Eight O’Clock French Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 12-Ounce Bag

Quality since 1859. 100% Arabica beans. America’s no. 1 whole bean coffee. Since 1859, the Eight O’Clock Coffee Company has been dedicated to bringing you the freshest whole bean coffees. At Eight O’Clock Coffee, we select only high quality 100% Arabica b

Quick facts

  • Contains french roast whole bean coffee 12 ounce bag in each pack of 4(total of 48 ounces)
  • Full bodied flavor without bitterness packed in sealed bags

Top reviews

Whole Bean?

I was disappointed to find that the Beans came Whole. Since I don’t own a fancy Coffee machine like French snobs or a fancy grinder, I didn’t know how to use them. I tried to smash them with a hammer but they were inconsistent. When I did manage to borrow a grinder from a homeless man, I found that the Coffee tasted like poo.
FranklynLorenzo, TX

Good Coffee – Great Price

I drink coffee daily, brewed in a Toddy Cold Brew System. This french roast has a rich complex flavor at a great price. I’ve tried coffee beans all over the world and the only better I’ve had was from a friend’s plantation on Kona at about four times the cost. So I’d suggest you give it a shot. If you don’t like it, ship it to me!
AngelikaGrass Creek, IN


OK, so I became a coffeeaholic back in the 90’s…since then I have tried just about every coffee imaginable….I have toiled with coffee presses…coffee grinders…pods…grind and brews…and you regular old drip mr. coffee pot. I have owned at least 6 different machines not including espresso makers…so what’s wrong, why can’t I get a decent cup of coffee. Oh sure, new machine I may like for a few months, but then it’s back to mr. bitter coffee and many trips to DD and Starbucks…So what’s wrong? I’ll tell you what’s wrong, I kept passing by the $3 bag of 8 o’clock whole bean french roast with my nose in the air! Fool! I have been faithfully drinking this 8’clock coffee for 6 months now…I am beyond satisfied knowing EVERY cup will be a masterpiece. I am now shunning DD and Starbucks…and my wallet thanks me. Please give it a try…it will change your life…oh and, in case your interested, current coffee pot is a Melitta Mill & Brew which works well with the beans.
VannaRock Hill, NY

Great price for a great product!

Eight O’Clock Coffee French Roast fits our bill for an everyday brew. We grind the whole beans ourselves to a relatively fine grind. This is a medium dark french roast with complex earthy flavors. You won’t find (or miss) Starbuck’s burnt taste. If you’re looking for a good morning coffee at the right price I’d give this one a try.
MaynardWest Chester, IA

Compare cost per ounce

This is an excellent coffee, but the packages are too small. The alternate, 5-pound bag of the same product is much more expensive. As of today’s (4/9/2008) pricing, this small bag is 44 cents per ounce, but the 5-pound bag is 52 cents per ounce, about 18 percent higher for a more efficient package.
WinnifredBothell, WA

Good taste for the price

Not the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, but well worth the price and if freshly ground and brewed it holds up well.
BerryRocky, OK

8 o’clock coffee beans

I bought this item, 8 o’clock coffee beans, thinking they would be better than the ground type. They weren’t. Will try Starbucks….JE
MaryEastman, GA

Ok, but not great

Eight O’Clock French Roast whole bean is a big step above Folgers and other supermarket coffee. But if you like Starbucks or Peets you’ll be disappointed. It’s nowhere close to the full rich bold flavor and smell (some would say burned but I like it) of these two (and some other local coffeehouses where they roast their own beans).

To me, Folgers-type coffees have a thin bitter aftertaste. Eight O’Clock has a bit of that though not bad. However, the beans don’t look freshly roasted and don’t have a strong aroma when first opening the bag. They look only slightly oily and light brown. Not the dark oily look of fresh Starbucks or Peets beans. I doubled the amount of coffee I usually use to brew and the flavor isn’t bad, just not rich and strong.

** Update 4/20/10 ** I tried mixing these coffee beans with Starbucks beans. The resulting coffee is a big improvement over Eight O’Clock alone and slightly mellows the Starbucks.

** Update 7/2/10 ** I just tried the Italian Dark Roast and found it slightly better, with darker and more oily beans. Perhaps this is due to all four bags being properly vacuum sealed, unlike the French Roast batch I received.

