Eat Natural Almond & Apricot Bar with Yogurt Coating,1.76 Ounce Bar, 12-Count Box

A luxurious bar full of premium quality ingredients – and nothing else. Cholesterol free. Gluten free. No artificial color or flavors. Free from GM ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians. Made in the UK.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 12 energy bars
  • Made from almonds, apricots, and yogurt
  • No cholesterol, gluten free; a good source of protein and fiber
  • All-natural energy bar packed with chunky nuts
  • Packaged in the United Kingdom

Top reviews

Eat Natural apricot & almond yogurt coated bars

I love these bars, but when my local grocer discontinued them, I was glad to find them on Amazon!
ChelsieLoxley, AL

Delicious – but high in saturated fat and sodium

I’ve been carrying Larabars with me as a gluten-free snack, and bought “Eat Natural” almond & apricot bars to give them a try after seeing the glowing reviews. They are indeed delicious – though I find the coconut and yogurt flavors come through much more strongly than the apricot. They’re somewhat more filling than Larabars – 235 calories vs. 180 calories, in both cases half fat. There’s big difference in saturated fat – 9 grams for “Eat Natural”, 1 for Larabars, and “Eat Natural” bars have almost 20 times the sodium (95 mg, as compared to 5 mg), and half the fiber (2 grams as compared to the Larabar’s four). “Eat Natural” ingredients don’t get any more unnatural-sounding than soya lecithin, glucose syrup, and dextrose – but the list is certainly a whole lot longer than my Larabar’s “dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon” (yes, that’s all).
These “Eat Natural” bars do taste good and are a little better at killing hunger pangs than Larabars. I might buy them again sometime if I find I need a snack that’s a little better at killing hunger but think I’ll stick to Larabars in the meantime.
JudiAleppo, PA


Eat Natural Almond and Apricot Bar with Yogurt Coating- – – These taste soooo good it is hard to stop with just one! I love them and have signed up for subscribe and save.
I have not had any foods with yogurt in a long time because this is the first one I found that does not contain Corn, as in corn syrup etc. This bar is easy to eat, soft enough, and moist enough to take a bite. Yet a bit crunchy similar to rice krispies (in texture). This is the first flavor of the Eat Natural brand I have tried. I am so pleased I will sample other flavors too.
DiegoFaith, SD

Yummy, Sweet, & Crunchy — What’s not to like?

I am very happy with this bar. It happens to be made entirely of things I’m not allergic to, which is the main reason I bought it in the first place. Once my box arrived and I actually tried one, though, I went back and ordered two more boxes. My husband and I both love these (and he doesn’t have dietary restrictions like I do). They’re dessert-sweet, but not sickly-sweet. The nuts provide hunger-busting staying power. They hold up well in my purse. I like the other flavors, too, but this one’s my favorite so far.
LaquandaKamrar, IA

Best gluten-free snack bar!

These are very rich – they really fill you up. They even have gluten free crisp rice in them. I started buying these at cost plus years ago – so pleased I can now get them at a better from Amazon.
OnieCheshire, MA

Excellent for a gluten-free snack!

I’ve ordered these twice now – and enjoy one with coffee in the morning at work. For some they might be a bit too sweet but for me they’re just right. I really like the yogurt coating outside with a crunchy rice inside. You can definitely taste the coconut.
MariaCumberland Furnace, TN


It didnt meet my expectations. It tastes too plain and too sugary. The only flavor I detected was almonds. My sister went to London and brought home one of the cranberry bars that I loved. Its too bad Amazon doesnt sell the cranberry ones in the the magenta colored wrapping. Please oh PLEASE sell the ones with the cranberries and chocolate!! ah!
DanElberon, VA

Great product

These Eat Natural Yogurt and Fruit bars are fabulous. We first had them on a British Virgin Airlines and I sought them out. They are a British product and not carried in the midwest grocery stores but I did find them on Amazon and they are well worth it.
ZaneCentennial, WY

You will LOVE this

What a great tasting health bar. I liked the almonds with apricots the best. I’d highly recommend this to anyone that needs a quick ‘pick me up’.
MargieBrookline Village, MA

Eat Natural Bar

I am a very picky eater & to find something I truly enjoy is rare. Eat Natural bars was one of those rare finds in Lodon I was hooked on it on the first bite. The bars are all natural and very filling. I can honestly say i enjoy eating it more then a candy bar.
JeraldShrub Oak, NY

Impeccable Taste but unhealthy

The taste is very very good and it is quite addicting.


Eating 3 of these a day can’t be terribly healthy. There is a lot of sugar and fat packed into each bar.
There had to be a reason why they are so dang good.

IoneAlpena, MI

Amazing yogurt bar.

It is so good for you. Filling. & it tastes like candy. I could, & probably have eaten them all day.
CloraNotus, ID

Delicious and healty too!

I bought my first Almond & Apricot Bar in Hawaii 2 weeks ago. I have been searching stores high and low for the product and have been unable to find them. I am so please to see that Amazon offers this product.

The Apricot flavor really comes through and the yoghurt coating makes it seem very rich and decadant. The bar “sticks” together very well and is filling. I love that it is all natureal with no artificial ingredients. A great snack to take anywhere.

DennisSan Jon, NM