Easy Indian Bengal 5-Spice Sauté Organic Spice Blend

The freshest Indian seasoning blend on the market. Create a family style veggie saute that serves 6 in just minutes using a spice blend that will make you re-think why you ever settled for less.

Quick facts

  • Each packet makes a family style dish that serves 6
  • Create authentic Indian food in 15 minutes
  • 100% Organic; No salt, sugar, MSG; Vegan
  • Pack of 6 – .4oz packets (2.4oz total)
  • High quality spices from recent harvests

Top reviews

Tastes great, healthy and easy

OK, so I bought this on a whim as I was tired of the “taste of india” packets that I normally get (that are Ok, but overly salty and oily – I guess a lot of preservatives to maintain the shelf life, heck I don’t even recognize some of the ingredients). I bought the multi pack easyindian(of the same vegetable mix), bottom line probably one of the best options out there for eating healthy (Indian or otherwise), this stuff is all organic, really I checked the ingredients, everything is organic, I’ve seen others slip a couple of non organic (ingredients) into the mixes – this stuff is the real deal, also there was no filler – all ingredients I recognize (and yes I’m Indian so that helps). I tried a couple of variations first with Cauliflower (had to sauté them first) and then cook with the spice, and the second I tried one of those multi veggie, pre-cut frozen bags (peas, carrots, beans etc) – both were exceptional! My quick take on this easy Indian packets.
– 100% organic (this is Rare to find and I’ve looked)
– Simple instructions and ability to get creative.
– There is a website that has a bunch of suggestions, but it was simple enough that I kind of did my own thing, I like to experiment
– No extra salt and oil (I can vary according to my taste .. I like that, usually other mixes have that stuff is all crammed in and gives it a very “pickle / achaar like” flavor .
– Very authentic and flavorful taste (I realize that is subjective but best way to describe it) but you may have to adjust the vegetable quantity according to your taste.
– Kinda like the name, it was surprisingly easy, I’ve been making Indian food for a while, so I know how time consuming it can be.
– These guys seem committed to healthy living and eating, hard to find these days!
– I’d like a sample pack (want to try the other ones as well but not sure if I’m ready to buy multi packs of all of them) but that is just me as I like to experiment
– I like that the instructions are very clear, but you should know the basics of cooking, like potatoes will take longer than mushrooms to cook – so you have to adjust your vegetable strategy accordingly
– Finally make sure you pick healthy vegetables as well (luckily Wegman’s and Trader Joes near me have a huge organic vegetable selection), but if you use poor quality veggies or protein it kinda defeats the purpose.

Very satisfied with this choice, highly recommend!!! Hopefully these guys have a bigger selection than the three they have as I’ll probably try them all at some point, most definitely going to get some of my friends to give this a try. I may be looking to add this to my subscribe and save list.

Overall #AWESOME

JuliannDearborn Heights, MI

Pretty Easy, Fast and Delectable

Cooking for myself is pretty much non-existent. I usually pick up take-out in my neighborhood. It is easy and so convenient. So when a friend of mine gave me a sample of Indian spices to try at home, I just threw the package on the counter-top and forgot about it. But one night, I got home from work after midnight. Chances of scoring take-out was impossible. Searching my fridge for anything to eat, I found only some leftover vegetables. What to do? Sleep or reheat? Dreading the boring taste to follow, I noticed the packet from Indian Spice. Moments after tossing in the spices, a nice aroma filled my kitchen. My mouth began to water as I waited for the vegetables to warm. The first taste sent my taste buds spinning. The meal was fantastic. Within minutes I had eaten everything, a very uncommon experience. The following day I bought more packets of Indian Spices. Thanks for waking me up. What a terrific product!
AnnisSummit, AR

Perfect for the healthy or Meat & Potatoes Guy!

I found this little gem in SF from the market at Arguello and Clement. I was with my girlfriend and debating on something healthy to cook for a few friends and jumped on this nice little organic Indian seasoning based on its enticing packaging and healthy appeal.

It was fabulous! We made this guy at home with some basic vegetables and quinoa, served 4 of us, and everyone loved it! Including our meat and potatoes irish buddy who fears anything labeled “healthy”. It was definitely a big hit and I will be buying it again, trying out the Tikka Masala next.

Thanks Easy Indian!

MaudeBear Mountain, NY