Eden Foods Selected Ume Plum Vinegar — 10 fl oz

Eden Ume Plum Vinegar is the essence of umeboshi, its pickling brine.

Quick facts

  • Ume plum vinegar from Eden Foods
  • Naturally fermented
  • Lightly filtered

Top reviews

This Vinegar made with plums in brine

Wow! I bought this recently and I can’t believe how much salt is in this vinegar.
2 teaspoons contain 1050mgs of sodium ..
The plums are picked in brine before vinegar is made.

Way to much salt for me.

I would like to have seen the ingredient/nutrition label prior to buying.

TeishaSmithmill, PA

One of my absolute favorites!

Eden Ume Plum Vinegar is absolutely one of my favorite condiments. It is a lovely balance of salty, sour and sweet which is pure delight on greens, salads and brown rice. I go through a 10 oz bottle quickly because I use it so often instead of salt. I wish I could purchase it at Amazon but for now I have to search for it at my local health food stores and stock up on it whenever I can find it.
DemetriusClay Center, NE

the BEST!!!

This is the best vinigar sprinkled on steamed cauliflower or any vegetable – great to deglaze a pan – it’s extremely salty and slightly sweet – unusual fantastic flavor and i use it all the time. I bought a case when the Japanese nuclear explosion occurred, just in case I couldn’t get it again … Eden is one of the most honest and best companies to buy from.
ArmindaLysite, WY

Great find.

The results of an ALCAT test put me on a very restricted diet. The nutritionist at ALCAT told me I could use this. It makes a very nice salad dressing mixed with hazelnut oil. It beats the heck out of plain oil.
RandeeSchurz, NV

Plum Vinegar

Great product, Use if to make tofu salad, and it adds the right amount of spice. It is a bit salty , so watch what other ingredients you put into your recipe, such as soy sauce.
OlindaDallas City, IL