Enjoy Life Baked Chewy 1 Ounce Bars, Mixed Berry, 5 Count

Soft and chewy snack bars made with dried cranberries and natural raspberry flavor. Very berry delicious!

Quick facts

  • Contains 6 boxes of 5-1oz bars
  • Allergy Friendly! Free of the “top eight” allergens, including wheat/gluten, diary, peanuts/tree nuts, egg, soy, fish/shell fish.
  • Products made wihtout casein, potato, sesame and sulfites
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Eat Freely, Enjoy Fully!

Top reviews


Imagine taking some kids’ playground chalk, perhaps that tan colored one and grinding it into powder with plenty of chunks. Then scoop it up and put it in your mouth.

That’s how disgusting this bar is.

I have no idea how and who is rating this as flavorful, IT HAS NONE. I’ve done nutritional coaching for 30 years and watched healthy foods progress from painfully bad to barely edible to excellent.

This neanderthal-era gluten free bar is so bad I want to go to my local grocery store, take all the boxes off off the shelf and hide them in a different part of the store (perhaps, if there’s a trash compactor?) just to protect people from the experience my daughter had with this product.

Save your money for these ridiculously expensive and spend it on anything else.

“Enjoy Life” bars? Being ill is better than putting this garbage in your mouth.

FatimaCliffwood, NJ

Really wanted to like these…

This product must qualify for some sort of deceptive packaging award. The box only contains 5 bars and the wrappers are smaller than normal, so at least 50% of the interior of the box is air. Then when you unwrap the bar you find they are only about 60% the length of a “normal” snack bar. The rest of it is empty air inside the wrapper. If they were to not include wrappers those 5 bars would occupy less than 25% of the space inside the box.

As far as taste goes they are so-so. On the dry side with a hint of berry flavor. Celiacs, who are used to inferior products, won’t be disappointed in the taste of this one.

I’ve also had their cookies and they suffer from the same sort of deceptive packaging. The picture on the side of the box shows what most of us would consider a normal sized cookie. But when you open the box you find that it mostly contains a plastic tray holding cookies about the size of a quarter.

I really want to like this company. They seem to be trying hard and coming out with new products and keeping allergens out of the production process. That is why I’ve continued to try their products. I bought their granola many times, always wanting to like it, but it is some of the worst food I’ve ever had. The “clusters” are hard as the partially popped kernels at the bottom of your bag of popcorn and more fitting for gerbils than people.

All in all I would not recommend Enjoy Life foods.

JenaeEverson, PA

Good berry flavor, excellent price.

This was the first peanut free product I bought for my son. I thought they were tasty. The kids liked them too. For some reason they think they are strawberry bars. I love the soft texture and the non crumbly state. It makes for clean car rides. Since then they like the apple and chocolate bars the best. Berry is always left for last. Amazon has a wonderful price and I just wish it could be a subscribe item.
LorrianeAllen, TX

The chocolate ones are much better

I have recently stopped eating a number of allergens (dairy, soy, nuts) and these were one of the few snacks which fit into my dietary restrictions. Unfortunately, these were pretty gross – miserable texture and more cardboard flavored than berry. I threw them away. I would recommend the cocoa ones as they are much tastier and also allergen free.
ElizebethHighlands, NJ

Something has changed

My daughter had extensive food allergies as an infant/toddler and we bought these bars consistently. She still has the nut and egg allergy so I like that I can trust the manufacturer and know the food is safe. Unfortnately the last few times we have purchased the bars (all varieties) they have been hard as a rock and my daughter won’t eat them. I have tried them myself and thought I might break a tooth. I had them on subscribe and save; which I have now cancelled and have several boxes which no one in my family will eat. I agree with a previous post. I want to love these bars and I love everything the company stands for (and actually really like their cookies), but something has changed with these bars and they are just not even appetizing. I hope they address the issue and I will certainly try them again if they do something to enhance the taste and address the issue with the texture. A total bummer – they were better in the past but something changed with the taste, along with their new packaging!!
AshlieBenton, PA

Good berry flavor

My son with multiple food allergies really enjoys these bars. I find that they have a good berry taste. They also have a nice chewyness.
TaylorRossville, IL

great taste But size it smaller

i love them. not too sweet but just right. any allergy free food is great in my book. hope non of these ingredients contains Corn…thats a no no for me too. HOWEVER I DONT APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT I OPENED MY NEW BOX AND THE CUT 1/4 OF IT OFF. IF THE SIZE IT LESS THEN SO SHOULD THE CHARGE. THIS WILL EFFECT MY DECISION IN BUYING AGAIN. I AM NOT A TODDLER I NEED A REAL SIZE BAR PLEASE
TaHagerman, NM

