Eden Organic Black Beans, No Salt Added, 15-Ounce Cans

No salt added. Low fat. Nature’s perfect food. 100% USA family farm organically grown. Eden Organic Black Turtle Beans add elegant flair to many dishes. Combine can for can with diced tomatoes w/green chilies (drained), and diced onion for chunky bean salsa.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 12, 15-ounce unit
  • No salt added
  • Low fat; Nature’s perfect food
  • 100% USA family farm organically grown

Top reviews

Eden doesn’t protect you from plastics!

On some of Eden’s line, and it’s most shocking given they organic mindset, they still do not use BPA-free can linings. We stopped ALL canned eating except for those from companies that provide food in BPA-free can linings. Eden is beginning to do this, but why they don’t always do it is beyond me.
RitaElmore, MN


These beans have absolutely no taste to them. Be prepared to add butter/salt while cooking them (and completely ruining the health factor in the process) if you plan to enjoy them.
VictorinaRealitos, TX

Great beans, but not if you’re allergic to MSG

I have nothing but praise for Eden. They were one of the first organic food companies, and they’ve maintained their integrity in the face of a massive influx of “corporate organic” brands to the market.

But they use kombu as a flavor enhancer in their beans and soy milks. And, while this really is a traditional Japanese method, it also means there will be naturally occurring MSG in the product. If, like me, you are very sensitive to MSG, it is likely you will have a bad reaction to these beans.

AldoJacksonport, AR

Every single can dented & unusable… waiting on Amazon regarding return

Since every single can arrived dented (unusable), I have no idea how this stuff tastes & am waiting on Amazon as far as returning/replacing it. Their policy is “no returns,” but since this arrived as damaged as it did I have to hope they’ll fix it. By the way, the box it was shipped in looked fine… the cans within it (shrink wrapped in plastic with an Amazon “ready to ship” sticker) did not. So, the damage clearly happened before they were even boxed up rather than during shipping. The same goes for another case of canned goods I received today and I’m expecting another case tomorrow… hopefully that 1 out of 3 will be usable. These cans should have been checked prior to being boxed up for shipping, though, and that is Amazon’s fault.
NomaBrule, WI

We were sent dented cans.

I like these beans very much, but I am not happy that we were sent many badly dented cans. We would not have purchased dented cans from any store. I feel that the seller is taking advantage of the fact that the customer will not go to the trouble or expense of returning cans of food. Is Amazon to blame for this — or is it the manufacturer, palming off damaged merchandise on the internet consumer?
StevenCoon Rapids, IA

They are THIS good!

I was really glad to receive this case of cans of black beans from Amazon, because the cold winter is starting out here in the desert, especially over night, and I thought it would be great to have some warm black beans for lunch at work.

So far this warm year I have been eating for lunch cold Eden Organic Garbanzo Beans, 15-Ounce Unit (Pack of 12) mixed with Mori-Nu Silken Extra Firm Tofu, 24 pack and other stuff at hand, but the cold nights and days make me want something warm instead.

When I lived in Guatemala back a quarter century ago, we had black beans and tortilla, hand made, so this sounded really nice. As soon as the case came, I got out a can at night to simmer with diced onion, garlic and a few cumin seeds, to warm to work the next day.

Round midnight, I got up to check the beans, still warming,and smelling great. I decided to try half a spoonful to see if they were all right. They smelled way too fresh. One half spoonful led to another, and soon the whole pot was gone.

They were THAT good!

So anyway, next day I had the usual garbanzo and tofu salad, with fresh lemon juice, and will go now to see if I get some black beans ready for lunch tomorrow!

They really are great: good texture, very fresh, and the taste very fresh. After using this brand name for so long, I can trust its uniformity, with no surprises from batch to batch, all of the highest quality. I know some people might say, dude, it’s black beans, bake your own, dried from a bag! But the freshness of these apparently never dried beans is something “to die for!” or rather, to live for . . .

Great beans. Won’t let you down. Will fill you up!

And good for you too in every kind of way. Soul food as well as food for the body.

Highly recommended!

AntonetteFruitland, WA

9 of 12 cans arrived dented

I love these beans and was excited to find a good price on Amazon. However, when they arrived 9 of the 12 cans were severely dented. The exterior of the package looked fine, but the contents were unusable.

Denting can open small holes in a can, so eating food from a dented can is not a good idea.

AntionetteOradell, NJ

Dented Cans!!!

