Eclipse Peppermint Sugarfree Gum, 12-Piece Boxes


Quick facts

  • Pack of two boxes, each containing 12 little boxes holding 12 gum pieces each (total of 24 little boxes / 288 gum pieces)
  • Sugar-free, intensely flavored mint pellet gum refreshes breath instantly
  • Sweeteners have little impact on blood-sugar level, do not cause tooth decay
  • Good substitute for high-calorie snacks

Top reviews

Pretty Lame Chewing Gum

Eclipse is a rather lame sugarless gum and has a rather rubbery consistency. I have chewed through several packs of different Eclipse flavors and this gum just doesn’t do it for me. The pieces are kind of small so I chew two at a time and the flavor lasts all of five seconds leaving you with just this rubbery, not very fun to chew gum in your mouth.

The Peppermint flavor is pretty tasty at first but the flavor disappears pretty fast. The only very, very minor advantage to this flavor of Eclipse over others is that the hint (very, very minor hint) of Peppermint stays with the gum for awhile.

I probably will try other brands of sugarless gum. Eclipse just doesn’t do it for me.

WinnieSycamore, GA