Emerald Berry Blend Premium Trail Mix, 5.5-Ounce Pouches

Glazed walnuts and roasted peanuts lead the way. But not far behind are a sweet and salty blend of granola clusters, yogurt-covered raisins, dried cranberries, and blueberry-flavored dried cranberries.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6, 5.5 ounce pouches
  • With sweet granola clusters, roasted peanuts, yogurt-covered raisins, glazed walnuts, and blueberry-flavored dried cranberries
  • Featuring Emerald Glazed Walnuts
  • Made in USA

Top reviews

Very tasty

This is my favorite of the 3 or 4 blends offered by emerald. Can only seem to find it at Amazon, since the local grocers seem to sell out of it right away or do not carry it. Will definitely be ordering this on a regular basis.
JaniMentcle, PA

Really good.

This fixes your salt and sweet cravings at the same time. Preventing my back and forth eating salty then sweet snacks.
MalindaMiston, TN

great value. great taste

for the most part, this trail mix was pretty good. as a college student, this was a great snack during my study sessions and in between classes.
LaritaAriel, WA

Favorite On The Go Snack

Pop this Trail Mix into your bag at the start of the week and have a “go to” snack at the ready. It’s a yummy blend of nuts and crunchy granola. Love the yogurt covered berries. Yummy enough to share with the kids, no complaints. Wonderful out-the-door breakfast as well.
MandaBotkins, OH

Good, but really sweet

This mix is good, but is a little sweet for my taste. Most of the ingredient are sweet (yogurt covered raisins, cranberries, strawberries, glazed nuts, etc), with the exception of the peanuts, so it’s a little overwhelming. I wish the peanuts were salty, at least, to balance out the other ingredients. Overall an okay mix, but definitely on the sweet side.
RubenMongaup Valley, NY

Excellent Taste with large whole strawberries

An excellent, tasty and healthy fruit, nut and granola snack that can be enjoyed by everyone. One taste and you will be hooked! You will also enjoy the nice, big strawberry pieces.
CarolannOrient, IL


I love Emerald’s Trail Mix Berry Blend but I can never find it in my local stores. Very pleased with this purchase.
MelaineCedar Falls, NC

Emerald Harmony Original Trail Mix

This one my favorite item the reason as follows, so great I eat 1/1/4 for BKF,SNACK and over salad. I shared this item with family, friends, Church Members and everyone just can’t get enough. Hello, just don’t take my word, try this item and all the other EMERALD BRANDS and you will like the prices too.
CasseyNew Salem, ND

Good, Healthy Snack

Good pricing on a tasty and healthy snack. Better than having a bowl of chips. Excellent mixture, and some fiber from the dried fruit. The yogurt raisins are especially tasty.
IsaiasAurora, NE

One of the best!

This is another excellent, quality mix by Emerald. The blend is terrific and leaves nothing to be desired. A great snack on the go, at work, on the slopes, out on the golf course… you name it! I also highly recommend the Emerald “Breakfast Blend” mix.
FrankieRandalia, IA

Emerald Berry Blend Premium Trail Mix

So glad to find my favorite trail mix at Amazon since I cannot find it locally.
GrahamBennington, NH