If I was reviewing only the beans, I give them 5 stars! The beans are excellent. However, ordering them from Amazon is not. My beans arrived with at least one dent in every can. After all this time, Amazon hasn’t figured out how to ship these without them arriving damaged.
MarineGravelly, AR

Economical beans

These beans were very economical and the seller was extremely prompt in getting them to me. They came to me fresh and there were quite a few beans in the package. I feel that this is an excellent product and the seller is superb – would definitely buy again!
JacquelineTrinity Center, CA

Good, but beans are always cramped in can

I LOVE black beans. It was nice to find them in a BPA free can, so that I don’t have to spend hours soaking beans myself if I don’t want industrial toxins in my beans. I have only one complaint. When you go to dump the beans out, the first half dumps out nicely. The second half of the can is so compacted in there, you have to go in there with a fork and dig around, which ends up mashing more than a few of the beans. EVERY CAN is like this. Out of TWO cases. I’d rather they just all dump out like other brands, even if it means I get a few less beans in each can. I have bought a few cases of different Eden organic foods, and it seems like only the black beans get smashed in the bottom of the can like this. What a shame.
JeraldAllamuchy, NJ

Great BPA free beans!

The only reason I bought these beans is because they use BPA free cans. The beans are quite gross on their own, but when you cook it, it tastes a lot better. Who eats beans straight out of the can anyways? Otherwise, great healthy product in BPA free can.
MirtaNellis Afb, NV

Every can dented

I got the case of beans in the mail yesterday. Today when I got a chance to open the box, every single can was dented. The shrink wrapped case was placed in a bigger box and the shrink wrap had opened during shipment, but I don’t think that all of the dents were because of this. The cans in the middle of the case were dented and had not come out of the shrink wrap. I am going to write Amazon and Eden to see what they can do for me.
ClementinaHarriston, MS

Maybe I got a bad batch, but YUCK!

We usually cook our own dry beans, but sometimes you need something quick. So, I always keep a few cans of beans on hand. We usually buy Westbrae Natural Vegetarian Organic Brand Beans at our local Co-Op, but I bought a can of this to try since it was on sale.

The first impression was not great, but then odd bitter aftertaste and an earthy “dirt” sort of taste made us pause. And then the texture – it was all wrong- there was something other than beans in our can, like roots or something… it was gross enough that I could only eat a few bites of mine. My husband stopped at bite one. What a waste of money!

I wanted to give this one star – but my husband said to give the company the benefit of the doubt – maybe not all cans are as bad as the one we bought. Either way, I’m not buying their beans again!

AnnikaWillsboro, NY

Beans good dented cans bad

I love love love Eden’s products. I use so many I can’t keep track. I am vegan, I consume A LOT of beans. They are 2.49 a can in store so when I came across this deal, which figured out to be 1.57 a can I thought woohoo! Well…I knew it was too good to be true. I also knew as picky as I am when I choose canned goods, checking each one carefully for dents, I was taking a risk ordering them online. That proved to be true. Out of the 24 (black and garbanzo) 18 were dented! That is crazy. They had a dent near either the top seam or bottom. Amazon was great, since item is not returnable they refunded my money within 24 hours. It killed me to get rid of those dented cans….I mean truly made me cringe but I couldn’t take risk, I have 3 kids to think about. So…I give amazon’s shipping dept. 1 star. They should check before shipping and then pack with cardboard dividers. They are not realizing how much money and good food they are wasting by sending out dented canned goods. As far as product, well 5 stars of course. I highly recommend Eden’s. Delicious and bpa free and HEALTHY!
KatrinaOcoee, TN

great no salt beans

Eden black beans are delicious and healthful. Eden foods beans are the best on the market because they contain no salt (add your own to taste) and they also contain kombu for digestion. They have no off flavors or smells. (I find canned beans often have strange smells – but not these)

These black beans are whole and are great for making hispanic dishes using whole beans. In a hurry, I eat them just out of the can, no heating or preparation required – though perhaps this is not for everyone! They are also great for making your own refried beans, chili, southwestern salad, or other black bean dishes.

These beans are the next best thing to cooking your own – maybe even better, since there’s no work involved!

PatienceOgden, UT

everything eden is great!

eden brand is the only canned brand i use because they are the only company that does not include BPA in the can lining and they use steel and not aluminum cans. these beans are yummy, perfect texture and very versatile. use in chili with the can juice or rinse and put in salads or with rice. i puree them with lots of starchy veg to make veggie burgers-amazing!
and great price for a whole bunch, much less than at the healthfood store.
LelaHindsville, AR

Tasty, organic, low-sodium, BPA-free can

In addition to the comments of the previous reviewer, Eden Organic are the only canned beans currently available in a BPA-free can. Definitely the healthiest canned beans you can buy for a number of reasons, and they’re tasty!
ShellyQuitman, TX

Eden organic black beans

All of the cans in this shipment were dented. The beans had a good taste, but there was too much liquid in the cans. I measured three fourths of a cup. Probably will not order again.
ThereseClayton, AL

Awesome company – great black beans.

