Enjoy Life Baked Chewy 1 Ounce Bars, Cocoa Loco, 5 Count

Our Cocoa Loco Chewy On-the-Go Bars are made with cocoa powder and bits of semi-sweet chocolate. So good you’ll go absolutely “loco” for them. Munch away morning, noon or night. Single packaging makes for convenient snacking when you are on the go, or any time of day!

Quick facts

  • Contains 6 boxes of 5-1oz bars
  • Allergy Friendly! Free of the “top eight” allergens, including wheat/gluten, diary, peanuts/tree nuts, egg, soy, fish/shell fish.
  • Products made wihtout casein, potato, sesame and sulfites
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Eat Freely, Enjoy Fully!

Top reviews

not like the enjoy life cookies

I thought these would be more like the cookies. My son is very picky and won’t eat these but LOVES the cookies.
TresaDenton, NC

Exceptional Snack Bar for the Exceptional Body

My exceptional body is sensitive to many of the ingredients used in most prepared foods, e.g., wheat, dairy, peanuts, lemon and soy. Additionally, I do not eat foods that contain processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or artifical food coloring or flavors. Since the foods I do eat are not always readily available, I carry a snack bar with me in case of a hunger attack. Enjoy Life snack bars meet all my eating and health requirements and even taste really good. I have been enjoying Cocoa Loco and Very Berry snack bars for over six months and I am looking forward to trying their new flavors. My husband says eating with me is like buying a car with Ralph Nader. I READ the labels! Thanks to Enjoy Life food can be fun, tasty, good for you and chocolate.
ShelbyJohannesburg, MI

Changed for the WORSE

These used to be my favorite allergy friendly snack that I did not have to make myself. The flavor was great and most importantly, it had TEXTURE (which as anyone with allergies to most textured foods like nuts and grains knows is extremely desirable and important.) But they have changed them for the worse! Oh they are so horrible that I am having trouble expressing it so here’s a copy of the email that I sent to the folks at Enjoy Life Foods:

“You have ruined Chaco Loco snacks. They are now disgusting! They used to be the only allergy friendly snack that I’d found that had real flavor and most importantly TEXTURE. Now they taste bitter, slimy, gewy and are completely absent of texture. They stick to my teeth, are difficult to chew and swallow–gross! I tossed the bar into the trash after taking only one bite. Oh, and I noticed that you made them substantially smaller which in this case is a good thing because I can’t imagine anyone choking their way through the entire bar anyway. I’m not sure who authorized this farce, I mean product change, and wonder if they actually tasted they product prior to forcing it out onto unwitting consumers like me. I thought that I’d finally found something delicious that I did not have to bake myself that would always be reliable and available for my family but I was wrong. Choco Loco’s now taste like most other allergy friendly snacks on the market today–Terrible. I am so unhappy that this product was changed and am returning them to the seller ASAP.”

Trust me on this one people, do not waste your money.

SimonHaileyville, OK

These bars are too expensive for how tiny they are.

Length:: 0:13 Mins

Since I can’t attach a photo to my review, I decided to take a video of my 8 year old son opening one of these bars so you can see first hand how small they are in comparison to a small boy’s hands.

I purchased these for my son who has celiac disease. We were incredibly disappointed on the packaging and size of these bars. Based on the size of the box and the picture on the front, we expected full size bars – not a tiny gummy square. Most of the packaging is air.

My son does like the taste of these however. The packaging just seems misleading and they seem to be way too expensive for what they are.

NathanaelBurgoon, OH

Awesome GF/allergy free product

These are a great option for when I need a chocolate fix. These are a lot softer than the butter nut crunch bars. Healthy, organic, allergen free. I love these. I keep them in my car, work bag, and purse at all times.
NeelyElk Rapids, MI

Moldy, Awful, Terrible, Dreadful, and 100% preservative free!

