Earth’s Best Organic Seasonal Harvest Variety Pack, 4-Ounce Jars

Earth’s Best Organic Seasonal Harvest Variety Pack comes in a 4 ounce jar. Earth’s Best Organic Seasonal Harvest Blends introduce babies to holiday favorites made just for them. These delicious combinations bring in all the flavors of the season for babies to enjoy and make the perfect balanced meal. Earth’s Best is the first and only full line of organic baby food. We strive to provide better for baby products to ensure that babies can grow up healthy and strong, eating pure, wholesome foods. And throughout the years we’ve grown too. We now offer organic formulas, snacks, meals and even baby body products for your little one. By expanding the trusted Earth’s Best brand beyond baby foods we hope all children will grow up with the freshest and purest products possible in a clean and safe world.

Quick facts

  • Each Variety Pack Contains: 12 Jars – three jars each of Apple Turkey Cranberry; Green Bean Casserole; Pumpkin Apple; and Sweet Potato Cinnamon
  • An excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A and C and are made with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

Top reviews


I haven’t tried this but I’m told it is a great product line. FYI the Seasonal Harvest Variety pack contains: three jars each of Pumpkin Apple, Apple Turkey Cranberry, Green Bean Casserole and Sweet Potato Cinnamon.
TrudiPortland, OR

Terrible packaging!

Not only did several jars break, but they were apparently broken for so long that the food that had spilled all over the other jars grew mold. Mold everywhere! Really disgusting and smelled terrible. I won’t trust Amazon to ship these baby food items.

Update: Apparently this is a huge issue with EB via Amazon. If you look at other reviews for other EB here you’ll see that the USDA has been alerted about the spoiled and moldy EB baby food on Amazon.

ElmiraChina Village, ME

Bait and switch????

The product is fine … Careful which store Amazon sells it through. I just got my order and 911Drugstore charged me $39.99, not the $13.99 that’s listed.
NickyOlive Branch, IL

poorly packaged

Several broke during transit which then caused mold to grow over all the other jars. Compared price to Walmart and there jars are 10 cents cheaper. Not a good buy!!
LeoMacon, MS

Ingredients not listed on product description

Earth’s Best and in particular, the sweet potato cinnamon and pumpkin apple varieties of this Seasonal Harvest line (which we have purchased elsewhere before), are brilliant and have really appealed to my picky eater but … a note of concern and the reason I am writing a review for the first time, and only giving 3 stars, is because the apple turkey cranberry dinner contains WHEAT, which is disclosed on the jar once you purchase, receive and open the package, and the green bean casserole contains ONION, again only listed on the jar and not something every baby can tolerate. Unfortunately that means we can only eat half of this pack, which doesn’t make it very cost effective. Otherwise, really good food.
AlineGuild, NH

Interesting but appetizing?

I was completely skeptical about buying these online, because let’s face it, they sound disgusting. After reading the reviews, I decided to try them out on my daughter and not let my biases influence her developing taste. She liked them. I was amazed and impressed. They are a great way to introduce foods that you don’t make that often for your little one. (i.e. tomatoe, apricot)
AdamCenter, ND

Baby Likes It

My infant son loves most of this food. It is easy to get cases shipped and not fumble with individual jars in the store. Quick shipping, good packaging. I’ve had no issues.
TreySugarloaf Shores, FL

Awesome Fall Treat

We just LOVE this variety pack by Earth’s best! Our favorite one! It has veggies, meat, and fruit. All of the flavors sound great and our baby loves them. We’ve purchased this variety pack more than any other…since they are our go-to favorites. Now that it’s fall…they are especially great!! πŸ™‚

No problems with them breaking. They are always packaged great with bubble wrap covering them and padding in the boxes. I’ve ordered several different varieties of Earth’s Best jars several times and have never had a problem with any breaking.

LouieSaint Helens, KY

Great for introducing new flavors

We like to introduce our baby to a variety of flavors, but she won’t eat anything that’s not 100% smooth in texture. That means we’re pretty much stuck with jarred baby food, but we don’t want our baby to become a picky eater. I love this seasonal harvest variety pack because it contains some really unique flavors that are not usually available in baby food, like cranberry and pumpkin. Also, the seasonings are more robust that other flavors of baby food. The Green Bean Casserole definitely has an oniony flavor, for example, and the cinnamon flavor is fairly strong in the Sweet Potato Cinnamon. I love that my baby is getting to try new and unusual flavors even though she’s not yet ready for more textures.
HerlindaCannon Ball, ND

Great product!

I love Earth’s Best products. That’s the only product I use for my baby! My baby loves all their different flavors but the pack of 12 makes it much more convenient!
LeathaTryon, NE

Love the flavors that I can’t find in stores!

