Enerji Green Tea Energy Shot, Pomegrante Xtreme, 2.5-Ounce

Here’s a burst of XTREME energy to help you stay vibrant and focused. With more caffeine from guarana and more B-vitamins than our regular shots, plus the naturally revitalizing effects of live, raw Kombucha, you just shake and shoot – then feel the XTREME energy!

Quick facts

  • Powered by all-natural caffeine from green tea
  • Energizing ingredients including B-vitamins (B6, B5 and B12) and ginseng
  • Tasty natural fruit flavors
  • This energizing powerhouse packs a mighty boost into a small, convenient shot

Top reviews

Read all the ingredients……awful!

Evaporated cane juice……………..really! What purpose does this bad ingredient really serve? Stevia is the sweetener so why add this crap?? And I always thought Celestial Seasonings was top notch! Beware!!
BoUcon, ID

The opposite of sleepy time !

I tried the 2 pack…. very good lift. I would not say 5 hours of lift ..maybe 3 though
I like that they are all natural and with green tea, the extra vitamins are plus also and
Celestial is good brand you can trust.

Just a note if you just buy the 2 pack you need to buy 20 bucks worth of other stuff to
get to the $25 bucks and get free shipping.

KamilahBirney, MT

Helpful, but not quite a miracle

I purchased this product as a healthier alternative to the heavily-advertised energy drinks. It does help with my mid-afternoon energy slump, but–and I guess this is a good thing–it is not a substitute for getting enough sleep and eating well!
KristaLyons, WI