Endorphin Rush Beyond Hot Sauce 5 Oz

Endorphin Rush Hot Sauce, 5oz.: Here’s the rush you’ve wanted to experience! Release the sensation that only the very special taste of ENDORPHIN RUSH can! Heightens any food: first an explosion of flavor, then a wave of heat! Tomato paste, water, pepper extract, vinegar, sugar, molasses, soy sauce. It’s one of the hottest hot sauces out there!, 5oz.

Quick facts

  • Caution: This Sauce is extremely hot. Avoid Contact with eyes and sensitive areas

Top reviews

Ok, but far from the best

Hot? Yes.
Tasty? No.

Endorphin Rush is an intense sauce, but it’s not one of the better ones. It’s ultra hot, but unlike it’s contemporaries (such as Blair’s Jersey Death or 357 Mad Dog), the tongue’s trip to Hell is short lasted. The heat doesn’t linger as it does with most other hot sauces, almost as if the Endorphin Rush heat factor is an employee being paid for a few meager seconds before punching out and leaving. Intense, but not malicious.

As for flavor, this is where Endorphin Rush drives off a cliff. There is no flavor. It tastes like hot and nothing more (which is a problem I have with Dave’s Insanity as well, although even Dave’s is tastier than this Tie Dyed stuff). Other sauces which bludgeon Endorphin Rush in the heat department can also succeed in adding a deep and complex flavor to their burn.

Hotter and better sauces include: Blair’s Mega Death, Dave’s Ultimate Insanity, Blair’s Jersey Death, Black Widow, and 357 Mad Dog. Go for them Instead.

BTW, I don’t ever remember giving this item 4 stars. I’d give it either 2 or maybe 3, so disregard the 4 stars. GRRR!

ShayneLewisville, TX

Really hot and an awesome sweet flavor. I LOVE IT!!!

I had this years ago and remember it being too hot to eat. I have since increased in my heat index. Endorphine Rush comes in with a smooth and sweet flavor before you are hit with the heat. I love it and I will continue to buy this hot sauce on a regular basis. I will still order from the same seller. I don’t like the shipping charges being so high, but in the big picture it is worth every penny. I hope someone else enjoys it as much as I do. Have a blest day.
DanutaBunker Hill, IL

Wasabi times 100

This is a seriously hot sauce. If you like the burn that rushes to your head, eyes, and sinuses quickly and is less of the habanero type of burn, go for it.
SolJackpot, NV

Great taste, not too spicy

Really good taste but not as spicy as the bottle warns. On a firehouse sub I eat this stuff like ketchup.
BreannaLowell, IN

Good for Beginner or Novice Chili Heads

This is a decent hot sauce; mid-to-high level heat. The burn is slow, it builds up for a minute or two, then it’s gone. The heat can get intense if you are liberal with your application, but in my opinion, the bark is louder than the bite.

The taste leaves a lot to be desired – it’s pastey and you taste more soy than tomoato or pepper or vinegar. This sauce is probably best for sandwiches – I wouldn’t use it on much else.

I recommend this sauce to begineers or novices who are just starting to experiment with real heat. This sauce will bring that heat without being as ruthless as some of the other brands (Dave’s and Blair’s come to mind). If you love soy sauce, you’ll probably like this product as well.

ElbaPalmyra, PA