Endangered Species Chocolate Co-Exist Pouch, Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

All natural dark chocolate covered almonds; it has 72 percent cocoa content. It is certified Kosher. Sourced from ethically traded cacao farms ensuring fair trade, responsible labor practices and sustainable farming. Meticulous care goes into sourcing our ingredients and creating our chocolate. We have traveled the globe to meet the farmers who grow our sourced cacao. First hand, we have experienced the pride and passion these farmers have for their crops. That level of passion and pride extends to our manufacturing facility as well. Endangered Species Chocolate’s Quality and Production teams are top notch and ever mindful of supporting your health, your taste buds, and our planet.

Quick facts

  • 72% Cocoa content
  • Certifed Kosher
  • Sourced from ethically traded cocoa farms

Top reviews

endangered taste buds

Not at all what I expected. I purchased a 6 pack for my wife on Christmas, after nine months I see that there are still 5 of the 3 ounce packages remaining in the pantry. That pretty much says it all…not good enough to eat. I would not purchase again. No sweetness to the chocolate whatsoever…..IMO candy should be somewhat sweet at minimum. I would not purchase this product agin. If you would like to help save endangered species your money will be better spent donating directly to the conservation group of your choice.
CameliaEwan, NJ