Eden Organic Black Soy Beans, No Salt Added, 15-Ounce Cans

No salt added. High protein. Heart healthy. Quick, delicious & safe. High protein vegetable kingdom nourishment. More palatable and versatile than yellow soys, Eden Black Soy Beans are high in fiber and perfectly cooked. Organic farmers are society’s brightest hope for positive change. Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein a day ma reduce the risk of heart disease. One may reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of Eden Black Soybeans provides 11 grams of soy protein. OCIA certified organic.

Quick facts

  • No salt added, high protein and heart healthy
  • High protein vegetable kingdom nourishment

Top reviews

Once again, great product, rediculous price from Amazon

The beans are great and wonderful for a low card diet.

The price however is a bit excessive. Why double for a case than what the MANUFACTURER charges?

Visit Eden Foods website. 19.95 each.

Amazon, please get your prices in line. I’m really beginning to think I made a mistake buying that prime membership. Are you subsidizing shipping by overcharging on items?

CarmaMagness, AR


I ordered a case of these black soy beans with the anticipation of making a low carb chili. I was extremely disappointed when the case arrived and 2/3 of the cans were dented. I am concerned that they are not safe to use!
WilfredoCamby, IN

Great For Low Carb Recipes

One thing I missed in Chili when going low carb was the beans. While I would prefer Pinto Beans in my chili the black soy beans are a darn good alternative and at only one net gram of carb per serving you can’t beat them. In addition, Amazon’s price beats other sources.

I highly recommend both the beans and Amazon.

RollandVincent, OH

Tasty Low Carb Choice

These are great tasting beans and can be subsituted in any recipe that calls for black beans or kidney beans. Soy beans are the lowest carbohydrate beans that exist so they are a great choice for people who are following a low carb or low glycemic lifestyle. I use them in chili and all kinds of mexican recipes.
MaryamSevern, VA

Hill O Beans

Great low carb alternative. I mix them with “Ranch Style beans” to get a fairly low carb dish with better flavor than the Black Soy Beans alone.
GriselWestford, MA

Can be good

I am on a low carb diet and these work great for it. I make chili and they kinda just take on the taste of the chili. They do work well for a low carb diet. I have made a bean dip with them also.
OtisElmwood, TN

Buried treasure…

Who on earth would ever think to eat these things? Black soy beans? Seriously? Relax, they are just about the best canned beans out there. Firm and tender, they are high in protein and fiber and VERY low in carbohydrates (something other beans are loaded with). This picky eater thinks they TASTE GOOD! Just give ’em a good rinse with water before use. I make chili with them, a fabulous three bean salad and there is nothing better than mashing some up and sauteing them with a little garlic in a splash of olive oil (huevos rancheros, anyone?) Although you can find these (if you’re looking for them) in health food stores, they are virtually absent from main stream grocery stores. Why bother with any of that when you can get ’em here at the best price (especially if you can use Super Saver Shipping)
RobynDover, PA

Use instead of black beans!

I first became aware of black soy beans when I read the Atkins low carb diet plan. I had been using black beans in various dishes and I thought I would try these instead. I tried to find them locally in my hometown health food stores but they did not carry them. So I took a chance and ordered a case of 12 cans here. They are great! They’re not exactly black the way regular black beans are – they are sort of a faded red color, somewhat similar to a kidney bean in appearance.

Just so you know, in a half cup serving they have 120 calories, 6 g of fat, 8 g of carbs, 7 g of fiber, and 11 g of protein. So run to your pantry and grab a can of regular black beans and compare! I no longer have any regular beans in my pantry so I can’t compare for you.

Also, Eden Foods has a custom can lining that has NO bisphenol-A (I believe they are the only canning company which has done this), so that’s another really good reason to get these beans. I am so happy with these beans and since I do use canned beans on a pretty regular basis, I have signed up to get an automatic shipment of a dozen cans every few months.

Fear not. It’s simple. These are great.

TashaHereford, TX


Ordered these beans as they are low in net carbs and I could not find them in the grocery store. I was taking a chance ordering by the case, but I was not disappointed. They are a great replacement for higher carb beans. I have made chili with them and they were fantastic.
TannerAfton, WY

Great way to enjoy beans and low carb too

With the net carbs being “1”, this is a great way to enjoy my favorite recipes that call for beans. I have mashed and used for refry beans, used in minestroni soup, used in burritos with a low carb tortillas, etc. They remind me of black bean in flavor just a bit more “chewy”. The service on the product was quick.
MaragaretBlackwater, MO

Love these black soy beans!

I am not a fan of soy beans, but decided to try these black soy beans. They are wonderful – kind of crisp, with a “nutty” flavor and very filling. I put them in chili and bean soup – any dish that calls for beans. Wonderful diet food too as they are almost 100% fiber.
AlainaCuddy, PA

Great Beans!

