Emerald Natural Walnuts & Almonds, 100 Calorie Pack, 3.92 Ounce Packages

Neither sweet nor salty, our buttery walnuts complement our crunchy almonds. We add zero salt to this 100-calorie nut blend.

Quick facts

  • 12 Packs of 7, .56 ounce pouches
  • Contains 740 mg Omega-3; Good source of Vitamin E; Great for weight management
  • Emerald 100 Calorie Packs are the perfect healthy, convenient, and satisfying snack
  • Made in USA

Top reviews

Great healthy low calorie snack

I love emerald Natural Walnuts & Almonds 100 calorie packs. I carry them with me in my purse for a quick healthy snack. They are really delicious, and fresh tasting. Highly recommend them.
MichealCoila, MS

Carb friendly

As a diabetic I am always on the look out for low carb snacks. The dietician limits my carbs for snacks to between 15-30 g. My 100 calorie pack of Emerald Natural Walnuts & Almonds contains only 3g of carbohydrates. What a satisfying good deal!
I understand that most diabetics die from heart disease. The box claims this snack has 740 mg of omega-3 to help protect the heart. Prevention magazine says you probably won’t get enough omega 3 from plant sources, but I think it could help.
DanyelleOlympia Fields, IL

A perfect snack!

The amount of nuts in the package is perfect for a snack as it is not too much and not too little. The nuts are fresh and crunchy and the packages are very easy to open. The best part if that the case amount if very good for the price as I usually buy one box of seven for around $4.00 and I bought the whole case of twelve boxes for a little over $33. You can’t beat the price and the product is very good.
MatildeRye, NY

good price

Not much you can say about this product. the are what it says. the balance between nuts is fair, the price was great, and while I doubt that each package is exactly 100 calories, it is was a great deal.

most important were the price and the nuts. as stated good price compared to local markets (including target) and they ARE FRESH.

nuff said

CarolyneJonesburg, MO

Exactly as promised!

This item was just as decribed – and the expiration date over a year away. Great price, great snack 🙂 I’ll post some pics of packaging so you can visualize.
MilagrosMapleton, UT

Nice portion size, fresh nuts

I prefer my nuts natural (raw and unsalted) and walnuts and almonds seem to have the most research behind them when it comes to healthiness. These are great snacks to keep around to avoid vending machines and the like.
LavernBranchville, IN