Elderflower Presse – 24/250 ml

Belvoir’s Elderflower Pressé is the unforgettable taste of summer – freshly picked elderflowers, fresh lemon juice and water from the Belvoir springs are blended together to create this scented, refreshing and extremely quaffable beverage. You’ll find no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners in this or any of our Pressés. Their real taste comes from real fresh ingredients – which is why we say that they’re 100% good. Serve Elderflower Pressé chilled as a sophisticated and refreshing alternative to alcohol at any time, or add white wine for an aromatic spritzer. It also creates fabulous cocktails when mixed with gin or vodka.

Quick facts

  • 24/250 ml bottles
  • Sold by case only
  • Made from freshly picked elderflowers
  • Imported from England

Top reviews

Just like being back in the UK

I absolutely LOVED this drink when we were in London this summer. I am so glad that I can get it through Amazon here in the US.
LionelLong Grove, IL

Wonderful hard-to-find beverage

I first experienced elderflower while in England and have searched all over to find it retail in the US, with no luck. This product was served at an English Pub in Sheboygan, WI and I kept the bottle and started searching the internet. Found this site and was thrilled. The product is excellent – light and refreshing. A little pricey to mail-order, but worth the cost occasionally.
FranklinDetroit, ME