Earth’s Best Organic Stage 2, Vegetable Variety Pack, 12 Count, 4 Ounce Jars

Organically grown, without potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

Quick facts

  • For babies 6 months and older
  • Contains 3 jars each of Sweet Potato, Peas & Brown Rice, Carrots, and Winter Squash
  • No added salt or sugar
  • No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids or potentially harmful pesticides or herbicides
  • USDA Organic certified

Top reviews

BPA in lids!!!

I was disappointed to find out that the LIDS of Earth’s Best jarred foods are coated with an epoxy lining that contains BPA 🙁
I thought I was avoiding the whole BPA issue because these are in glass rather than plastic containers. If it’s in the lids, it’s going to get in the food as the food moves around in the jar during packaging, shipping, storage, etc. I was planning on being a devoted Earth’s Best jarred food user because it was organic and in glass, but then I found out about the BPA. As a note, if BPA doesn’t bother you, most of Earth’s Best food is tasty.
DioneQuanah, TX

Save your money buy at Babies R Us

This same package costs 8.99 at baby’s R us. Save your money. Asside from that the product works great and is very nice not to have the BPA and toxic chemicals in your little ones food.
HedyLombard, IL


Glass jar lids contain minute amounts of BPA. This is not for my baby. If something is organic it should have safe packaging as well. Call them, they have to tell the truth.
FayeRineyville, KY

It’s ok

It’s ok, my son eats it, he loves the carrots, he eats all of it. I’m going to move onto stage 3 foods.
SommerDevine, TX

poorly packaged

Several broke during transit causing mold to grow over all the other jars. Jars are cheaper at Walmart.
MarioGile, WI

Find out what your baby likes. The subscription price is fair

The Vegetable Variety Pack provides an opportunity to find out what your baby likes.

We have twin 7-month olds and their favorite is the sweet potato followed by the carrot jars. They love those. They like the winter squash. We could not get either of them to eat the peas with brown rice despite numerous attempts.

They like the brown rice cereal we give them though, which we get from the same brand, Earth’s Best. They really dislike the peas and will not eat that one.

You can get this variety pack at the subscription price, which when considering free shipping is fair enough.

You can also get any of these flavor types individually in packs of 12 for the same price and with the same subscription arrangement. You can even get lentils with brown rice under the same terms, so scroll and see all the types of jars they have. Therefore, once you know what your baby likes and will eat, you’ll know which subscriptions, if any, to sign up for.

For us it makes sense to go with subscriptions since we’re buying for 2 babies.

EmmettTucker, GA

love it but would love it more with less orange.

I love earths best and was excited to see this variety pack on amazon. We were doing the subscribe option but had to stop as this pack contains to much orange!I know it sounds strange but i like my dd to get a bot of variety and with only one green option the oranges (winter squash and sweet potato) were staking up and not being used….I would say good to order every once in a while but not enough variety to subscribe to.
RubiFord Cliff, PA

Great food – baby and toddler love it – note for Amazon

These jars of vegetables from Earth’s Best seem to be the only way to get veggies into our toddler. We’ve thought about making our own baby food, but anyway you do the math, it just takes way too long. Earth’s Best is a good brand and I trust them when they say no sugar or salt is added. A note to Amazon – apparently you changed the packaging on this, which is great. But I think it basically meant that you said this product with the old standard “retail packaging” was out of stock, so we thought the whole product was out of stock on subscribe and save and didn’t know what to do. We actually had to buy jars at a higher price at our local grocery store. It turns out you do have it with the new “frustration free packaging” and I had to unsubscribe from the old item and subscribe to this. Might have been nice to have a note next to it where it says out of stock, something along the lines of “We have it in stock in different packaging.” Or perhaps send us an email with “Earths best baby food in the subject line.” I’m sure there’s software to do all that easily. Generally, you guys make our life much easier, so when you don’t, it’s unusual, and I thought I should let you know.
AlexiaAleknagik, AK

Great Buy

I use these for my homemade dog food. The variety is a good combination so I can mix and match with each new batch. You can’t beat the low cost on subscribe and save.
TheaRidgeville Corners, OH

Great baby food!

My baby loves Earth’s Best product. The food is tasty and doesn’t cause her constipation problem. I’m happy that I can find the organic and affordable food for my baby.
BufordLoving, NM

Packaging for delivery needs to be better

I received my first order of Earth’s Best Vegetable Variety 12- pack and one of the jars were completely shattered spilling pureed peas and brown rice onto half of the other jars. I had to VERY carefully clean, wash and inspect all the other jars to make sure they weren’t also broken or have any glass pieces stuck to it. And when I am ready to use a jar to feed him, I inspect it again before feeding. Now that I think about it, I should just throw it all away to avoid any risks. I normally make my baby food at home but thought these would be convenient for on the go feedings. My 7 month old son seems to like everything and has not rejected any foods I’ve given him, yet. *knock on wood* Anyway, I’m sure this stuff is good. But if I decide to buy it again, it’ll be in the stores.
HenryRyland, AL

BPA has been removed

Like many others here, I was disappointed that this company allowed the use of BPA in their products. (I’ve been giving my twin infants the formula and jarred food for months.) I wrote to the company today and I received this very prompt response:

Earth’s Best Organic® infant formula was converted to packaging that does not use BPA in March, 2009.
Earth’s Best Organic® jarred baby food was converted to packaging that does not use BPA in October, 2011.

I feel much better using their products now.

