Enfamil Infant Baby Formula – 17.6g Single-Serve Packets – Powder

Enfamil Infant infant formula is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of babies aged 0 through 12 months. It has a dual prebiotics blend designed to help support a baby’s own natural defenses, as well as choline, DHA, iron and vitamin D.

Quick facts

  • Enfamil Infant infant formula is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of babies aged 0 through 12 months.
  • It is a Neuro CompleteTM formula that has important nutrients, such as brain-nourishing choline, iron and DHA.
  • Enfamil Infant also has a dual prebiotics blend designed to help support a baby’s own natural defenses.
  • Enfamil Infant is our closest-ever formula to mature breast milk.
  • Enfamil is the #1 infant formula brand recommended by pediatricians.

Top reviews


Whoever came up with this is a genius and a lifesaver. I too only use formula when I’m on the go or need to supplement if I don’t have enough breast milk, so the can is a waste since I won’t finish it in a month. The packets are so convenient. I carry a bottle or two of 4oz water and a couple of packets in my purse at all times for emergencies. Paid $10.69 for a box of 16 at Target.

Only 4 out of 5 stars because you can only make 4 oz or 8 oz. So if your baby is currently eating more than 4oz but less than 8oz you either hope he is satisfied with 4oz or make 8oz and waste some.

DeidraBeaver City, NE


Like others have written I only use formula when my milk production is low or I am mixing it with cereal. I won’t go through a whole regular can in a month (when the packages say to discard after opening). These are perfect! No waste! Easy for travel too!
RomaineMissouri City, TX

Very convenient

These single-serve packets are great for travelling. We also keep a few in our diaper bag just in case we need to feed our little one away from home. It’s a very convenient way to make formula away from home, and the cost is only slightly higher than the regular big containers of powder formula.
VeroniqueStow, MA

Enfamil packets

Great to use on the go. There is less chance that water will get in and contaminate the batch. I never left the house without these and the baby loved them.
MoriahVerdi, NV

Containers spill. Get these instead!

I bought a Munchkin container with the easy-pour lid, but the lid snapped off and I lost three feedings worth of formula. I’ve since decided this is the best way to go. They’re compact and fit easily into my diaper bag. 4 stars instead of 5 because I wish they came in 6 oz packets, but they are still an absolute necessity for my bag.
KeliLaurens, IA

Great for travel and at the bottom of your purse

I love having these on hand. It is a necessity when you are out and about and run out of formula or weren’t expecting to need some and have a back up packet in your purse. I also really like having them for airplane rides, easier when you have less space. Very much worth the cost of having them packaged like this.
YasmineFort Dick, CA

Great for the diaper bag

Love these for on-the-go feeding. Use them at home too since they are not as messy as the formula tubs.
SunnyManitou Springs, CO


Throw a few in your diaper bag in case of emergency and you don’t have to worry about space issues or worry about trying to measure out formula in preparation for a long outing. Like others, I use this to supplement so this is also fabulous for those onesie/twosie feedings that come up when I can’t nurse – without having to buy a can of powder. I got hooked on these when they sent me samples in the mail.
VicentaOak Ridge, PA

Damaged packaging

I love this for travel and times we’re out of the house for most of the day. I was, however, very disappointed when the last time I ordered this, 4 packs in one of the boxes were open.
MargaretBlain, PA

love these on the go!!

quick and easy if i dont have a formula dispenser on hand! love them! i think you get like 16 to 20 in a pack (not sure) but they are awesome and very helpful!
RaymonSwan Lake, NY

Love This Product!

I love that I don’t have to tote a large can of formula around with me when out shopping, at church, at family functions, etc. I keep a bunch of these in the inside pocket of the diaper bag, grab one out when needed, rip the top off (which is very easy to open), dump formula in bottle that has already had 4 ounces of water put in it (I fill mine at home before leaving), shake, and feed. So easy it’s ridiculous! Best on the go product ever!
SonStandish, CA

as expected, yet cheaper than in the store

Has been using this single-served powder packs whenever we are on the road. I got 3 boxes for our 1-week trip. Just bring bottled water. Very convenient.
ShawandaBattle Ground, WA

Great! Wish they were more affordable!

These are an absolute must for momma’s that are formula feeding and ever need to make a bottle while out. These easy tear packages packed in the diaper bag alongside a bottled water and empty bottle are great. I’ve tried packaging formula myself, to save money and it is just MESSY and ends up wasting formula that gets spilled (during packaging AND use).

The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is the price. It’s just so expensive and coupons are hard to come by for this type of enfamil product!

KyongUtica, MI

Packaging is perfect for our situation

My baby is breast fed but goes to daycare. I’m no longer pumping as much as she sometimes demands. This packaging of formula is perfect for that situation. Any other type would go to waste since she only has maybe 4oz of formula once a week. This is perfect for a baby that doesn’t drink formula everyday and also perfect for travel, no waste and small packaging.
MarcelinoConesville, IA

Exelent !!!!!

This is a practical product when you goes out and you are not sure if baby will requires his milk, then you need to fill the bottle with 4 oz warm water and carry the 4oz blister that is ready to use. Price agains big can portion is almost the same.

The only problem is when baby eats more than 4oz.

TiffinyAldie, VA

I always take this when I go out with my baby

This is very convenient and whenever I go out with my baby, I always take 3-4 packets with a bottle of water.
I am planning to travel 2 months later and I will buy enough of these to take with me.
ConchaJefferson, WI

Super convenient, super expensive.

We bought this because our little one wasn’t a regular formula drinker so it didn’t make sense to open large tubs of it, only to throw it away. It’s a great idea but obviously you are paying for the convenience. I’ve been thinking of buying a vacuum packer but wasn’t sure it was going to work with powder and worth the time and effort. Also, this stuff is great for long road trips or travel.
RudolfOrangevale, CA

Very handy for travel

These are great for the diaper bag and air travel. There is a limit to how much ready made formula you can bring through security these solved that problem (mix after security check).
BrunoBrayton, IA

Handy when out and about

My wife loves these because it’s convenient when we’re out shopping or running other errands. No carrying a big container of formula, and trying to get the measurement right in the car … we received samples like this in the mail, but couldn’t find them easily except on-line.
BlondellPlattekill, NY

Great item

We are very happy with the purchase. This item is very convenient when we are walking with the baby on the street. Easy to open, great taste (I can see it in my baby eyes).
ColetteCoralville, IA

Genius Concept!

Absolutely genius concept. 0 footprint, not like those bulky formula holders! The only thing is they are really over priced here. They’re much cheaper purchased at your local store.
LiseWickes, AR