My baby is not a picky eater. He loves all of the Earths Best baby foods we’ve tried. I bought this pack becuase it had flavors that I cant find in any of my local stores! The pumpkin apple and sweet potato cinnamon are new favorites of his and I will continue to purchase this prodcut. You cant beat the subscribe and save price in the stores and even if you could I believe it would be hard to find these flavors.
LuzPipe Creek, TX

Great variety

It is very important to me to have organic food for my kids. This is great for my infant and provides a variety of unusual combinations- Turkey and Cranberry, Pumpkin Apple, Green Bean Casserole and Sweet Potato Cinnamon. My 10 month old loves these!
AliseBurdett, KS

our picky eater liked this

I got this around thanksgiving and our son that doesnt like veggies or meats really liked these. It was also fun to feel like he was involved in thanksgiving even though he couldnt eat the full feast this year.
AlishiaByrnedale, PA

My kid just didn’t care for it

I believe the product is good altogether BUT unfortunately my daughter, just like my son, doesn’t care for jar foods, so we ate some, and we gave some away, since she prefers fresh fruits.
PhillipHiko, NV

Delicious and healthy…..perfect!!!

My daughter’s loves this food, and I feel confident knowing the is getting the foods she needs, without any toxic ingredients!!
JolynEast Andover, NH

Actually delicious

I don’t feed my baby anything I wouldn’t eat myself and these taste great. πŸ™‚ He loves all the flavors, and the turkey apple cranberry is the only meat baby food he’ll eat. And please, buy this through Amazon Subscribe and Save. It is easy, cheap, and so very convenient. Per ounce its cheaper than grocery store food and organic too! Great deal.
ReaHighland, MD

baby food

This product was very good, baby loves it. The favorite seems to be the pumpkin apple. The apple turkey cranberry is also a big hit.
ShanikaElrod, AL


Packing is very good, although I`m far away from there.
But it taste a little slant acerbity , baby still can not accept, slowly adapted to it.
BeatriceFriendsville, PA


I ordered this item along with other items from Amazon. They arrived in a short amount of time. They were sealed and boxed in wonderful damage preventable packaging. However, one bottle in the center of the package was broken, dried, turned to dust and still in it’s place in the package. An odd occurance I am sure. My guess is it came from the manufacturer with a broken seal and had gone unnoticed for a long time. Amazon was so wonderful at listening to me about the damaged item. I even offered to send them a picture. They not only offered to replace the order but also did it in an expediant way. The baby also loves the food so cheers to Earth’s best as well!! I still have this item on my subscribe and save and will continue to do so.
EufemiaWilliston, VT

Great Variety

My daughter loved all of them except the green beans, but she doesn’t like green beans at all. They do have onion in them as well. My husband is a real fan of the Apple Turkey cranberry and it is one of our daughter’s favs too. The Pumpkin Apple is on the thinner side and can be messy, but it’s really good!
CaterinaHoutzdale, PA

A great variety pack

My 8/9 mo old really likes this variety pack. It was fun for him to get to try some of our favorite seasonal flavors. I am happy with Amazon’s “grocery” business. It is great to have the convenience to order these on-line and have home delivery. I can’t imagine going the store and having to get a whole case and go through check out. I try to make him some meals, but I trust Earth’s Best and love the flavor combo’s and they are so convenient.
VicenteSaint Paris, OH

Amazing baby food.

I have a 5 1/2 month old new eater. She has not taken to solids very well at all. I have spent a month and a half of trying several different foods and the sweet potato cinnamon was the first one she would open her mouth for and not grimmace when she tasted it. Needless to say I was so happy and over the moon at the fact that she was eating solids and that it was something as good as Earth’s Best.
LibbieNorthampton, MA

Great Product

My daughter loves Earth’s Best foods, and being able to get it from Amazon is a great convenience vs. fumbling with the individual jars at the grocery store. I also love that Earth’s Best has these great combos of complimentary foods and doesn’t force you to buy 12 of one flavor. The combination’s are closer to how the adults in our home eat, so the transition to solids and table foods will be easier. Healthy selections and a great variety of fruits and vegetables, the Seasonal Variety Pack is a favorite choice.

The flavors are:
Pumpkin Apple, Apple Turkey Cranberry, Green Bean Casserole and Sweet Potato Cinnamon

GlendaLeroy, AL

Organic and Delicious

I’d continue to buy but I’m moving over to more home made finger foods and away from glass jars…shattered too many.
SavannaMableton, GA

Love it, love it, love it.

Great quality and the Turkey, Apple Cranberry flavor is a hit with my 10 month old. It actually tastes good. Most baby foods containing meat don’t even smell good let alone taste good. This one breaks the mold. The Green Bean Casserole is better than just plain green beans too. Kudos Earth’s Best!
LorieVarina, IA