ArielRutledge, MO

False statements about BPA in lids

I started to panic when I read the comment from someone about BPA in the lid of EB glass baby jar foods. I make most of my baby food at home, but when on the road this is such an easy option. I called the company right away to get the facts. I was so relieved to hear that there are no BPA’s that come into contact with the baby food. There are two layers of plastic in the lid and the layer that touches the baby food does NOT contain BPA. The layer in between has small traces of it, but their research has shown that it does not leech into the food. I personally feel comfortable with this and am glad I can still support this company.
MaileMinter, AL


I bought this line of baby food because it was organic and came in glass jars. I prefer to make my own baby food, but some times you need other options, especially when traveling. It is incredibly disappointing to find out that there is BPA in the lids. I just talked to the company and they confirmed this. My understanding of the canning process is that it requires heating the product to a high temperature in order to create an airtight seal. So not only is the food being exposed to the BPA during this heating process, but then during the entire storage process until an unknowing consumer like me buys it. I feel incredibly dumb for trusting Earth’s best to be good for my baby. Get with the program and create BPA free lids! I recommend everyone taking the time to call the company and urge them to change their packaging. Until then I will stop buying this food line.

Here is a website that will give you some ideas for other organic baby foods that have BPA free packaging


NedaLa Verkin, UT

Nice selection of basic baby food vegetables

I am pleased with the Earth’s Best Vegetable variety pack. These are the standard basic baby food vegetables: Winter Squash, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, and Peas with Brown Rice. I would have preferred plain peas but I am guessing they add the brown rice to thicken it and make it not so runny. The flavors are bland but palatable and slightly sweet so most babies (mine included) enjoy these vegetables. The consistency is great for babies from 5-9 months but probably too runny for older babies 10+ months. Three of these four (squash, carrots, sweet potatoes) are available at my local store but the price is slightly cheaper on Amazon and the variety pack is convenient. The cardboard tray is great for storing the jars in my pantry so they aren’t rolling around everywhere. I will purchase this product again as long as my child is eating baby food.
BernieBrodheadsville, PA

LOVE Earth’s Best

Have you ever tried your baby’s food? I have. I have sampled all the brands of baby food and Earth’s Best actually TASTES like what it is supposed to. That says everything to me. If I wouldn’t eat it- would I feed it to my child?

This is a pretty good deal for baby food jars!

GeorgiannaFreeman, WA

good but too thin

Earth best doesn’t put much solid contents into their baby food. too thin for a sitter!
SebastianChignik Lake, AK

Added water

I am a strong believer in giving my baby organic foods as much as possible. We used many of the Earth’s Best flavors and baby really enjoyed most of them. What I found irritating though was how runny many of the flavors were; I often had to add oatmeal or rice just to keep the food on the spoon. Water is added to many if not most of the flavors. I wondered if that was a necessity however “Plum” “Ella’s Kitchen” and “Happy Baby” brands (also organic) do not have water as an added ingredient. We definitely used these, but to be honest, I prefered the other brands because I felt we were getting a better value considering we weren’t paying for water in those packages.
ChristieFontana, WI

BPA in the lid?

I like their variety package, but also heard that there is BPA in the lid. I will switch to other BPA free products.
JenifferOrrville, AL

Great Food

We buy this in bulk for my Little boy and he loves it he eats it all up so quick. This is much better for your children than the cheap stuff at the store, and much more cheaper online!
CleoraMission Ridge, SD

Can’t go wrong with organic

My son gives the carrots 5 stars but isn’t a fan of the peas however that’s all on the learning tummy of a baby and nothing to do with the product. I’ve got no complaints.
DortheyMeridian, GA

great food

My baby LOVES this food (all 4 flavors) !!! We started mixing cereal in to make it last a little bit longer because she powers through this stuff!!! Overall, it smells pretty good & the ones I have tasted are not bad. We are very happy with this and have it on Subscribe & Save, so it works out to about 75 cents per jar. I don’t know how that compares to other brands, but I like that this is organic and doesn’t have additives. It also helps that my baby is happy!!! 5 stars.
JackiGrand Rapids, MN

Earths Best..the way to go !

This variety pack is handy..with subcribe and save you save
an extra 15%. It is great to get the free shipping,

Go Organic !

AugustCold Bay, AK


4 out of 12 containers came broken, and it smelled terrible. It seemed like they were open for a while, because they were all rotten. The packaging was terrible, no protection at all. I rather buy them at the local store.
RogerConnellys Springs, NC

organic baby food

the grandkids loved these vegetables. I also bought the fruit, meat and the variety pack. No complaints from the twins.
JeannetteWellsburg, IA


I buy all organic food for my children and Earth’s Best is one of my favorite brands. My kids love it.
ElouiseIdeal, GA

baby food purchase

The price is the same as in the supermarket. It’s just more convenient to have it delivered free to the house. The food itself is good. My one-year old grandson eats two jars, one fruit, one vegetable at every meal. He eats every bite.
JulioEldon, MO

Great product

My one year old loves this product. She eats one every day and never gives me a problem. And I trust the ingredients which reassures me that she’s eating something thats good for her.
RebbeccaHasty, AR

Love this food for my son!

Great flavors, great variety of choices for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks, great no-hassle nutrition. Most importantly – my son loves them (with the exception of pea/brown rice).
GeorgetteMagnetic Springs, OH

Easy when you are busy

Earth best products are best quality, organic with no non-sense ingredients added to it. variety pack can be great if your baby eats all the vegetables. unfortunately, my baby do not digest squash well (gets gassy) and so economically it is not best for me to buy this variety pack. We purchased it because we were traveling and needed it to be delivered fast to our door, which was possible thanks to Amazon mom membership. Amazon price for this product was best online (especially, with no shipping cost). You can get them for little cheaper when they are on sale in retail stores.
AldenDouglas, OK