If I could give a product minus twelve stars this one would get it. We bought six boxes of these only to open sealed packets and find the product covered with a hairy white mold. Of course it was all natural, non-GMO, preservative free, gluten-free mold!

There is a very good scientific and rational reason why competent food makers use preservatives, and that is to preserve the food. Here we see the benefit of an irrational and ignorance based prejudice against the use of preservatives – the woo woo friendly preservative free all natural food goes bad precisely because it has no preservatives.

I called the manufacturer and the best they could offer was an apology, which was obviously sincere, and some coupons good for future purchases. Fat lot of good a handful of coupons will do me when I am never buying these again while shopping online.


DanteGrenada, MS

The name says it all.

My hubby needed something to put in the car when we are runnung around, since stopping at the nearest fast food joint is out. They are soft and have a strong cocoa taste.
We tried the raspberry bars and he didn’t like those too much, but he really does like the Cocoa Loco bars. We keep them available for him wherever we go. (Actually, he does like most of Enjoy Life’s products he has tried so far.)
They are GF, have no MSG or related products, no aspartates.
CorieAmes, OK

But when there is so little I CAN eat….

To be honest, I didn’t try these BEFORE they made the change people are talking about, so I have nothing to compare it with except what I make myself. I am on a very, very strict diet and it is one tiny, little (yes, it is tiny) thing I can eat without making myself, so that alone is worth the five stars to me. That it is also chocolate is an added bonus (I am not comparing it to brownies or real chocolate, which I haven’t eaten in years, but having not had any chocolate for so long, and being highly allergic to most sweeteners, this satisfies my chocolate cravings.) I eat it a nibble at a time with a swig of unsweetened almond milk (makes it last longer.) So when the rest of my family eat their brownies in front of me, I pull one of these out and don’t feel so sorry for myself. I also like the Buttercrunch bars which taste a little like a not-very-sweet-inside of a Butterfinger. I must be desperate…..
OtiliaDexter, MN

Covered in mold, questionable customer service!!!

Ok, so I want to start this by saying that we have been eating Cocoa Loco bars on an almost daily basis for about 2 years. My son can not eat wheat or dairy, and he absolutely loves these little bars. They have made a wonderful, irreplaceable breakfast bar, or snack for the car. We also order cases of Enjoy Life granola and chocolate chips on a regular basis. So this review is coming from someone who REALLY likes their products. Fast forward to 3 1/2 weeks ago: we go onto Amazon and see that the bars have been changed to a “new recipe.” This really worried my son, but we ordered a case and anxiously awaited their arrival. The bars came and EVERY single one was covered in GREEN, FUZZY mold. Yes, we opened each and every bar in the whole case!! So, instead of calling Amazon, I called the company direct, feeling like they should know about this asap. I talked to a representative from the company and she said that they already knew about the mold, but it had been too late and a few cases were sent to customers. She said that they would send a replacement case asap. I was so happy and figured that we could expect the new bars in a few days. 3 wks passed and I realized we hadn’t received the new case. Sent a long email to the company telling them how disappointed I was and after a few days I got a one line email saying the case would ship today. No explanation, no apology, nothing. So, I won’t hold my breath about the replacement, and I sincerely hope this company works on their public relations skills. (I wouldn’t have even written this email if someone just admitted that they had “dropped the ball” and apologized) The allergy community definitely needs good brands and hopefully this one will improve.
StewartOakman, GA

My kid does not like it

I bought this for my 4 yrs old, and he does not like it. I also tried it, and it is actually really Bad
LeshaIsonville, KY

Meh… ok taste but picture is misleading

The bars don’t really look like the picture. I found the taste to be ok. I’m not sure why the taste was “off” but the cocoa-ness sort of missed the mark. It’s also very chewy. These might make better cookies instead. Instead, I would recommend the Enjoy Life Very Berry Chewy On The Go Bars, Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free, 5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
PamellaAlberta, AL