Cheaper Ingredients, Lowered Quality

I was extremely disappionted when I opened my shipment of Enjoy Life On The Go Bars (Very Berry, Carmel Apple, and Cocoa Loco). The boxes are now a plain, generic design..you know, the kind all brands change to when they want to make their products look cheaper. I then compared the ingredients of the new shipment with the older boxes I still had at home. Guess what?! Cheaper ingredients! Next, I taste-tested, and let my 3 year old help. He wouldn’t eat the new ones…and I can’t blame him. They are oily and bland. I thought Enjoy Life was a brand that actually cared about using quality ingredients to make a good-tasting product. I was wrong. In summary, these are way too expensive to be made with low-quality, unpalatable ingredients.
VergieNapanoch, NY

Not a Fan

Refer to the picture I posted above. The bar is half the size you think it is going to be…It is literally a two-bite bar. Very deceptive advertising. That and the fact that they are ridiculously expensive is the reason for the one star. My 10 year old son ate one and didn’t like them. I ate one and agreed as did my husband. Couldn’t give it away! Everyone has different tastes but these are no tasty treat as far as I’m concerned.
MarineCardale, PA

Perfect Size

With all the allergies in our family, these ended up working out great. We don’t have any negative reactions to the ingredients and though we don’t buy many pre packaged foods, these work for ‘on-the-go’. Our family tried several varieties and I prefer the Cocoa Loco Bars; they’re almost like a Tootsie Roll to me-though I can’t eat Tootsie Rolls, so this is a great substitute for that occasional craving. My family prefers the Very Berry Bars because they can eat those when they miss breakfast, need a healthy snack, or my son will take them on his cross country running meets. They are very dense and filling-not a ‘soft bar’ and we always eat them while having some liquid to drink at the same time.
CoraleeSydney, FL

Pretty good overall

I’m new to food allergies. My 6mo son was diagnosed with some severe FA and since he’s still breastfed, I had to drastically alter my diet.

Before learning about this brand, I was stuck eating chicken breasts with potatoes for every meal. So when I stumbled upon this at my local Whole Foods, I was very excited to try it.

Overall, I really like them. It’s got pretty good texture, taste and heft. It’s not so dense that you want to gag after two bites but also not so light that you can eat the whole box (which really isn’t that big).

I know alot of people complain about the size/packaging and I agree somewhat. But each bar is an ounce and 120 calories… on par with many other breakfast bars. I like the Berry flavor the best, it’s the closest to real, non FA specialty flavor. Overally, I’m grateful for these bars because now I can tote several in my diaper bag and car and know that when I really need a quick snack, I won’t be left stranded.

EvelineBruington, VA

My child LOVES them!

My son has severe allergies. This is an item he loves and is a convenience for me. I feel good giving them to him and they taste great!
RebeckaSpanish Fort, AL

small but good

Tasty, convenient bars for people with celiac disease. They seem to have gotten smaller over time, but the taste and convenience outweigh the reduction in size (and the price).
CarlotaLuxora, AR

You can’t go wrong

If you are looking for a great gluten free snack you won’t be sorry you chose this product. My favorite flavor is the apple and nut.
WarrenMonee, IL

Yummy, but small…

This brand of granola bars are really good. The very berry are my favorite. However, the bars are almost ridiculously small. Yeah, we’re gluten free, so our food is a lot more dense than other food, but honestly, can we not have normal sized, good tasting granola bars? They really are tiny. So, the taste is GREAT but the bar is small.
EstellaRio Grande, PR

Be Very Berry Wary.

They are OK, but my husband only eats them when we are in car. We keep them there for a celiac snack. (Hard to find when roaming around.) He won’t eat them otherwise. They are definitely raspberry, but are kind of dry.
We have never tried any other snack bars, so in all honesty they may be the norm. I don’t know.
We DO like Enjoy Life’s other products.
They are GF, have no MSG or related products or aspartates.
ShaunaWheatland, OK

Highly recomended!

Great taste. Great ingredients. Great texture. Absolutely delicious! They are a little smaller and you may still be hungry if it is for a meal. I give one to my 5 year old son for breakfast and he is still a little hungry for more. Either that or they taste so good he wants more.
JasonSaint Marys, IA

Very Berry Snack Bars

Recently diagnosed a gluten-intolerant, I have been looking for products that allow me to resume a semblance of my former life. These snack bars fit the bill. They have the mouth-feel of a traditional snack bar, and a pleasant tart-sweet fruit flavor.
BrunoClark, MO

Great snack

My son Loves these “fruit bars” they are smaller than your typical wheat fruit bars. My suggestion it to get your child to like these first before you try the chocolate ones… Now my son favors them (chocolate) ones MORE than the berry ones…
LiliDietrich, ID

Great bars for gluten-free diets!

If you want a really good snack bar try these, they are healthy and taste as good as any granola bar, but without the gluten!! I buy these regularly.
EstelleFairpoint, OH