Eden Organic Sushi Nori, Toasted Cultivated, 7 Count, 0.6-Ounce Packages

Eden Organic Sushi Nori, Toasted Cultivated, Sushi Nori Roll are some names for vinegary rice rolled up in sheets of Nori sea vegetable with various cooked or raw fillings. It is truly easy to prepare.

Quick facts

  • Finest, Premium Grade Nori
  • Pack of six, 7-count, 0.6 ounces each (total of 3.6 ounces)
  • Toasted sea vegetable
  • All natural

Top reviews

Excellent product! Only Nori I will buy!

This is the only nori I will buy! Be careful of other brands like Pacific Cove, who sources from China! This nori comes from Japan, and the company, Eden Foods, is an upstanding company. When the Japan earthquake occurred, they put up informational notices on their website informing everyone of what had been hit hard, what products could be contaminated, and were going to be sourced elsewhere.

I DO NOT WORK FOR THEIR COMPANY! But I really love Eden! They are not owned by a major company, as many organic brands have sold out to bigger corporations:General Mills owns Muir Glen and Cascadian Farm

* Heinz owns Hain, Breadshop, Arrowhead Mills, Garden of Eatin’, Farm Foods, Imagine Rice (and Soy) Dream, Casbah, Health Valley, DeBoles, Nile Spice, Celestial Seasonings, Westbrae, Westsoy, Little Bear, Walnut Acres, Shari Ann’s, Mountain Sun, and Millina’s Finest

* M&M-Mars owns Seeds of Change

* Coca-Cola owns Odwalla

* Kellogg owns Kashi, Morningstar Farms, and Sunrise Organic

* Philip Morris/Kraft owns Boca Foods and Back to Nature

* Tyson owns Nature’s Farm Organic

* ConAgra owns LightLife

* Danone owns Stonyfield Farm

* Dean owns White Wave Silk, Alta Dena, Horizon, and The Organic Cow of Vermont

* Unilever owns Ben and Jerry’s

This company is very proud and in tune with the organic movement, unlike many other companies now producing organic foods and interested only in profit.

Now, back to the Nori, I have eaten a TON of nori in my lifetime. This is certainly not the most tastiest toasted nori, but it is not terrible either. As far as taste goes, I give it a 3.5 to 4 stars. But it’s the only nori I consume, because I know it was harvested from clean waters, and is less likely to be laden with chemicals in the manufacturing process since it is produced in partnership with Eden foods.

BertramClinton, IL

The only sushi wrap I use and trust!

With the seaweed sushi nori, you have to be careful with, especially the ones from China. A lot of them have added chemicals, or are manufactured in questionable ways. Eden Foods is a company that really cares about the quality of their products from the research I have spent online, reading about their company, from the material they sent me after I inquired, and from finding out that a lot of their Japanese products are imported from Japan from a very reputable company. They do business with companies that produce the products in the traditional way (for ex. their soy sauce, tamari, toasted sesame oil), while maintaining the products integrity. It’s pricey, but it’s worth the money knowing you are eating food that is safe to eat. This brand is often sold at Whole Foods, and other health stores. I buy several items from their line, especially the toasted sesame oil, all of their various seaweed, soy sauce/tamari, mirin, and some of their noodles. I respect this company and am pleased that they try to keep their products natural…and no…I do not work for this company. I’m just really into organics, and food that is safe for our bodies, and this company gets A+ marks in that category from me.
DongWest Lafayette, IN

great taste & texture

one of the best meals is steamed rice (even brown rice will work – doesn’t have to be sushi rice!) seasoned a little and then rolled up in some Eden sushi nori – especially when whatever else sounds good is thrown in too, like fried egg, avocado, carrots, or cucumbers.
BettieOakpark, VA

Great product

Great source of iodine. A bit dry if eaten out of the package — better in soup.
OscarLucas, KY