Ener-G Foods White Rice Loaf, 16-Ounce Packages

For use in wheat-free & gluten free diets. Dairy free; Casein free; No saturated fat; 0 g Trans fat; No cholesterol.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six 16-ounce packages of rice bread (96 total ounces)
  • Made from white rice flour, tapioca starch, and yeast
  • Gluten-free, wheat-free, no dairy or egg, KOF-K Kosher-certified; a good source of calcium and Vitamin B1
  • Versatile bread that makes great sandwiches or French toast
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Bread was bad – mold – and they don’t accept returns

I have bought this in the store and like it so ordered on line and received molded bread and they don’t accept returns. Don’t order this on-line – waste of money!!!!
LorileeRincon, GA

Please don’t eat Cardboard

I have Celiac Sprue, and ate Ener-g foods bread during my childhood and teenage years, simply because I needed safe food and there wasn’t anything better out there at the time. Now, there is. I commend Ener-g foods for providing truly safe food for those with gluten intolerance and other dietary restrictions, but it has to be said- their breads are, for the most part, disgusting, and their cookies and other products aren’t better. White rice loaf actually used to be my favorite (compared to the alternatives), but it is only edible when toasted, and it is a far cry from the other options now. Please, don’t resign yourself to eating this. Try Whole Foods GF bakehouse breads or make your own from Bette Hagman’s cookbooks. Once I started baking my own bread and realized how much better it could be, I resolved to never again eat Ener-g foods bread… and I haven’t. Occasionally I think, surely it wasn’t that bad, and try it One more time- and it just doesn’t get better. THe only thing this bread is good for is for stuffing- toasted and slathered in seasonings and soaked in broth, your shoes would probably taste ok too. I’m sorry, Ener-g foods… I do appreciate you. If only your products could compete with the excellent alternatives out there now.
MarciaMorganville, NJ

Good bread for those on Gluten Free & Dairy Free Diet

My son is on a gluten free, casein free (GFCF) diet and eats quite a bit of this bread. Like the another poster has said, if you are Gluten Free only, I suppose you have quite a few options these days. If you are GFCF, then it is difficult to find bread that also does not have the dairy (typically introduced as milk or butter). We’ve bought some of the frozen breads that are GFCF from the grocery store, and they are ok. However, it is nice not to have to freeze the bread and just have it available for use without defrosting and fighting to get the slices of bread apart. I’ve eaten this bread right along with my son and I think it tastes just fine, and way better than the frozen stuff. I mean, it isn’t as soft and squishy as typical bread, but I think it tastes pretty good. Toasted is always better, but it is fine on its own. If you do not have a dietary restriction or aren’t choosing the bread for its other ingredient differences, you’d probably enjoy other bread over this bread.

Note that the bread is specially packaged such that you are not supposed to freeze it before opening. I believe it is supposed to last up to a year using its special packaging. Mileage will vary there, as I’ve bought loaves from the local grocery that started molding within a few weeks w/o opening them, but have others from Amazon that have lasted a couple months.

LilianForest, VA

Saving money for the first time in years…

This is the bread I have been eating as a person with Celiac for 26 years. It’s also the first time I have ever saved money on this bread. It’s quite expensive and I’m saving a little more then a dollar a loaf by ordering here. Thanks amazon. Seriously this is really helpful!
JosphineGreenacres, WA

White Rice Bread

This bread is delicious. The texture is smooth, and the taste is excellent for rice bread.
AgustinaItmann, WV

Good, for gluten free

This one of the better GF breads I have tried. The part I like the best is that the packaging is such that it does not have to be frozen before you open it. The flavor is much better after toasting it.
KishaMarion, KY

Best gluten free bread

Happy that amazon carries this product at a good price. Much easier than running to the health food store every week!
MistyManchester, CA

Good, convenient

A good all-around bread, good for toast and sandwiches. It takes five minutes or so to absorb egg/milk for french toast (the Ener-G light tapioca loaf is much quicker).
I had no problems with mold, although I took delivery in the cool part of the year. I kept the loaves in the garage, where it’s cooler right now than my pantry. It’s been several months, and the bread still seems as fresh as when first delivered.
The bread is firm and doesn’t crumble at all, unlike another brand I get at the local health food store (which has slightly nicer (softer) texture, but falls apart too easily). Since the local store charges $5 a loaf, these loaves are a bargain in comparison.
BlondellUniversity, MS

Great price, good for gluten free

The price can’t be beat for gluten free. Like most GF bread – toast it before you eat it. I like the fact that it has no preservatives but has a 1 year shelf life due to the double vacuum seal technique used. Be careful about subscribe and save though! Something went funky and I ended up getting shipped 60 loaves of bread! My BF also ended up getting duplicate orders of her subscribe and save items. So keep a close eye out!
PetraIndian Wells, CA

Good enough.

I buy this product for my 5 yrs old daughter. She enjoys it toasted with butter or cream cheese. I use it for her “pizza”, too. Slightly toasted, topped with tomato sauce, cheese and olive oil and under the broiler for a minute or so just until the cheese is melted. Just like my daughter says:”Delicious!”.
CortneyCollinsville, VA

Not worth it.

Ener-G Foods White Rice Loaf was tough to swallow. It was very dry. It sucks the moisture out of your mouth… I am sorry I bought a case first without trying it. Be sure to try some before you buy.
JasminWestville, IN