Emerald Harmony Original Trail Mix, 10-Ounce Bags

Blend of peanuts, raisins, candy coated chocolate pieces and almonds

Quick facts

  • No Trans Fats
  • No cholesterol

Top reviews

Best trail mix ever

This is the best trail mix made -in my opinion. Perfect blend of sweet and salty flavor. I take it with me whenever hunting or fishing. Also great to have around the house…
TanyaCanton, IL

Great Trail Mix…Even Greater Price

Decided to buy this trail mix to take to the office. It tastes great and it came neatly packaged. None of the chocolate had melted either which has happened before when ordering trail mix from the internet. Also, there are sunflower seeds in the mix which is not mentioned in the description (added bonus).

The bags are a little smaller than I was expecting, but then again 10 ounces is not that much. However, I should suggest to everyone to the Subscribe and Save and if you do not want to subscribe, then just immediately cancel. You will get it for 15% and are under no obligation to continue after placing your first order. Just remember to cancel the subscribe and save only after your first order shipped or you will cancel that order as well.

In sum, great trail mix (wish it has more chocolate) and you cannot beat Amazon’s price.

BasiliaToluca, IL

Pretty Good

I don’t really have much to say since trail mix is trail mix but what motivated me to write a review is the mixture contains sunflower seeds even though there is no mention anywhere on the product page.
HerminaWannaska, MN

Tasty and economical–not ecolologicl

THese guys bill themselves as the inventors of trail mix; while that’s probably a stretch this is as good a mix I’ve found for the money. Where I’m living there’s no place to get bulk trail mix so i order it thru amazon. I’m a trail worker and it provides plenty of energy as a snack through the day. I feel bad about the packaging, it’s a lot of plastic, but what are you gonna do. Also it uses a lot of fuel to ship it extra to my town, when i could buy at the grocery store, which is already here. Anybody else consider that? The effects of amazon on the environment, buying and shipping and making all these UPS trucks burn up the hydrocarbons to deliver stuff you don’t really need? Like really who needs a tactical tomahawk.
But it arrived in a timely manner and is yummy, plenty of M&Ms.
JonRussell, IL

GREAT trail mix!

I’ve read some reviews that say “a trail mix is a trail mix”…I don’t think that’s true. This is a perfect balance of nuts, seeds (sunflower seeds), raisins and candy coated chocolate pieces. It is absolutely delicious and filling which comes in very handy, whether you’ve had to skip lunch or just want a snack…or even dessert. That said, this trail mix is not too sweet; it’s just sweet enough. I also love the fact that there is a very light sprinkling of salt in there; it gets on the raisins and that adds tremendously to the flavor. This isn’t exactly low calorie but you get a lot of bang for your calorie “buck”. 5 grams of protein per serving. It arrived fresh and during a horrible heat wave and the chocolate was perfect. Nothing melted.

If you get “subscribe and save” from Amazon you won’t find better pricing anywhere (and the way I mow through these, that is a very good thing!). I can’t recommend this trail mix highly enough.

DeannaChoteau, MT

Love it … almost too much.

We’ve been looking for some time for a reasonably priced trail mix to take on our hikes, especially hikes we take on vacation. While we like Costco’s taste-wise, the pieces of dried fruit are too large as is the original bag. We needed a bag that each of us could carry on a 5-8 mile trek in mountains and foothills, and then I found Emerald Harmon’s Original Trail Mix which is just sweet enough, but not too sweet, and has peanuts, sunflower seeds, and M&M-type bits. A 10 ounce bag is perfect although, having no willpower, I could probably polish a bag off just watching a baseball game. But watch out: as with most trail mixes, a quarter cup is 90 calories. On the other hand, we’ve got to be burning serious calories when hiking.

We do prefer this to Harmony’s Farmer’s Market mix because of the nuts and seeds (and lower calories).

Harmony is made by Diamond, and living near Diamond’s headquarters in California, and buying their products for over 40 years, I know that their stuff will be fresh. I have nothing to do with Diamond, so consider this a personal endorsement.