First, a small caution – I am not a fan of frequently eating soy products, too much soy has its own risks. That said, I love these beans! I believe eating them on occasion is OK, and sure beats a beanless life, lol.
I purchased these locally for making chili in anticipation of the weather getting cool (finally!). I re-started a low carb lifestyle in June and was sad to think I would never have beans in my chili again. These do not disappoint. These are a little firmer than what I am used to with kidney beans, but they were very good and tasted great in the chili. One thing – if you like a lot of beans in your chili, only open one can at a time and see how it goes. I opened two because I usually put two cans of kidney beans in, and one was plenty for a small batch. I saw the post about using them to make refried beans and I will definitely try that.
Also, I found a blog with a recipe to make CHOCOLATE CAKE with these beans! I am giving it a try this afternoon. It is at healthy indulgences dot net. That gal has killer healthy low carb recipes and promotes Amazon as well. Search on chocolate cake with a secret. 😉 After all, I have an extra open can now, and have been so good with my 1 net carb chili, I deserve some choccy!
My local health food store charges nearly $3 a can for these. I just ordered 12 of them on Amazon for half that with subscribe & save. I am a happy camper!
SoniaKeene, TX

Solid 4.5 stars for these…Tasty & Great Texture!

Hesitantly, I ordered these in a case (12 cans) on our 1st try. What a pleasant surprise! They are very tasty and the texture is great. My husband, a carnivore, can’t tell the difference in his signature buffalo chili. They’re now on auto-ship to our home every few months. A great swap-out for eating lower-carb.

The texture is – as far as I can tell – identical to traditional black beans. The flavor is a little different (not worse) than traditional canned black beans, but when seasoning is added, I couldn’t tell one bit of difference.

Note: I didn’t even think about this before ordering, but after receipt inspected the nutrition label and found that these black beans actually have more calories per serving than traditional black beans (Trader Joe’s). It’s not much of a difference (I’m still on the black soy bean bandwagon), but it’s something to consider.

Here are the side-by-side nutrition facts, soy compared to traditional canned black beans from Trader Joe’s (serving size: 130g):
Calories: 120 (soy) – 100 (TJ’s)
Total Fat: 6g (soy) – 0g (TJ’s)
-Saturated Fat: 1g (soy) – 0g (TJ’s)
-Trans Fat: 0g (soy) – 0g (TJ’s)
Cholesterol: 0mg (soy) – 0mg (TJ’s)
Sodium: 30mg (soy) – 440mg (TJ’s)
Potassium: 310mg (soy) – not provided (TJ’s)
Total Carbohydrates: 8g (soy) – 19g (TJ’s)
-Dietary Fiber: 7g (soy) – 4g (TJ’s)
-Sugars: 1g (soy) – 0g (TJ’s)
Protein: 11g (soy) – 7g (TJ’s)

StefanieBittinger, MD

What a surprise.

I never knew low carb beans existed. I heated these with garlic, mild paprika and California chili powder blend, with a surprising result. No soy aftertaste. Now I am processing to create a bean dip; so far with success. I recommend these black soy beans to anyone counting carbs.
VickieTabor, SD

great low carb option

These beans are great for people watching their blood sugar! The only complaint I have is that the are not seasoned. I have to cook them on the stove top with water and lots of salt for about 10 minutes to get them to taste like traditional canned black beans. That being said, I am so happy to have chili again! I have to control my carb intake, and these beans are a great addition to my food choices.
YaniraRansom, KY

Magic beans!

I bought these beans as a substitute for regular beans because my family is on a low carb eating plan. We were coming into football season and knew we would miss beans in our chili. These beans are great! Not only do they make a great substitue for chili, I have made baked beans and hummus with them and they were wonderful! Because of their low carb and high protien content you have no “gas” issue and they keep you full and satisfied for a very long time.
Low carbing or not I will probably never go back to regular beans. One tip, cook them longer for a more tender bite. But in most recipes you would slow cook them anyway. My sister asked me where she could get some of these magic beans!
Could not be happier and this was definitely the best price anywhere on the web through Amazon!
CaroleLake Como, PA

Carb Counters Friend

I love Black Soy Beans. I have made Chili, baked beans, humus and cold bean salad with them and the entire family loves them. Low in carbs and no spike in blood sugar. Most products that are low in carbs are high in sodium these are perfect.
LakitaAlbany, KY

Excellent substitute for black beans!

These have a wonderful texture and, with some bacon drippings, make terrific refried beans with your blender. An excellent choice for anyone trying to cut carbs, these beans are packed with protein and fiber, and they are absolutely delicious in chili, bean salad, and any other recipe calling for black beans. The 12-pack was an excellent value, as well. I did find these beans in my local supermarket, but it was more expensive per can. I will definitely be ordering these again!
EvalynEther, NC

Low carb, high flavor!

I like to marinate these in a bit of Italian dressing and put on salads for added protein. They are good in chili, bean and sausage stew, heuvos rancheros, three bean salad, etc. It is very important to season them well or they can be bland. For an easy taco salad I add taco seasoning to these and cook in a saucepan with meat. It tastes great, is very filling and low carb.

If you want to make refried beans out of these, make sure you do it on the stovetop in a deep saucepan. Make sure the beans are very hot all the way through before you blend with an immersion blender to insure they turn out smooth, if you try to blend cold beans (in any recipe really) they will turn out grainy. Same trick for smooth hummus.

