Emeril’s Big Easy Bold Coffee, 108-Count K-Cup for Keurig Brewers

This thick, power packed cup of java is a hearty blend with a deep smokey flavor. Its deep, dark color and invigorating aroma will definitely kick it up a notch. Big Easy Bold uses a minimum of 50% Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans. Each of the six boxes come packed with 18 K-Cups that can be used with any style or model of Keurig brewing machines. The Keurig single-cup brewing system uses a special packaging for coffee, tea and hot cocoa called K-Cup portion packs or “K-Cups”. Each K-Cup is an airtight, mini-brewer that locks out oxygen, light, moisture and humidity while locking in freshness and flavor. Simply insert the no mess K-Cup into the brewer and hit the brew button for a fresh-brewed, perfect cup of coffee or tea in under a minute. 108 servings

Quick facts

  • Each of the 6 boxes contains 18 K-Cups
  • No mess design protects from air, light and moisture
  • Each K-Cup brews perfect individual servings

Top reviews

Not happy

Coffee tasted bitter and burnt. Didn’t like the 1st cup; kept open mind; 2nd cup not any better. Wish I could return the remaining 48 cups. One star for fast shipment.
CamieHanover, PA

How Could You Be So Bold

After FINALLY purchasing the best coffee maker I’ve ever had in 40 years of drinking coffee, the hunt was on to find the best tasting coffee to go with it. When it comes to coffee, I suppose that it’s really a “to each his or her own” thing. But I’ve tried ’em all, and out of all the various varieties that are offered here at Amazon, the K-cup that provides the most pleasurable mix of everything that I was looking for in a cup of coffee is undisputedly Emeril’s Big Easy Bold.

Nothing beats Emeril’s Big Easy Bold. There are plenty of other brands trying to suggest that they’re bold. I’ve tried the “Midnight Magic” brand; I’ve tried the “Jet Fuel” brand; I’ve tried the “Donut Shop” brand; I’ve tried all of the “Extra Bolds”; but the K-cup that really tastes like the jet fuel packed cup of coffee that you get in the best donut shop is Emeril’s Big Easy Bold.

What’s really cool is that whether you make a small cup or large cup of Emeril’s Big Easy Bold, you won’t lose the rich flavor. Most Keurig Coffee Makers have at least two buttons that let you choose to make a large or small cup. Some even have three buttons for a large, medium or small. I like a large cup. Some of the other brands noticeably lost some of their flavor as I went from a medium cup to a large…but not the Emeril’s.

There is no question here. If you like a darker roast that’s full of flavor and packs a punch, you’ve found the right page here at Amazon. Wake up people, and add this to your cart. Bam!

KandiceFort Meade, SD

Big, Easy, BAD!

Unfortunately, I am in charge of ordering the k-cups for my office. All of the good stuff ran out and only Emeril’s Big, Easy, Bold was left. I realize this is a ‘bold’ cup of coffee, but I wanted to share some of the remarks from my co-workers after/while drinking this coffee:

“ugh. I feel like I am drinking pure gasoline”
“eww. this coffee tastes like death”
“big, easy, kill me.”
“The only thing worse than this coffee, is no coffee”
“heyyyy, when is the next coffee order?…”

Hope this helps any future coffee-ordering employees. Avoid the death-stare from your co-workers and avoid Emeril.

FrankPalatka, FL

Good coffee, weird packaging

Coffee is delicious but the k-cups come loose in the box (i.e. no packaging except for the box you see). After shipment, the k-cups are all jumbled and thrown about in the box. We previously got them in 2 25-packs that were easy to open and keep on the counter. The first time we got this with the new packaging, I had to stop to count if there were really 50 there (seriously, does someone sit and count them as they go in?). If you have a carousel or old packaging, it won’t be an issue. You will need some way to store them.
TanaIuka, KS

