Endangered Species Sea Turtle, Natural Dark Chocolate

All natural dark chocolate with blueberries, rich dark chocolate laced with tangy sweet dried blueberries. What a sweet way to add extra fruit to your day. It has 72 percent cocoa content. It is certified vegan, gluten free, Kosher. Sourced from ethically traded cacao farms ensuring fair trade, responsible labor practices and sustainable farming. We have traveled the globe to meet the farmers who grow our sourced cacao. First hand, we have experienced the pride and passion these farmers have for their crops. That level of passion and pride extends to our manufacturing facility as well. Endangered Species Chocolate’s Quality and Production teams are top notch and ever mindful of supporting your health, your taste buds, and our planet.

Quick facts

  • All-natural gourmet chocolate
  • Shade-grown ethically-traded cocoa beans from small family-owned farms
  • Supports endangered animals habitat and humanity
  • Each bar contains educational information about the endangered animal on the wrapper

Top reviews


These are one of the best endangered species chocolate bars available if you like blueberry. The blueberry is certainly not overwhelmning, but in the background. These taste more like milk chocolate to me, but I haven’t had milk chocolate in years. These are creamy and not bitter in my opinion.
ZeldaArnoldsburg, WV


This is certified vegan chocolate. This is my favorite flavor. Blueberries are there but not in an overwhelming amount. It is quality chocolate, and at 72% cocoa you are getting plenty of heart-healthy antioxidents. I buy this at the local grocery store also. Tastes really great, it has vegan sugar, no milk products whatsoever–it has a certified vegan seal. I buy this blueberry flavor and the Deep Forest Mint flavor which you can get at a reduced price here on line. Can’t beat that!
AdinaEast Poultney, VT