of them without complaint, so I am hoping she will tolerate them through 6 boxes so I feel like I did not waste my money. Good price, but definitely test one box first to see if you like them.
MalenaPine Bluffs, WY

Great taste!

15 month old loves to eat them on the go! They seem great for a healthy, quick, and easy snack!
ShelbyPawnee, OK

Great snack

My daughter loves these snacks and so does everyone else. I try to feed my daughter organic stuff and I’m so glad that Earth’s Best makes a variety of snacks that she can have.
TamikoNewville, AL

Great Healthy Snack

This is a very good snack that I feel great about offering my 10 month old. She can easily pick up the small pieces and definitely enjoys the apple cinnamon taste. My 5 year old loves them as well! I would definitely recommend these to anyone with small (or larger) kids. 🙂
LeopoldoSouth Whitley, IN

Perfect for little toddler hands

These are the only organic grahams I can find for a reasonable price. We LOVE these and Amazon makes them a perfect affordable snack for my toddlers.
YelenaNapoleon, ND

Little ones like them…and NO SOY!

These are great crackers. My little guy likes them a lot and best of all, they don’t contain any soy or dairy!
BricePelican Rapids, MN