Better than expected

I was scared to get a box of these because chocolate makes me break out but saw that is dairy free so maybe it wont, or will I have a lot of food sensitivities. But these are so good of course not a full fat chocolate bar but good enough for us allergy people. Enjoy!!
SalvatoreEstero, FL

Great pick-me-up

Cocoa Loco Chewy bars provide a great pick-me-up between meals and, in a pinch, in place of a meal. Unlike other commercial gf products, Cocoa Loco bars satiate hunger rather than leave an empty feeling or provoke cravings. The bars have a good taste, excellent mouth feel, and a nice density unusual in gf products. The bars I have purchased through Amazon have all been consistent in size. Sometimes when I buy them in stores, the bars seem to have been compressed, perhaps by pressure from stacked boxes. Compression does not affect taste or satiation. I have read many critical reviews unfavorably comparing the bars to brownies. These bars are not brownies and do not serve as treats or desserts. They are great for traveling or to keep in the office. This is the only flavor of the Enjoy Life bars I like, but I can recommend Cocoa Loco highly.
BrunaCentenary, SC

Terrible…who came up with this?

Hugely dissapointing. I can’t imagine there’s a customer buying this product after the first purchase. Overpriced to say the least: 3.99 plus tax. The “bars” are oversized tootsie rolls in size, they must have used a supoer-zoom lens when they took the picture and if you threw one at someone,you’d send them to the hospital, they were hard as rocks. Tastes like chewing chalk that gets slimey but has a chocolate taste to it at some point. I want to know who thought it was a good idea to sell these? Threw them all out..and I dislike wasting food, but this is not food.
JillianOtis Orchards, WA

I LOVE the new recipe!

These have gotten some negative press for the recipe change. I happen to LOVE the new recipe. This is definitely more dense than the old recipe, but in much richer and fudgier way. It’s good.
SuziEielson Afb, AK

Absolutely ridiculous

I posted a pic at the top of this page… the actual bar looks NOTHING like the picture on the box. It’s a bizarre nub of a bar – I actually LAUGHED when I shook it out of the package, it was so ridiculously small. As for the taste… it’s chocolatey, not totally unpleasant…but DRY…like the Sahara desert dry…like there’s not enough milk in the world to wash it down dry…like I’d tell you how dry it is but my mouth is too gummy and I may be trying to swallow it until 2099 so I can’t talk. If you have allergies and can’t have gluten (like me) you’d be better off eating a piece of chalk and a spoonful of cocoa than this. Skip it.
ShaundaWakarusa, IN

Reformulated bars are NOT an improvement

Enjoy Life has reformulated these bars and they are now virtually inedible. My sons brought one home today as they thought it had mold. It was likely just the dark chocolate having been exposed to cold (it gets that white coating). However, the bar did not look right – it was dense and rubbery. I contacted the company since it was a product problem as far as I was concerned and not an Amazon problem – they told me about the reformulation saying their customers wanted this “improvement”. They offered a coupon for a free box, but I already have 5 boxes that my sons will not eat. This is really sad that what was a really good GF product has been made virtually inedible and that the company is very confused about this. I tried one of the old and new bars a few minutes ago and agree 100% with my sons. The sadest thing is that my son’s friend at school loved these bars and he doesn’t even have to eat GF (which is a big endorsement for any allergen-free product) – he also found the bars inedible and thought they were moldy.

The only issue that I would attribute to Amazon is that I have these on subscribe and save and I feel that I should have been notified when the product changed, since this is NOT the product I had subscribed to. They are no longer labeled clearly as “Coco Loco”.

JenetteStaunton, IL

The new bars are awful!