AlvertaAlexandria, MN

A winner in Blind Tasting

A few years ago, I was teaching in the culinary program of a university here in Philadelphia. One of the things we did was incorporate tastings in most of the courses. As the students got more senior, they learned to run the tastings themselves. In the course of doing this, we got to taste a range of products through the eyes and palates of future chefs and kitchen managers.
All the tastings were blind so brand names were not a factor.
In two coffee tastings, each with over twenty tasters and using filter drip brewing, Eight O’clock French Roast came in second in a field of a dozen coffees. The coffee that beat it both times-LaColombe-costs just about twice as much.
This coffee is smoky and emphatic with a full body and a long-almost winey finish. A great bargain and widely available.

Lynn Hoffman, author ofbang BANG: A Novel andNew Short Course in Wine,The

VernettaKingsley, MI

Given a choice between Folger’s and Eight O’Clock I’d take the Folger’s

There may not be much inflation in the economy but there has been in the Amazon customer ratings. I can remember when a “4” from 10 or more people was close to a lock when it comes to product adequacy. This product’s cumulative rating should have meant that Eight O’Clock French Roast would at least be drinkable, but it doesn’t and it isn’t – drinkable that is. Really folks, those of you who think this is a GOOD French Roast have been drinking too much Taster’s Choice Freeze-Dried (which I would accept a cup of before I would take one of this swill.)

I never, NEVER throw food or other consumables out unless it tastes rotten. Half way into the first bag of this stuff I threw it and the other 3 bags in the garbage and sighed in relief. I had gotten rid of the worst rotgut bean coffee I had ever encountered. Really.

VeliaReeves, LA

I’m not that excited about it.

I purchased a 12-oz bag (whole bean) of the french roast based on the several glowing reviews posted here. After finishing off the bag, I have to say I’m not too impressed. It’s okay, in that I would definitely choose this over any Folgers coffees that I’ve ever had, but the roast was SO dark that it tasted burnt (I mean completely charred), which masked most of the flavors that might have been there.

It’s possible that I just got a bad batch — that happens from time to time. But honestly, I’m not willing to buy another bag to find out. I’ve recently started buying from the Roasterie and Atomic Cafe — with coffee so good, that there’s no going back for me. 🙂

LornaFunk, NE


I don’t know why this product received so many 5 star reviews. I would rate this somewhere between Folgers and Rocamojo Coffee (one of the better coffee beans that you can buy on Amazon). It is about half the price of Rocamojo coffee but it is also twice as expensive as Folgers. Does it taste 2x better than Folgers? No. Is it 50% as good as Rocamojo? Yes.
MiguelMerrillan, WI

A wonderful cup of coffee

The coffee is smooth and mild on the palate. It doesn’t have a strong harsh after taste. A wonderful way to relax and unwind.
YenHelena, OK

All Star Java

This Eight O’clock coffee is most assuredly, ‘finestkind’! You can go out and plunk down bundles of bucks for your ‘high-fallutin’ name-brand coffee, but you’ll only be spittin’ in the wind. The French roast is robust, smooth, and aromatic, with no trace of bitterness. The original [red bag] is excellent, as well. We usually buy the whole beans and grind them at home. If you’re not already using the Melita funnel drip system, give it a try. After all, your coffee will only be as good as the water you start with! Have you ever experienced a decidedly sour cup of coffee? If you have, look no further than the coffee-maker’s water delivery system. In between batches, the stagnant water in the tubing becomes a bit funky. I once tore-down a typical brewing machine, the greenish slime that I found in the water lines was the stuff of sci-fi thrillers! Incidentally, for all of you coffee connoisseur snobs out there, if this brand of coffee was good enough for my parents’ ol’ percolator, than it’s certainly plenty good enough for me.
CharlenaOelwein, IA

Best tasteing coffee

This has been my favorite coffee for years. Really glad to find it on Amazon. The local store does not carry the French Roast, just the regular. Thanks Amazon.
CeliaGreen Sea, SC

again flat and plain

I thought french roast would give me more flavor and smell, same thing, nothing special about this coffee, when opens up, it is flat and plain, no lust and didnt smell much, seems like it’s been in the shelf for a long time. Price is good, that’s the only good about it, otherwise it is just so-so.
DavidaClifton, TN

Good coffee – Bad price

This is a great coffee – love the whole bean freshness. But the pricing was too high. I can buy it cheaper locally in my grocery store (with no tax or shipping). And if you go on Eight O’Clock’s website, you can sometimes get coupons to further reduce your costs. I won’t be buying this from Amazon again!
TrudieWhite Oak, NC

Not French Roast.

