Embasa Sliced Carrots, 26-Ounce

Embasa® products have been helping create the delicious flavors of Mexico in the homes of America since 1963. Whether you want to add a smoky Chipotle pepper flavor to your recipes or dips, or need any one of a variety of other Mexican peppers to spice up your plate, Embasa® products have just the right choice for you. Embasa® salsas deliver the true textures and flavors of this spicy addition to your meals and snacks.

Quick facts

  • 26 Oz Can (Pack of 6)
  • Carrots en escabeche

Top reviews

Excellent Taste. Hot, But Not Too Hot.

When I order something simple in a Mexican restaurant (taco, burrito, etc.) I like to get a side order of “hot carrots” to go with it. They’re delicious and supply veggies to go along with the main dish. Well, I always thought the restaurants made up the carrots themselves, but all of a sudden I was surprised to find you could buy big cans of them in a grocery store. This 26-ounce can of Embasa Carrots (in escabeche) is an example that I found in my local grocery store. Of course, I bought it. It’s a good product. The carrots, onion and pepper strips are fully within the range of that which is served in Mexican restaurants. They’re hot, but not unreasonably hot. The taste is excellent. This is a great discovery for me. I love these things and now I’ll have a good home supply always available.

Gary Peterson

ArgeliaLincolnville, KS