I sing Eden Orangic’s praises whenever I can. Do a little research and you will too. I now see other brands as cans of toxins. Often I see that people are complaining that Eden doesn’t offer a wide enough variety of canned foods. It could be larger and as their customer base grows, I’m sure it will be. Meanwhile your imagination is the limit. For example I make the most awesome brownies with these beans. Yes, black bean brownies! No one in my family knows how I make them and they request them all of the time. I take them to family functions and no one is the wiser. Do a net search for a black bean brownies and use Eden’s and other natural/organic products. You’ll be amazed.
LuanneSomerset, MA

wonderful value!

One thing about Eden: you get a full can of beans and not 1/3 water. Really makes them worth it even more, and these were a great price for organic beans with no plastic inside the can. I love them with brown rice and just a touch of meat. My cholesterol has dropped, thanks to beans!
QueenCassadaga, NY

Foundational–make your own refried style easily

My husband and I grew up in Mexico so black beans are a staple. Usually I cook the turtle beans, but so nice to sometimes just open a can. These need flavor help, but are a good foundation. Sometimes I just add a can to my brown rice in the last few minutes of cooking time.

Or make a ‘refried’ version by heating them up, putting into a food processor where I have already processed serrano and a bit of onion then back into pan. Can also add tomatos, whatever you like. Most of the organic canned refried beans on the market that we have tried leave much be be desired (except Bearitos black which have become almost impossible to find)so this just takes a few minutes. Serve with rice or spread on tortillas with fresh salsa.

You could also add cilantro to the beans on top although I wouldn’t heat it as will will enzymes in the cilantro. Bty, cilantro is excellent for chelating heavy metals and so good to add in everything. Much high nutritionally than parsley, which we also use a lot of. Organic, of course.

RoxanaAshland, WI

Price Increasing Steadily

I really love these beans and I do the subscribe and save because my husband and I eat so many black beans. They are BPA free, sodium free and packed to the top full of beans. They are tasty too! However, I am sad that the price has been steadily increasing. The price has increased more than $4 over the time I have been ordering these beans, which has been less than half of a year.
SuLecoma, MO

No more dented cans!

My cans arrived bubble-wrapped and double-boxed with no dents! Before this, the other shipments arrived in only one box with dents!

Thanks Amazon for improving shipping method.

These are great gluten-free healthy beans!

GenevieAlkol, WV

Great beans for mixing in to something

But don’t eat them on their own. Salt-free beans are like eating balls of paste. However, when mixed in to a larger concoction, they’re perfect. I usually eat them in a homemade Mexican bowl with brown rice, salsa and diced grilled chicken that I grilled with a pretty heavy coating of a spice rub. Ok, yes, I also put in a little cheese, so sue me. With that whole mixture, I love it, and get the satisfaction of avoiding the huge amount of sodium in canned beans.
LaurenceVelva, ND

Eden Beans

You wnat to be sure you like beans before you purchase a pack of 12 but I must say that these have great flavor and probably a nicer texture than other beans I have tried that didnt get lost in the canning or storage process as it can adversely affect other products.

These are a great source of protein and we use these regularly when we do not want to cook meat or just as a lunch item.

RockyOroville, CA

Great beans and price

Eden is one of the few companies that does not have any BPA lined cans. Excellent beans at at good price. Arrived on time and in good condition. Will buy it again.
BeatrisMapleton, OR

eden organic black beans

my husband is on a very low salt diet and this is one of the few foods he can enjoy out of a can. Eats them a lot. The price on amazon beats any health food stores considerably too.
UnaLonedell, MO

Fantastic Organic Beans

To start, Eden is an incredible company. They were one of the first companies to remove BPA (Bisphenol A) from the linings in their cans and they were clever enough to insert Kombu Seaweed into their beans, which research has shown greatly helps in the digestion of the beans. I use these all the time in my chili recipes along with their kidney beans and I have never been disappointed. These are also one of the only canned beans I have found that are low in salt, a paltry 15 mg, if I remember correctly.
AntoniaRock View, WV


These black beans are low in sodium, black beans are healthy for you. The taste of these beans…well its really quite flavorless but i guess it can be a good thing..atleast they dont taste bad. They fit in good with my strict diet, i am losing weight in order to enlist in the airforce..so far so good.
RonaldIxonia, WI

Great price

These are better quality beans than you find in most grocery stores. This is my second shipment and noticed this time the cans were packaged better. I didn’t have any cans that were dented. The price is better than the grocery stores too.
KhadijahAnna, OH