JoieMindenmines, MO

Good, but not great

I’ve been using this trail mix for most of the year. I use it primarily for sustenance, and don’t place a very high value on taste. It works well for that. I’m also the type of weird backpacker that eats trail mix with a spoon. I do it to minimize contacting my food with my grubby hands. I’ve found that the standard disposable plastic spoon fits perfectly. Longer polycarbonate spoons & sporks may not fit. The small size of the ingredients in this trail mix fits well in a spoon. I’ve had trouble with larger nuts and fruits in other trail mixes falling off my spoon, which can be an awfully sad moment while on a long backpacking trip. Sadly, while a spoon may fit perfectly, the quality of these recloseable bags is sometimes so bad that the zippers don’t align and the bag cannot be reclosed. Now I carry a spare ziploc bag in case of this problem. At least the bags do a good job of staying closed if it can be closed.

I was initially disappointed that this trail mix has sunflower seeds. For some reason I didn’t expect it. Just before writing this review I looked at the description of this product, and it doesn’t mention sunflower seeds. That explains my surprise. I feel that sunflower seeds greatly changes the overall flavor of trail mix, and the description should mention it. I’d probably give this product another star if it didn’t have sunflower seeds.

Those that find the aesthetics of their trail mix to be important may be disappointed with this trail mix. While the ingredients of some trail mixes look plump and shiny in their bags, this trail mix looks kind of beat up and old. It doesn’t change the taste or result in crushed product that I’ve noticed, but if I saw this on a store shelf, I’d probably skip it because of the way it looks. I believe this impression is because the candy coating on the candy coated chocolate pieces is dull, and because there’s a bit of trail mix crumbs stuck to the raisins…and those crumbs appear to be the “skin” from the sunflower seeds.

While I said I don’t value the taste of trail mix very highly, I will make some comparisons. Costco’s Kirtland Trail Mix tastes much better, partly because it doesn’t have sunflower seeds, but also because it has higher value nuts. On an especially long trip, I prefer a fruity trail mix because it’s easier to consume a lot of it, plus it’s almost like eating candy that’s somewhat healthy…nevermind all the added sugar. Again, Costco provides my favorite, that is, their Kirtland Fruit Nut Medley. I also like Walmarts Tropical Trail Mix that comes in the 26 ounce bag, although sometimes their trail mix is a little stale.

All in all, if you’re looking for something to give you the energy needed to hike lots of miles, this is a good choice, but it’s not the best choice if you really want to enjoy what you’re eating. And for what it’s worth, I’m still receiving this trail mix via the subscribe & save program, and have no plans to stop unless I make a bulk order with another company.

AdelineDwarf, KY

Good, but not great.

Ok, here’s the deal…I’m a casual trail mix guy, I’m not an expert by any means. There are a MASSIVE AMOUNT of seeds in this. I don’t mind sunflower seeds in moderation, but this is almost half seeds. There are maybe 15 chocolate pieces compared to about a thousand (overstatement) raisins. The nut ratio would be fine if it wasn’t so interspersed with raisins and seeds.
AliaModena, NY

Good Trail mix. Heavy on the Sunflower Seeds

I like this trail mix. good mix of nuts and raisins with sweet chocolate bits. Some yogurt pieces would be nice. Of course because of their size, the sunflower seeds do sink to the bottom. Leaving a LOT of seeds at the end of a great bag. I have ordered this pack a few times. I think its definitely worth it as a healthy snack.
GaryEncinal, TX

Not so good

I was disappointed in this trail mix. The peanuts are soft, and there are ALOT of seeds in the bag as well. Not bad enough to throw away, but I will try another brand next time.
MakedaDouglassville, TX


This trail mix is ok. My beef is the amount of sunflower seeds in the mix. If I wanted sunflower seeds I would buy them. One quarter of the bag is sunflower seeds. The crazy thing is there is no mention of sunflower seeds, I think that is “very” misleading.
BettyeLake Geneva, WI

Enough for the price

Good fresh stuff for the money compare to getting similar in Walmart. I would buy again or recommended. Good for quick snack at work.
AshleeSawyerville, AL

Why trans fats?