SomerHume, NY

Great and low carb bean alternative

I’ve been doing a low carb diet and found out about these low-carb friendly beans. I tried to find them in local grocery stores but failed to do so, so I hesitantly placed an order for a case from Amazon.

At first I was afraid they may have a soy taste to them so I started off making a small batch of chili – which came out absolutely amazing. Since then I’ve become the go-to guy for any event when someone wants chili and I use these black soy beans every time and it has always been a hit. I’ve also tried these in a shredded chicken recipe and a soup, each time with great results.

If you’re looking for a low carb bean I’d highly recommend giving these a try.

ConcepcionToomsuba, MS

Soybeans are the healthiest beans we can eat. Why?

All beans are moderately high in antioxidants (and calories) but soybeans are the healthiest beans we can eat because: (1)Soybeans contain phytoestrogens called, “soy isoflavones” (genistein, daidzein, and glycitein), which have been shown to substantially reduce the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, numerous cancers, and bone fractures. (2)Soy protein is the only plant-source protein that comes close to matching the quality of animal-source proteins. The deficiency-critical amino acids, methionine, lysine, and phenylalanine are much more plentiful in soy protein than in any other plant-source protein including proteins from all other beans. (3)Soybeans are rich in virtually every mineral listed on the label of a complete multi-vitamin or complete multi-mineral tablet. (4)Soybean oil contains alpha-linolenic acid, a slightly beneficial short-chain omega-3 fatty acid. Although canned soybeans are healthier for us to eat than all other canned beans, they are not as healthy to eat as the Japanese fermented soybean food called, “natto,” which contains very generous amounts of nattokinase, vitamin K2/MK-7, vitamin K2/MK-8, vitamin PQQ, and vitamin C (manufactured by the friendly bacteria, not the plant) in addition to soy isoflavones. This Eden Organic Black Soybean product contains 140mg of soy isoflavones per can. Eating 1 can per day will be more than enough to give us the maximum benefit from soy isoflavones. Eden adds a small quantity of “kombu,” a delicious Japanese seaweed, into each can. This adds a small amount of sodium. Total sodium: 105mg per can. A person on a salt-restricted diet might object to this (and give this product only 3 stars) but I don’t mind because kombu is high in fucoidan, a very beneficial polysaccharide.
SunLynndyl, UT

I NEVER thought…

Call me old. I never thought the day would come when I would buy groceries online. Well, friends, the day has arrived because my local store sells out of these Eden Organic Black Soy Beans just about every time we buy them to make chili. So, I now have a case of them!!! Take that, Giant Eagle!!! 🙂 … I now have a new (cheaper) source for this product, for coffee pods, and a lot of the non-perishable products that I routinely buy. Thanks, Amazon, for saving me time and frustration… and MONEY!
LannieGreat Bend, KS


These soybeans are a saving grace for those on low carb diets. Now you can have chili, refried beans and so on! After making chili, my friends couldn’t tell the difference, and actually preferred the taste to regular beans! Eden Organics is a trust worthy organization that I have purchased from in the past, and they have done it again.
MartinSyracuse, IN

Low-carber’s dream food

I had purchased these locally for about twice the price, so I was really happy to find them here for bulk purchase and also auto-ship. They have 1g carb per serving (about 3g per can), and make a fantastic addition to just about every low-carb meal. I like to put some onions and Walden Farms (0g carb) bbq sauce on them and bake, for a baked bean casserole that you can’t get anymore on low carb, otherwise. They’re also good plain; or mashed and seasoned to mimic refried beans; or in any stew or pot of chili, absolutely! They don’t have a “weird” taste, so don’t let the fact that they’re soy beans scare you away. They are just the same flavor as regular black beans, and you will be glad you tried them… and will want to order more!
MireyaAlpha, MN

great product

I was looking for a vegetarian source of protein — and this product fits the bill. The beans are absolutely flavorful and go well with any dish. I believe soy products are the food of the future.

Dr. Feldman

LeciaCrest Park, CA

A perfect food

I use low-carb diet for health and weight. Many times on any diet you feel restrictions that make you want to cheat. Finding these has put beans back on my plate in the way I had only wished I could. The fact that they are low in sodium and organic is just a ++. These will be in my cupboard at all times! They are delicious and nutritious.
RoselynBern, ID

Great Low Carb Choice!

These beans are very versatile. They make a tasty refried bean and baked beans. I also used them to make a wonderful chili.
They certainly satisfy my longing for beans in my low carbohydrate diet. I will order them again!
HeatherMinnie, KY

Wow, great bean

I eat low carb and was excited to find these black soy beans. I use them in anything that I would use beans in, chilli, soup, etc. They taste great and are very low carb.
ArieBean Station, TN

Excellent product

I have had difficulty finding this product in local stores at a decent price, but was delighted to find you offered this type of bean. Great source of protein. I use this for chili, mixed with other beans in baked beans. Does not create a gassy stomach…
ShaneWashingtonville, NY