Eden Organic Moroccan Rice & Beans, 15 -Ounce Cans

Floral flavors of Moroccan cuisine and organically grown Lundberg short grain brown rice and USA family farm organic chickpeas with organic coriander, turmeric, and cumin. Prepared at our certified organic and kosher cannery with a bit of our finest sea salt. Cooked in cans free of bisphenol-A. Whole grains and beans deliver complete protein. A most convenient time saver. Great with a warm pita, salad, and a cup of mint tea for that Moroccan breeze.

Quick facts

  • USA family farm organic beans and Lundberg organic short grain brown rice
  • Bisphenol-A free can lining
  • 100% organic herbs and spices
  • Fast and easy meals; Heat stir and serve
  • Kosher and pareve; Wheat and gluten free

Top reviews

Chick peas and brown rice

This product falls a little flat. I have been trying out alot of the flavors from this product line and so far this one is my least favorite. Who knew that something filled with curry power and cumin could taste so blah!
ElbertDonnybrook, ND

I like this with apples

All of the EDEN ethnic rice and bean combos are great! I always add something fresh to them to make a one-bowl meal. The Moroccan rice and beans has a hint of cinnamon, so I like to cook it with apple chunks or slices.
TommyeCarrollton, VA

This is my favorite from the Eden line

I just love chick peas. Add some brown rice and decent spices, and I’m a happy camper. I’m just not so sure that this product is something I can eat regularly owing to the salt content. Per can: calories 385, fat 3.5g, trans fat 0, sodium 805mg (35% RDA), total carbs 77g, fiber 10.5g, protein 14g, (sugar <1g per serving with 3.5 servings per can). It’s just a regular size can, so I don’t understand 3.5 servings per can.
DeneseSylvania, PA