Eastman Outdoors 38660 Breakfast Sausage Kit for Wild Game, Meats, and Poultry

Eastman Outdoors delivers professional quality processing equipment that makes it easy to process wild game at home with affordable tools that yield expert results. When you Do-It-Yourself with products that are designed by scientists, professional chefs and avid hunters the results are quality, flavor and yield to your expectations. The Breakfast Sausage Seaoning Kit comes with seasonings and 100% natural casings that will make approximately 15 lbs. of meat for beef, lamb, chicken, veal or any wild game meat. The premium ingredients are all natural, and can be adjusted in amount to personal preferance to deliver a great flavor. Each package comes with a complete set of instructions to ensure fantastic results.

Quick facts

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  • Sheep Casing
  • Makes 15 lbs. of sausage
  • Includes seasoning and corresponding casing types

Top reviews

Contains corn syrup.

I’m just getting into making my own sausage, and bought this kit to try breakfast links. However, it contains corn syrup solids. Corn syrup is one of the many terrible things I’ve removed from my diet and will never add back. Returning it immediately. I’ll buy casings on their own and try a recipe from scratch.
SheriseHalls, TN

I have a Question

Does anyone know if the spices contained in the kit have MSG (monosodium glutamate) or not? I want to purchase the kit; but I need to know this first. Thanks to anyone who can help.
NicolleGranite City, IL

Great Kit

Just started into making homemade sausage at home, and wanted to use a commercial kit for the first few batches to get the hang of the hobby. The flavors of the sausages made from this kit are first rate.
HaeEllamore, WV

Great experience

Overall, the kit was great and easy to use. Would have rated it 5 stars except for the casings. They were very small and almost not useable. Fortunately, I had other casings and some collagen casings that I was able to use. The sweet and spicy were good but I like even “more heat” in snack sticks. The hickory were very good but if I used this kit again, would add more pepper and garlic powder. Like about a tsp of each. Depending on the type of meat you use, you need to add some binder like about 2/3 cup of soy protein powder for a 7.5 lb batch (available at Trader Joes). Definitely would recommend this kit.
BlakeHiram, GA

A must have for hunters !

This kit is worth the money I got 65 links ,But that will vary depending on how big you want to make the links,The seasoning is a good mix ,I would suggest to use less than the directions say,a good way to use some of your deer meat,its nice to be able to make your own links with cheese or garlic ect.I like to use a 50/50 mix pork with deer,with a few stips of bacon added to the meat grinder I will keep getting this kit .
BonnyHansford, WV

Not Good at all

I ordered this and it came in a timely manner but when I opened it all the spices were hard as a rock like it was real old and the hog casing did not do well as they burdt very easily and also had many holes in them. I bought a High Mountain sausage making kit from a local sporting goods store and it was 100% better and tasted much better as well. Was not a happy camper with the results of this sausage making kit and will never purchase this brand again
CharoletteMeridale, NY

All is good

All mixes were good but the Italian sweet mix was the best, and I wish I can buy this without the kit, we loved as Patty no casing and without the other Spices
EtsukoNorth Boston, NY

Could be better but worth buying

There was much to read as to labels and ingredients of this sausage kit. We were disappointed to find MSG in the Italian sausage mix or else this would have received five stars. Before buying this product I read all I could find on what was in these packages without success. The casings and the instructions for the casings were easy to understand. They were easy to install on the sausage tube of the grinder. But the Italian sausage mix has MSG.
ForrestReseda, CA

Well Made

I like these casing a lot. I used to use larger ones that held 3 lbs of meat, but prefer these smaller ones because they fit slightly less than a pound each and you can experiment with smaller amounts of sausage at a time. Made 20 sausages at this point, with only one casing ever breaking on me (though I admit I may have stuffed it too tightly). I’ll definitely buy again.
TatyanaQuinwood, WV

Great product!

I bought this for my dad since he was getting into making his own sausages. He received it and was absolutely pleased with the product! He said that the instructions were great and said the seasonings were fabulous! He’s already mentioned how he wants to buy another package and eventually start making and experimenting with his own seasonings. All in all, great buy!
MittieBenavides, TX

makin sausage

Comes with plenty seasoning. Casings are as promised. No instructions on how to us the casing inserts. Wasted 1 length of casing figuring out how to use.
KirbyMonaca, PA

Just made a batch and it’s great!

I hadn’t tried this seasoning for summer sausage prior to today and I just finished smoking up 15 lbs. and it came out great. I used 75% venison and 25% beef in my mix just to get a little bit more fat in the mix and it came our really good. I found the flavor to not be “too much or too little” making the sausage exactly as directed on the package.
ClarettaNeoga, IL