El Azteca Party-Pops Bag, 40-Count

Hard Candy Lollipops Lemon, Strawberry, Pineapple and Grape Flavors.

Quick facts

  • Made in Mexico

Top reviews

Sucka for Suckers ! (n__n)

I am a huge lollipop fanatic and Lollipops are one of my favorite types of candy. I’m not too picky about types or flavors. In my Life I’ve eaten alot of lollipops. I bought a bag of these a few days ago and LOVED how bold the flavors are. I normally don’t like Strawberry flavored anything cuz most tastes horrible but the Strawberry flavored pop in this bag tastes like real strawberry and I like it. It would be nice if they had more flavors than just the Four(4) : Lemon, Pinapple, Grape, and Strawberry but it’s definitely thee best Lollipop I’ve tasted. I could see myself satisfying my sweet craving with a Party Pop anytime. I’ve even sucked on one or two in between meals to keep me happy til my next meal. Definitely would recommend these to anyone who’s looking to giveaway Lollipops in their office or just for yourself. Love these !! Planning to buy more maybe today or tomorrow.
KenaPort Murray, NJ