My kids loved the cocoa loco bars – until I opened our newest shipment and found that the bars had completely changed! They are completely different and they are awful. My kids generally love anything chocolate, but they threw these in the garbage after one bite. They described them as tasting like rubber. I ate one and fully agreed. There goes the one gluten free snack bar that my kids actually liked!
DarellKosrae, FM


AdelaideHallie, KY

A Good Snack

I wasn’t eating the old bars, so I have no comparison to what they ‘used’ to be like. The bars are not moist, which is actually nice to me, as I’m tired of all the moist snack bars out there. I keep these pretty readily on hand, and probably have 4 or 5 of them a week. The individual price of these at the store is a bit high when you compare it to the overall size, but purchased from Amazon, the pricing works out to a pretty decent amount for what it is; a small snack.

My wife, who is not gluten sensitive, even enjoys these bars, and keeps one in her purse for those low blood sugar moments when she needs food immediately.

While they are on the dry side, they aren’t so bad as some reviews have made them out to be. I don’t find it necessary to wash it down in order to clear it out. It’s similar to a more condensed brownie. It’s not overly sweet like a lot of the snack bars are, which is something else I was looking for.

I’ve been keeping these bars in stock, along with other GF snacks, for the better part of a year, now. I’m happy with them, and will continue to purchase them and keep them in stock.

MirellaAmador City, CA

most misleading packaging EVER

These bars are dense, chewy, and dry. I didn’t find them as horrible as other reviewers, but it seems like a lot of them are negative because it USED to be a great product. What infuriates me is the size of the product, which is NOTHING LIKE the picture on the package, and barely half the size of the individual wrapper! I wouldn’t even call it a bar, it’s only slightly rectangular, more like a small thumbnail-shaped chunk. Definitely check out the video that one reviewer posted to show the actual size. I certainly won’t buy these again, and it makes me want to boycott the company, even if they make other, better-tasting GF products.
ViPlum City, WI

What a RIP-OFF!!!

The size of the “new and improved” bar is less than half the size of the packaging. In each package is now a one to two bite-size bar. Ridiculous. My non-celiac child actually likes these, but my celiac son dislikes the “new” bar, and I was buying them for him. The size of the bar is about half of what is shown on the box. Total rip-off.
SherleyPark Falls, WI

Irresponsible packaging is the 1st clue: this product is horrid

From the box, you might think these bars would be about the standard size of say, a Larabar Original Fruit and Nut Bars 18 Bar Variety Pack 2 Boxes or KIND PLUS, Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants, Nutritional Boost, Gluten Free Bars (Pack of 12) or even a Glutino Chocolate Banana Organic Bars, 5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 6)…THINK AGAIN!!

The box is mostly full of air, and so are the individual packages. The individual wrapper is about 3.5″ long, but literally half of it is inflated with air to maintain shape, because the bar itself is NOT even 2″ long. It is literally just 2 bites big. PATHETIC. This is environmentally irresponsible of the Enjoy Life company to create such waste in their manufacturing and packaging processes, consuming that much in raw materials to contain AIR??? Idiotic!

That air exposure might account for the stale taste on the outside of the bar. But it doesn’t account for the way the bar itself is such a wad in your mouth that just gets stiffer and gummier the more you chew it, and so hard to eat that it won’t go down the esophagus at all without gulping an entire drink behind the measly 2 bites.

Wasting the packaging space like that also misleads unwitting consumers into thinking they might actually get some *product* for the outrageous prices. Granted, outrageous prices seem to be the hallmark of all things gluten-free, since the consumer has such limited choices…the makers feel fine with padding the profits so heavily, pursuing profit without conscience. You wanna buy a lot of NOTHING and end up trashing what your hard-earned money got you since what little is there isn’t edible? Buy this snack!

Two words sum it up: IRRESPONSIBLE and DISGUSTING!

TisaChamberlain, SD

Great product!

My son has significant food allergies. We honestly thought that already prepared baked goods, and especially baked goods would be out of the question for him. That is until we found these bars. They’re very soft and chewy, and even my other children, without food allergies, enjoy them. I purchased a large case for my son take take into school, in leiu of cupcakes, and all of the kids in his class enjoyed them as well.
XavierWaco, TX

Kids LOVE them!