Wow everywhere it says no trans fats it says in the product dis and even right on the front of the bag BUT IT HAS TRANS FATS!! and thats not something i want in my trail mix it taste good but im really disappointed if anyone has a good alternative and around the same price to this mix please post a comment thanks!
LilianaRantoul, IL


THE TASTE WAS ADDICTIVE BECAUSE IT WAS FRESH, SWEET, AND SALTY- BUT IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO HAS PROBLEMS WITH SALT/FLUID RETENTION YOU PROBABLY SHOULD EAT THIS SPARINGLY. I am 60 yrs old AND I did not listen to my son warning me to stop eating so much of it- I ATE THE WHOLE BAG and needless to say had ‘balloon legs’ later. SO A NO SALT VERSION WOULD BE BETTER FOR ‘PLUMP ELDERLY TRAIL MIX LOVERS’. The rest of my snack supply is now ‘off limits’ to me. This great trail mix should be reserved for younger, healthier nibblers who do not have water retention or blood pressure issues- maybe rinsing it off and drying it would help.
ChristenScott, MS

Good trail mix but…..

This is a decent trail mix, i really wont say anything too bad about it, HOWEVER nowhere in the description did it say anything about sunflower seeds being in the mix. Im not talking a few, there are a ton of them in there! I thought i got the wrong item at first, but no i got the right one. Even the picture doesn’t show them anywhere.

All in all, a good trail mix but i didn’t want the sunflower seeds! I would recommend Emerald Harmony Raisinberry Nut Trail Mix, 9-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6) instead.

SindySpring Grove, PA

we want more

got these the other day and they were gone way too fast at home. they were fresh and crisp, way cheaper than price locally.
FallonOld Appleton, MO

Emerald Trail Mix

I have never tried this before but ordered it based on the reviews here and Im glad that I did. The raisins are not too sweet and there is lil bit of salt (just about right). The trail mix is very tasty and I enjoy eating it. Try this and you won’t be wrong!!
AlecWallace, CA

Good Trailmix

This has change and now contains about 25% or more sunflower seeds. If you don’t like sunflower seeds or a lot of them this may not be for you.
RosendaHuntington, WV

Emerald Harmony Original Trail Mix

Emerald Harmony Original Trail Mix is great to eat 1/4 for snack, with cereal and with salad.I always share Trail Mix with family, friends, FaceBook and Church Members. The reply that I receive is great, so good I eat more than a 1/4, and delicious.Don’t just take my word try Trail mix and you will want buy different type of great Trail Mix. The price is great and the size bags, I can’t found this brand in the stores here in Tallahass, Florida.
RefugioNolan, WV

Love this trail mix

I love this tail mix because it gives you the necessary protein you might need during snack time, but also satisfies your sweet tooth. I haven’t found another trail mix I like as much.
CrystaMilton Village, MA

Nut bag

Been munching on my nuts for a while. This particular bag has alot of sunflower seed over nuts. Planters has a more roasted flavor but this lacks that. Overall good nuts to munch on.
ChiHazel Green, AL

Great price when purchased as a subscription! Delicious Trail Mix!

This is an excellent product for the price. First of all, the fact that it comes in 10oz packages is awesome because you can take a package with you to class or on the trail and it will last you quite a while. As far as taste, it’s awesome.
GriselRed Oak, OK

trail mix

I can’t make it through 2 days without at least a handful of trail mix. Although the winter has been mild, I still have a problem with the ice & my bicycle. This trail mix hits the spot. From computer strokes to my front door – can’t beat that!
DonitaFremont, NC


love the resealable package, and the mixture of the contents is spot on. I am definitely going to have to scedule more deliveries
NolanEtta, MS


A lot more than what I expected, the packing is great and keeps the product fresh, fruits are great and so is the candy,we really enjoy our mix while wathing a movie or a football game, the only problem is that once you grabe some, you just can not stop.
MammieFarrell, PA

great snack

This product is a healthy snack during my workday or my kids homework time. The mixture of sweet and salty hits the spot till the next meal.
ConcettaLost Nation, IA

Great snack!

I love trail mix and having something that is relatively natural (with the exception of the chocolate candies) it was a great snack. Keep in mind this is NOT a healthy snack by any means, there are a ton of calories, sugar and carbs in one bag that you will need to pace yourself if you are trying to eat healthy by any means but it is great for on the go snacking. Arrived in a very tightly sealed plastic bag which protected them fantastically. The chocolate hadn’t melted like I have had in the past with some products with chocolate in them that I’ve bought from Amazon.

If you’re looking for a high-quality trail mix. This is it!

NeomaMadera, CA

Good snack

This product is just what I expected. It is a good snack and it is in seperate bags so you don’t eat all at once.
AllieMountain Pine, AR