Enfamil Premium LIPIL Powder Formula for Infants, 23.4-Ounce Cans

Like you we want your baby to be happy and healthy right from the start. That’s why we go beyond just stating health benefits. We prove them with clinical results in three important areas–healthy growth, brain/eye development and immunity.

Quick facts

  • Add up to a solid nutrition for your baby’s complete development
  • Develops baby’s growth and immune system

Top reviews

Read and read well.

If one reads this products ingredients they will find that the first ingredient is cows milk, then SUGAR (diabetic maker), then milk, again. The fourth ingredient is sunflower oil, fifth ingredient is maltodextrin which is starch produced from grain containing the sugars maltose and dextrin, with the seventh ingredient being, get this, tuna fish oil. They even feature vitamin D3, which is animal derived. There are four different sugar sources in it and some artificial flavor for good measure. If we really think about what we are feeding our babies, would we use this product? I know I wouldn’t. Know your food sources.
SantinaChester, PA

Over priced

Go to Costco, and you can buy lower than this price per oz. Currently $32 ($3 off regular $34.99)+ tax for big size = 0.83$/oz.

Besides, it is more convinient to return if you kid does not like this formula

Be careful, many times some sellers over price a product, and still make the product rank in the best sellers.

MarhtaFresno, CA

Enfamil Premium Power 23.4 can – 6 pk

Be careful when odering this, because they say it’s a 6 pk, but you will only get a 4 pk, plus the formula goes out in 4 months. So if you did like I did and got it early for grandchildren your out of luck! So I know I will not be buying off of this site again for food for my grandchildren, because they won’t be able to eat it.
DannielleWindsor, CT

My Family’s #1 Formula

Enfamil Premium Lipil Formula is the same as the previous flagship Mead Johnson formula–Enfamil Lipil–except that it has “prebiotics” added in. Our son was on Enfamil Lipil from September 2007-September 2008. He was breastfed and formula fed during this time. Our daughter, who is due in January 2010, will also be breastfed and formula fed for her first year of life. We tried two other formulas with our son–Similac Advance and Parent’s Choice. The Similac was fine but clumped badly. During the time we experimented with the Parent’s Choice formula, my son was consistently troubled by colds and the flu. I think the Parent’s Choice formula lowered his immunity somehow and will never use it again. I believe that Mead Johnson’s decision to use prebiotics is a good one. Our son had colic/acid reflux in part because his digestive system was not yet populated with the good bacteria for breaking down milk proteins. He was a lot more comfortable after we started putting a little Culturelle (a probiotic) in his formula in the evening. And since a lot of our immune system is in our digestive tract, he had fewer sick days after introducing the Culturelle. Probiotics and prebiotics will also help infants rebound from the negative effects of antibiotics like amoxicillin quicker.

Regarding the bpa found in formula can liners, I talked to an Enfamil customer service representative who told me that Mead Johnson now uses cans that are lined with a “modified polyester” that is bpa free. Similac Advance Earlyshield comes in a bpa-free can also (the SimplePac container).

Another concern parents have is the cost of formula. Name brand formulas are expensive! But if you think about it, you are feeding a human being for about $15 a week (a can usually lasts us 1.5 to 2 weeks). $15 a week is peanuts compared to what a hungry teenager devours! And with name brand formulas you are getting the absolute best product available–Bill Gates couldn’t buy a better formula than what’s on the shelves at Target or Wal-mart.

If you are a new parent and feel overwhelmed by the infant formula section of your grocery store (as I was in September 2007), I suggest starting with the flagship formula of either Mead Johnson (Enfamil Premium Lipil), Abbott Laboratories (Similac Advance Earlyshield), or Nestle (Good Start Gentle Plus or Good Start Protect Plus). They are all excellent infant formulas. You just have to see what works for you and your baby.

WenPittstown, NJ

Very Happy

I read other reviews before buying and they are not encoraging.. But still for some reasons, I got to buy (to use my amazon gift card). But then I am very happy with the purchase. Delivery is prompt. Quantity is correct . Over all a few bucks savings than you buy at a retail shop.
ArronBoyce, LA

Great Product

Alot of moms like me like this item because our babies have no constapation on it i love it very much.
WallaceNapoleon, OH

Our choice of formula

We had to move to formula when our baby was 8 weeks. We have found Enfamil Premium to mix easier than the regular Enfamil Lipil. Our baby has had no digestive issues from the formula. I love getting it in bulk from Amazon as it saves the weekly trip to the store for formula. The price (with free shipping) is comparable with local grocery stores in the Austin Area.
YolandoCorning, KS

Our baby loves this milk.

Our Baby loves it. And Amazon is very reliable and fast free super saver shipping is always a good deal. Thanks amazon.
VenettaSwift, MN

good but lots of cans

I wish I found the plastic refill packs instead of 6 giant metaL cans – seems like a lot of wasted packaging. I just didn’t know to look for them until much later. But, its much cheaper from amazon than the gocery store. Probably about the same price as costco but no tax here and super convenient. And, the formula mixes well, my kid loves it and (most importantly) his poops seem normal…not nasty formula poops if you know what I mean!
StefanEast Berkshire, VT

cheaper than anywhere else

no gas for baby, no extra bubbles when you shake it in warm or cold water, mixes perfectly without much time… this is easy. my kid was happy swapping from breast milk to this with no hesitation when my milk dried up at 6mths.
LigiaPursglove, WV