Defective K-cups! Great Coffee, but only 1 in 3 K-cups not defective

This product that comes in the Amazon packaging is defective. It appears in an attempt to save cost, too little foil material is used to seal the top of the K-cup. As a result, when the K-cup is punctured by the Keurig coffee maker, the foil lid separates from the side of the k-cup, resulting in an explosion of coffee grounds in the coffee maker. Only 1 of 3 k-cups did not do this. It is specifically this brand/packaging, since I was making other varieties of k-cup coffee in the same coffee maker in the same time and none of those broke the seal and left grounds all in the coffee maker.
Looking at the seal on this product, compared to other K-cups varieties, this seal is MUCH tighter, and since there is a larger amount of coffee grounds in this k-cup, there’s a lot more to make a mess!
Loved the taste of the coffee, but can’t waste so much time cleaning up the coffee pot! Don’t buy in the Amazon hassle-free packaging, you’ll be sorry!
NubiaRoanoke, TX

Emeril’s Gormet Coffee Big Easy Bold Breaks open

I am sure that this coffee tastes good, but I am not sure I will ever get to find out. Each cup I insert into my Keurig busts open when it is brewing. I don’t think the seal can withstand the heat, and so it opens up and oozes grounds into my coffee! YUCK!!
SamualCrystal Lake, IA

Very disappointing!

Buy these k-cups only if you don’t mind drinking your coffee through a slick of coffee grounds. The taste is fine (though not fantastic), but I don’t enjoy the surface slick or the sludge left over at the bottom of the cup…and I’m not happy that I’m stuck either drinking this stuff or wasting my money by throwing the cups away.
ErasmoDingle, ID

Messy cups

The flavor of the Big Easy Bold is good. But, about every third cup overflows out the top of the cup making a huge mess. It’s as if the hole on the bottom gets plugged and the remaining coffee has nowhere to go but out the top…and all over the place. If this happened two or three times I’d give it four stars.
RickeyClearfield, PA

paid for 100

I paid for 100 k cups but received only 98! This is the second time this has happened.I didn’t think such about it the first time. Now I wonder if this happens often or even all the time.
MarieDelta, CO

Funky packs, mediocre taste

First- taste: Bold-ish. I didn’t get that full body taste that I expect from a bold brew. Bold does not equal strong. I will say say that it is very dark if that is what you are after. Starbucks ‘Espresso Roast’ is a better example of a good, smooth, bold brew.

Second- the packs: I don’t know if I got a bad lot of packs but I end up with sludge in my cup about half of the time. I’ve shaken the packs, closed the top in slow motion, pushed the packs manually onto the bottom needle and all the other things you may have heard to fix pack problems. This particular box does not show the top of the pack to be ‘proofed out’ with nitrogen. I’ve used about 12 of a 50 pack box. I’ve had to clean my machine twice.

Planning to complain and return for a different product.

HerbShelbyville, KY

Could have been stronger

We’re really enjoying our new coffee maker, trying different types of coffee. This one wasn’t our favorite. We figured from Louisiana it would be stronger, but it wasn’t. We’re going to keep trying others, looking for a favorite.
RhiannonMars Hill, NC

Not recommended

I don’t know what it was about this Emeril’s big easy blend, if perhaps there was a hint of chicory, but I really did not enjoy this style of coffee people k cup whatsoever. Something was just off about it. I would try other flavors instead.
EsperanzaLockbourne, OH

AMZN CS RATES 5 STARS/Emerils not bad either.

I just received a box of 50 of the Deidrich french Roast. Upon opening the box I saw coffee grinds meaning some kcups broke open.

I made a quick call to amzn. Not so upset at losing a few kcups…stuff happens. More upset at the time it would require to wipe the grinds off of each kcup and then find and throw away the damaged ones.

AMZN very promptly gave me a full refund and since it was a ‘Grocery Item’, they said to keep it or throw it away, but they couldnt take it back.

Obviously I took the time to clean everything and kept the undamaged kcups.

I recently tried EMERILS BIG EASY BOLD and like it very much. Tried around 8 cups to ensure the last was as good as the first.

I wont put it at the top of my ‘favorite kcups’ list, but will say it was very tasty and worth ordering.

Nice ‘Parisian’ taste. Decent kick.

4 star coffee + 5 star AMZN CS = BUY IT. You and your guests should like it and AMZN CS ensures if there is an issue, they will make it right.

