English Tea Store Loose Leaf, Superior Gunpowder Green Tea Pouches, 4 Ounce

This is a stronger green tea from china with a distinctive nutty / oak taste. It makes a darker green color tea. Legend has it that the name gunpowder was given by an young English clerk who thought the tiny rolled green balls looked like gunpowder. The tea leaves are specially selected for quality, size and style. They are then rolled into very small tight nuggets. Gunpowder tea keeps a lot longer than other green teas and is favored because of this characteristic. Chinese exporters recommend gunpowder for iced tea flavored with lemon and sugar. Gunpowder tea is also very popular in morocco where the leaves are boiled and mint and sugar are added. Gunpowder is more dense than other teas so if you are making a teapot full you only require one or two teaspoons for a teapot. Chinese researchers have found that gunpowder tea is high in fluoride and known to reduce cavities. They say that a human body requires 1-2 milligrams of fluoride a day. Ten grams of gunpowder tea (enough to make 3 cups of strong tea) can supply this amount,

Quick facts

  • Grown in China

Top reviews

Okay for the price but not the best.

I have tried many different brands of gunpowder green tea and this brand is average. Not the worst but definitely not the best. For the price it is pretty good but I was a bit disappointed. I had really hoped it would be better. It’s not as strong tasting as some gunpowder green teas I’ve tried ; some people may like that. I would not get this item again but instead will keep looking for something better.
HoseaSaulsbury, TN