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life saver

The 2oz ready feed enfamil was a life saver for my family and i. no one was home with me in the daytime, i had a c-section which made my life hell, with these ready feed bottles i didn’t have to go back and forth to the frig or warm bottles in the kitchen. just set the bottle in a cup of hot water, put a nipple on and its ready. i just wish they were a little less expensive, oh yeah the nipples don’t come with the bottles.
JohnathanMeans, KY


you can get the same bottles on the enfamil website for 68.00? i hope this was i mis-print of some type!
WildaStevensville, VA

enfamil 20 cal 2 ounce 48 pack

amazons price for 48 pack 2 ounce enfamil is 160.00

from diapers . com it is 60.00 something is wrong

I think amazon must have a misprint

or is trying to jab us

the product is the best but not at these prices

KayceeSapphire, NC

not useful for this baby

I used the 6 or so samples I got from the hospital with my last child as they were needed and since my new baby is consistently needing about 2oz more than I am pumping when I hit traffic coming home I thought these would be perfect. The first bummer was that there are no nipples included in this 48 pack. The second is that it gives her horrible gas and spit up, which does not happen with the powder so it actually ends up being a lot more work for the person caring for her.
KenyattaNapoleon, ND