KarolynHahira, GA

This one’s good–Emeril’s Big Easy Bold

I ran across this coffee when looking for a dark and ‘bold’ coffee. I’ve always called that “a good strong cup of coffee”.
This coffee meets my criteria for that. It is not bitter and doesn’t leave a bad coffee taste in your mouth.

I’m a tightwad so the $.55/Kcup appealed to me also. Sometimes I add a teaspoon of my favorite instant and rotate the Kcup 180 deg. and run it through again. This gives me a second good cup of coffee at reduced prices.:)

I will buy more of the Big Easy Bold.

RaisaSpring Mills, PA

Very tasty blend – not a flavored coffee (yay!)

We got some of these in a sampler pack and really enjoyed them. These are not the “extra bold” that have the 25% more grounds so you can make the larger (11 oz) cup, but it holds up nicely on the 9oz setting on my brewer. Body is deep, good aroma with some bitterness that you would expect from a French Roast blend. The Keurig review mentions that it uses a minimum of 50% rainforest alliance beans.

This is not a flavored coffee, just a nice blend, so don’t expect chicory coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ Now that Amazon sells them, we will put this into our rotation.

DeshawnCreston, WV


I ordered a 50 pack of these k-cup and the coffee it self probly good but the seal on everyone of them breaks during brewing and every cup is full of grounds.. ugh and there not returnable !!!!!
VertieNewport, MN

Emerils Gourmet Coffee, Emeril’s Big Easy Bold, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)

These Emerils Gourmet Coffee, Emeril’s Big Easy Bold, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) are defective!!! Almost half of them blew the tops off in brewing and filled the coffee mug with coffee grounds, and had to throw away. WILL NOT BY AGAIN!!!
TonyaMonte Rio, CA


My husband loves this rich bold coffee. He drinks it every morning without fail!
CarmelaMc Gregor, IA

Horrible Flavor

Very very bold coffee. But that isn’t the problem. I like bold, this just tastes horrible. I was able to try this flavor because it came in a sample pack with my Keurig. I will not be buying ever. I wasn’t even able to finish my cup.
AngelikaBon Aqua, TN

not good

Coffee was good but every cup broke during use, making a mess inside the cup and out, will not purchase again.
MelyndaUnderwood, IN

Wonderful Deal on Bold Flavor

I love the bold flavors of K*Cups and this way you get 50 of them for so much less that other places.


MargueriteHickman, CA

Always good

Never went wrong with this kcup. I usually buy this and Donut shop and get this because it is a strong coffee. Not to bitter either
RoyMount Holly, NC

Great Coffee

I have ordered this several times and like the fairly rich taste without any bitterness. It is also very smooth and is one of the better K-cups that I have found so far.
IoneHiltons, VA

Bold is Beautiful!

I was very impressed with how bold this coffee is. This is easily my new favorite early morning brew. Bam!
ChelsieProvidence, UT

Emerill’s Big Easy

If you enjoy a bold coffee, this is a great pick! I purchased a Keurig brewer this spring and I order different types of coffee to experiment to find the “perfect” cup. I will definately reorder Emerill’s Big Easy
TieshaCorrales, NM


The coffees are great, if you can get one that doesnt bust open while brewing and ruin your coffee! its good if you are looking for a bargain and dont mind making a second cup very once and a while, but if you use the keurig machine because you are a busy person, these coffees are not the right purchase for you. The flavor is though! just buy a normal sized package instead.
ShantelleDraper, VA


The coffee is dark and rich, without being acid. This coffee is for those who like their brew to fill their nose as well as their cup.
ShawnComanche, TX

Great cup of coffee in a K-cup

It’s a nice bold, strong flavored cup of coffee. Goes great with a sweet breakfast. Also a good strong kick in the pants in the morning. This is one of my favorite K-cups.
JenineLebanon, NE


what’s not to like??????? pleasingly great bold taste…..and price is quite lower than in the stores, even Wal-mart!!!….will definitely purchase again!
DonellaLinden, VA


This is by far my favorite bold coffee!! It is rich, bold and holds up well with my flavored creamer!!
EvonOhlman, IL