We recently went gluten free as a family to see if it would help with my son’s autism. I had already purchased these bars when I read these reviews … I was expecting my kids to HATE them. But I’m shocked to say that they LOVE THEM! My daughter gave me a bite of hers … nasty … it reminds me of the “fat free” cookies we all used to eat in the early 90’s. Odd texture and all. But again … my kids both love, love, love the bars. And my son – the one I was most concerned about – calls them his “Z bars”. He loved “Z bars” prior to going gluten free. They were his favorite snack to take to school. I’m so glad to have found a replacement!! A friend told me that Enjoy Life allows you to print one coupon a day from their website. I’ll definitely be doing that since apparently I’ll be stocking the pantry with these! :o)
LurleneOlney, MD

i’d give it minus five stars if i could

The first time i purchased this product there were 5 small bars in the package, about 1/2 the height of the box (which is an extremely misleading marketing technique – they make you believe that you’re buying more than you’re actually getting). The wrapper on one of the bars was torn and i had to bin it. I didn’t make a big deal over one bar even though i paid around $6 for the box of 5. I bought it again hoping there would be no torn wrappers, but there were two, which left me with only 3 bars (the ones in torn packages were rock solid, not that i would eat unwrapped bars anyway)! The third and the last time i bought this product 4 bars had wrappers with tiny wholes in them, they weren’t hermetically sealed and were stale, tough, and inedible. Only one bar was properly hermetically sealed and contained a bit of air in the wrapper.
I thought that purchasing defective product three times was a bit too much (for $18 spent on 3 packages i only got 8 bars which i actually could eat as opposed to 15 which i paid for). I phoned the company and told them what happened. They refused to issue the refund and they didn’t seem to care about the defects at all. They offered to send me one box of bars (with no guarantee that they would not be defective), which i declined, given my previous experiences. I will not be purchasing anything by enjoy life ever again.
ArdathCoyanosa, TX

Do Not Want!

I recently tried these because I love the chocolate cookies they make. I was expecting them to be just as good if not better, but boy was i wrong… First of all these things are disgusting! They’re thick, dry, and totally bland. Not to mention the fact that their about an inch and a half. Looking at the box they appear to be ATLEAST double that size. I ate one by itself and was extremely surprised, so giving them the benefit of the doubt I tried it with some ice cream. it was about .1% better.

Bottom line, these things were not worth the money. So many other great snacks out there that taste way better!

LatanyaGoshen, NH

Great, dense “ice cream sandwich”-ish treat

I can’t weigh in on the “original” version of this product because I never tried it, so this is a review of the current one.

The negative:
The posters who had an issue with the irresponsible packaging are not off base. The individual wrappers are twice the size of the bar inside. Not cool!

The positives:
First, it’s tasty. I happen to like the dense, cake-like texture and not-too-sweet cocoa flavor. This is exactly what I expected and what I was looking for. Imagine an ice cream sandwich without the ice cream. This product tastes very similar to the “sandwich” part. (another reviewer actually suggested putting ice cream in between smashed bars, and so it appears she felt the same way I do.)

Second, it’s healthy. Gluten free, nut free and low in calories and fat. I felt great after eating one and was totally satisfied (only 120 calories and 3.5 grams of fat).

ZeldaUehling, NE

Cardboard much?

While they did not trigger my IBS, this product is VERY dense and kinda tasteless. Not a satisfying substitute for chocolate.
ObduliaWestbrook, ME

Old recipe please!

I recently purchased a box of the OLD recipe cocoa loco bars and really liked them. They looked a bit unappetizing but tasted great and had a good texture. Went back to the store today and all they had were these, the new formula bars. The new ones look better but the taste is way off and they are gummy in texture whereas the old ones were more cake-like. Very disappointing. I’ll try one more and see if it grows on me, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up tossing the rest of the box.
UshaLittle Eagle, SD