Enfagrow Next Step Lipil Milk-Based Infant Formula for Infants & Toddlers, Iron Fortified

Enfagrow PREMIUM Next Step 24 oz Powder / 6 cans per case. Enfagrow PREMIUM Next Step is a formula for toddlers ages 10-36 month. A strong foundation for toddler health and development.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six 24-ounce cans of milk-based formula powder fortified with iron for infants and toddlers (144 total ounces)
  • Features LIPIL, a blend of DHA and ARA, nutrients that are important building blocks for your toddler’s developing brain and eyes
  • Milk-based formula offers as much calcium and Vitamin D, and more iron, Vitamins C and E than whole milk
  • Provides complete nutrition for toddlers 9-24 months; fortified with iron that is important for the development of motor skills
  • Enfamil is produced by Mead Johnson, a century-old world leader in nutrition, with more than 70 products in over 60 countries

Top reviews

Shipping is horrible

To order baby formula and to wait for over a month is unacceptable. If Amazon is having a problem with getting an adequate supply for your customers then maybe it should not be offered!!
KizzieLake Harbor, FL

the shipment takes 4 months…

the product is fine, but whomever tries to ship this must be also milking the cows then putting the milk out in the sun waiting for the milk to become powder…(and it must be raining)…the stuff just never seems to come. don’t order here. you’ll waste tons of money buying it by the can at the coop and your drug store while you wait forever for it to come… but all the waiting might be a good thing… you might realize like I have that is really quite a nice and a good thing to shop local.
DaleShirley, MA

I only have two hands

With free shipping this per can is a great savings from your local grocery store.
KarriColumbus, MS

Love it!!!

I love to buy in bulk! It is a really good offer too. The only time I do not buy this way is when I get those 3$ off coupons and they are on sale at the store. As for the formula itself, I love it too. My son had problems with the regular baby formula so we used gentlease–then this. The transition was easy and he was gas free (most of the time). I trust this formula more then regular milk and will use it until he is 24 months.
VelvetCima, CA

Free shipping, really?

The product is great, but the price at my local Walmart (Texas) is $19.77 per can. That computes to 118.62 for 6 cans. For me it is worth the over $62 difference to go to the store and get it myself…
YolandaWinnebago, WI

Happy with product

It may have taken up to a week to receive these, but other than that, I’m pleased with my purchase! Huge time and money saver for me! You can’t beat NOT having to take 2 kids to the store, plus free shipping!
GeorgetteHinesville, GA

review order of enfamil next step lipil milk-based infant formula

The price is cheap, the order processed was so fast, and it took 3-4 days to get the products, plus free shipping … I felt its so convinent to buy products from amazon.
KeithBlack Creek, WI

Too costly–delivery

Product is good. Delivery is way too suprise. Original quote of delivery is more than 10 Business days. I have to pay extra to expedite it, than I received it in two days.
ArleneKingston, OK

Very good product and good price, great delivery

My 14 month old will not drink milk, so this stage two, or next step, formula is a good in between (formula and milk). I see it in the stores for about $23 but I’ve seen specials for the $21 I paid on Amazon, but the service is great on Amazon. It came faster than I expected, about 7 days with free shipping; can’t get that in the stores. It was packaged well and was delivered in excellent condition. It’s nice to be able to get the same product I get at the stores delivered right to my door and for as good a price as I could get anywhere.
BambiLyford, TX

next step

I find that my picky eater gets his nutrients by having the NextStep. I have a hard time getting him to eat rounded meals everyday. I feel comfortable in knowing that he gets everything while still on this formula instead of milk.
TammaraOak Run, CA

Always check for damage during shipping, otherwise a great product.

I have been using this milk for my son since he quit breast feeding at 1 year. I find it mixes very well wether the water is warm or cool and he liked the taste from the beginning. This is the second time I was ordered the 6 pack from Amazon because I live out of the country and my family brings it when they visit. Unfortunately when my sister opened the case to pack 2 days before she flew to see me 2 containers were cracked. So if you do ordered it always check immediately to see that there was no damage during shipping because if you wait like we did it is too late to return it. Otherwise I recommend the product.
RenaldoRidgetop, TN