El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Kutbil-ik Mayan Style Habanero Hot Sauce – 4 oz

El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Kutbil-ik Mayan Style Habanero Hot Sauce is made from an ‘original Mayan recipe’ in Mexico, and is full of fiery habaneros. This is a serious hot sauce, often considered a 10 on a 1-10 scale by serious chili-heads.

Quick facts

  • Net quantity of 4 ounces
  • Made from an ‘original Mayan recipe’ in Mexico
  • Full of fiery habaneros
  • Often considered a 10 on a 1-10 scale by serious chili-heads

Top reviews

wow this item is great but why the steep price ?

this is awesome the XXX one. El Yucateco has 3 flavors.. the red -mild.. the Green. medium hot. and the brown.-this one. XXX. I buy it at walmart or Fiesta for 1.29 or 1.79 a bottle. dont pay more for that..
BrigidWinthrop, AR

Delicious, don’t let packaging fool you

If you see this stuff on a store shelf you might be put off by the color, that’s because it’s not loaded down with dye to keep it bright. Don’t let the garish packaging fool you either, El Yucateco as a brand is excellent. This sauce is excellent, flavorful and hot without the acidic sharp burning that sauces heated with extract will have.

It’s difficult to say how hot it is, since that’s so subjectivve. I consider myself pretty well versed in hot foods and to me this isn’t uncomfortably hot by a long stretch, it’s exactly the kind of thing i’d dollop on tacos without a care in the world.

AnastasiaJackson Center, OH

Superb taste (really hot though)

A relative bought me several of El Yucateco’s different hot sauces on a trip to Mexico. This is by far my favorite. It is extremely hot (more than two or three drops will render any dish uneatable for most people), but in addition to the spiciness it has a very distinct and delicious flavor. This is something I miss in many hot sauces, they burn your mouth but it’s not always they actually add lots of taste.

A bottle of the Kutbil-ik lasts a long time since you only need a little to spice up your food. Heartily recommended!

LienRonda, NC

Some of the Best Flavor in Hot Sauce

Many hot sauces focus on heat. I say, “What’s heat without flavor?” This stuff delivers. The flavor is absolutely amazing. The Kutbil-ik is pretty warm but not horrible. It’s scoville rating is a little over 11k as found on their website. The flavor is very smokey. When I saw the color, I thought to myself that it couldn’t be that great. I tried it. It’s now my favorite of the three Chile Habanero sauces that they make and my favorite overall hot sauce. It’s my personal opinion of course, but while I love Tabasco sauce, it has nothing over on this stuff.
RosellaCoos Bay, OR


We were pleased to find this product. We had gotten it at a restaurant in the past but they went out of business. Only problem is one of the caps was broken when we received it, allowing the product to leak a little. This made us unsure if it was safe to use.
AlvaSan Augustine, TX

Awesome spice, great flavor

I’ve been loving hot sauce for decades, starting out on Tabasco and moving on from there. I use all kinds of peppers and spices in my cooking and love spicy, flavorful food. This hot sauce has been my favorite by a margin since I tried it. I’ve given bottles out as gifts/party favors and folks who love spicy food invariably love it.

It has a great habanero kick but also really good flavor and after-taste. I add it to almost anything that is good spicy. I does have a bit of a mexican food aspect, so if you are cooking asian food or something you’ll have to judge if it will alter the flavor you are looking for. I am always disappointed when I decide I have to use something else!

The price is right, too – should be able to get it for less than $2!

WillianSavoy, MA

I put that @!#$% on everything

Great taste and versatile product. A lil’ bit goes a long way. It is my hot sauce of choice and this vender,”latin products” has great prices and service.
AngleaDunnsville, VA

Absolutely The Best!

This sauce is a perfect blend between spiciness and flavor! I reccomend above all other sauces! Will buy frequently.I put it on everything!
MandyGreenbush, WI

¡Muy buena!

I love this stuff! First saw it last week at a new-to-me Mexican restaurant and hunted it down on Amazon. I love the natural color, the fruitiness of the habaneros, the initial shock, the tingling lips, and the afterburn. Don’t tease normals with this, it’s just for the chileheads in your life!
FranklinRome, NY

Husband loves this

My husband loves hot food. We purchased this sauce and he is very happy with it. It is very hot!
LaquitaToughkenamon, PA

Great stuff!

This really is great tasting hot sauce. I can’t imagine eating certain Mexican foods without it. I definitely agree with other reviewers that the price is much higher than retail, but that’s the downside of Amazon Prime. “Free shipping” (at $79 a year) isn’t exactly free when you pay three times as much as you would elsewhere.
LeonoreBrookline, NH

Bring on the HEAT!

When I first tried this sauce it was at an airport in Denver…man I was hooked! This sauce has a delicious, mouth-watering habanero flavor. Overall I was very pleased at the spicy kick this sauce has and I would recommend it!

I’m considering buying it again and will do so soon for summer barbeque.

EdgardoWestminster Station, VT


This hot sause isnt for the weak, if you, or know someone who’s like me, able to drink TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce – Original Red Gallonwithout taking a drink then this is the perfect sause. We finally got a Mexican Tienda in our town and i buy this from him everytime i visit this family owned and ran store. I have ALOT of it put up for survival / food storage reasons, and inflation fears. I had quite a few Mayan salsas during our trip to the Yucatan and this is pretty close to the same flavor. I pack a bottle to work with me for a couple reasons. Be careful with it, it really is fire in a bottle!
CathleenRocky Comfort, MO