I’m a lover of the Italian & French roast coffees but this one lacks the boldness of a real French roast. More of a breakfast blend at best. Will not buy again.
SantinaWesson, MS

Doesn’t taste like french roast.

This coffee lacks the richness I am used to in coffee beans that are french roasted. Although it doesn’t make a bad cup of coffee in my book it is not frech roasted.
TalithaCatawissa, PA

Smooth, full-flavored, great value

We are daily home brewers and love full flavors like French Roast. After bouncing around from various retailer chain-branded coffees (which were inconsistent in my opinion), and occasionally trying the stronger roasts of more maintstream coffee brands, we decided to try Eight O’Clock. I think I heard it was highly regarded by Consumer Reports. Aside from the convenience and value of buying in bulk here, we are loving the taste – smooth, rich and no bitterness. Great product.
ThanhWaterbury, NE

Eight O’Clock Coffee, Whole Bean

We have always liked this coffee, since it was available for years at the A&P Stores with the coffee grinder near by.
With our new coffee grinder at home, preparing our pot freshly ground every morning, the coffee is delightful, an excellent waker upper. The convenient delivery of 4 packs assures us, coffee is always on hand.
LeonWhite Plains, GA

eight o’clock coffee subscription

I have loved having our coffee delivered to our home it is easy and a lower price than the grocery store.
FrancineEssig, MN


I am soooo disappointed when I tried at first.
It has no aroma and taste at all.
I really don’t know why many people recommend this… I’ll try to contact the customer service and ask if I can return rest of the bags.
KimHelenville, WI

Would give it a 6 star!

I like a good cup of Joe every morning and this coffee makes it a great experience. French roast is one of my favorite. The taste is bold yet there’s no bitterness to it. Like other reviewers, I too kept overlooking a `cheap’ bag of coffee, how deceived I was! 🙂 I really enjoy all the eight o’clock roasts and flavors. Definitely recommend and buy again.
FlorentinaHarpster, OH

Not very strong

This coffee is not very strong and I am surprised they even call it French Roast b/c it has about the same taste as folders or maxwell coffees which are terrible. The beans do not have much oil on them when you open the bag and the aroma from the beans is not very strong. This coffee is no where near as good as Starbucks or Trader Joe’s whole beans. If you are looking for dark rich coffee, look elsewhere.
EleanoraStevenson, MD

My Long Time Coffee

I love Eight O’Clock Coffee. It is a good value and the coffee is delicious. The flavor is rich, full, and consistent. I sometimes try other coffee but I always come back to Eight O’Clock and it’s always delicious when I return. My husband is a convert too (quite a change for a guy who used to love Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee). We prefer the French roast (I like my coffee strong and dark). We haven’t found Eight O’Clock in California so I’m really thankful that Amazon sells it.
InezWinters, TX

These beans make tasty coffee.

I bought this coffee for my daughter who has a coffee grinder. I had read that this brand of coffee won the taste test of supermarket coffees. It is just as they say, a real winner. Good price on Amazon so I couldn’t pass that up.
AnitraHacienda Heights, CA

Good Beans for the price

Got these when half off and subscribe and save so price is alot cheaper than typical grocery store.
EmilyPrice, UT

new design=bad taste???

I have been drinking 8 O’Clock coffee for years. Got a bag with “new design” and taste was TERRIBLE!!! I threw the bag away. Don’t know what is going on…. bad coffee maker or bad coffee. Anyone else experienced a taste change with 8 O’Clock coffee, or am I being coffee challenged?
ArlettaSoutheastern, PA

New design made me nervous and I was right to be so!

New design and new awful taste…have been drinking the Eight O Clock French Roast for years and it’s now horrible and tastes like Folgers…like light sewage compared to old. What a disappointment.
BerthaAdams, MA