Energy Drink Mega Man E-Tank 8.4 fl oz

Based upon the retro 8-bit Megaman video game, 8.4 oz cans of Energy Tank will revitalize you! 8.4 oz (250ml)

Quick facts

  • Only 110 calories!
  • Loaded with B6 and B12!
  • Caffeine-free!

Top reviews


I bought this drink sometime ago, and it was alright…

I actually bought this drink from a game shop in my town (not from amazon), but I’m sure the quality is the same!

I love the megaman series, so I thought I’d give this drink a try-despite not being a big energy drink or caffeine fan.
the price is pretty good for a single can of soda, since it’s a can and not a pack!

the drink inside the can was blue~! (oh my, blue?!?) (^_^)
the blue color was really cool and fun to me, however-if you or someone you know is allergic to blue food coloring (red food
coloring allergy’s more common, though) be careful!

the taste…was blue raspberry. then a strong fizz at the end…which wasn’t very pleasant to my tastebuds. (bleh, fizz)
it’s a sudden shock of BLUE then FIZZ!

another thing…after you drink it, your tongue turns BLUE too! (be sure to brush after, if you’re going somewhere!)

it’s a pretty fun and interesting drink to experiance…but the fact that there’s a strong fizz effect, the moment is kind
of ruined…

so, I recommend that you buy this one can and try it..if you like it, by all means keep buying! if not, then well you know
and you can just collect the can! (no hard feelings, no worries!)

be mindful, a lot of these energy drinks have LOT’S of caffeine and sugar, so be mindful of how much/fast you drink this
and WHO you give it to! (it might be best not to give it to anyone under 15 or so.)

I give this drink a 3/5.

-cool can artwork (I collected this can, just because it’s fun to look at!)
-the drink’s color is BLUE (be careful, if you’re allergic to certain color dyes!!! I mean, this is REALLY BLUE!)
-the taste is Blue Raspberry
-your tongue will TURN BLUE (if you’re ok with color-dying candy/drinks, by all means…)

-a strong fizzle after taste (it kills the sweet taste, ruins the fun of it)
-it possibly tastes like strong guarana (to me, it’s NOT pleasant to drink a lot of!)
-FULL of caffeine and sugar (I felt tired, had a headache, and an upset stomach..careful!)

if anything, you can just buy the drink and collect the can…

-Parental/Guardian Advice-

please, PLEASE be careful with these types of drinks…they’re NOT soda, they’re ENERGY DRINKS!!!
they are NOT meant for younger children and should be monitered when drinking this type of stuff!

if anything, just buy one can and split it amongst your child and their friends…DO NOT GIVE ONE WHOLE CAN TO A CHILD!

these energy drinks (red bull, bawls, ect), are meant for teenagers and SERIOUS caffeine addicts!
(not for children or the faint of heart)

PaulCedar Bluffs, NE

The Blue Bomber Drink!?!?!?!?!!?!

So there I was facing a robot horde low on energy and barely able to remain standing!!!! Then out of nowhere came the delivery man with my package from amazon!!!!!!!!!! That was it!?!?!?!!?! I opened the package and drank the delicious E-tank and I could feel my power go over 9,000! It was then the ZX was tagged on my name and I crushed the dark forces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you AMAZON AND CAPCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With this amazing product we all can be heroes!!!!!! Or have a tasty drink
DebraFossil, OR

Megaman – The legend, or the drink?

An awesome item reminiscent of the good old Mega Man E-Tanks. Stock up on 9 before you go off to battle Dr. Wiley and his 8 Evil Robots.

A must have for every home, especially if you live in a community with robots.

TomekaTable Grove, IL

Very pleased customer

This was a very good tasting drink and for sure worth getting. I have a collection and this will go well with it.
HildegardeTunnel Hill, IL

Really good

If you are alergic to the blue colorants, dont drink this.

The taste is really awesome, i got one for me and one for my brother and both we loved the taste

LahomaBeacon Falls, CT