Erin Baker’s Homestyle Granola, Double Chocolate Chunk, 12-Ounce Bags

Big Clusters, Big Taste, Big Adventures! Erin Baker’s Granola is baked to perfection with handcrafted clusters we know you’ll love! Each bag uses a blend of ancient grains, oats, fruits, nuts and seeds to provide energy to take on the next challenge whether it be a hike, board meeting or play date. So grab a bag because it’s the best Granola you’ll find! Erin Baker started Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods over 20 years ago but her way of baking has remained unchanged – making sure that only simple, all natural, wholesome ingredients are used in all of her Breakfast Cookies and Granola. When purchasing an Erin Baker’s product you’re also helping a kid in need through Erin’s Help Feed 1 Million Kids Program.

Quick facts

  • Case of six, 12oz bags
  • Handcrafted in our own bakery
  • All natural, baked fresh with chocolate and rich cocoa
  • Made with 20g Whole Grains per serving
  • Fiber, no trans fats, no cholesterol

Top reviews

Dry granola !!!!

Granola was very dry and not too sweet. Need milk. I prefer Costco’s granola — it taste much better. I would not recommend the purchase of this product. Now I got to find way to get rid of the other 5 packages. Also bought the fruit and nut one. Hope that’s better.
HongEntiat, WA


This is a very high quality snack which combines a hearty, solid granola with irresistable double chocolate. I really love this product — a chocolate lover’s dream. Yet, it’s surprisingly healthy and not too sweet. The fat/sugar content is comparable to most other granolas.

I’ve tried numerous granola’s over the years, and this one is special. Probably not the most nutritious granola overall, but it’s definitely a treat for the tastebuds and a welcome relief from ordinary granolas.

I would not have this as my exclusive source of granola, but I will buy this many more times in the future to satisfy my chocoholic cravings. In fact, I will probably always keep this product handy because it’s highly satisfying.

Great for a breakfast, snack or dessert. Yummy!

VivienneDalton, OH

Holy Granola Batman!

By itself,in the morning,this would probably be too much chocolate. Cut it with another granola,making a 50% mixture.(Bear Naked brand granola is an excellent chice for the other half of the mix) Throw some raisins or chopped dates on top,then pour a fair amount of milk over the entire mix. The granola is very crunchy,as it should be,so let the milk saturate the granola a little longer than you would for a ‘conventional’ cereal. That way,when the granola is gone,the milk has a bit of a chocolate taste and makes for a good tasting final “slurp”. This granola is very fresh so the extra soak time with the milk will not result in any sogginess. Note: Do not attempt to eat this in a hurry since the original crunchy texture will not breakdown quickly. So, sit back,enjoy the early part of the day and munch on!
ShantaWilmington, MA

excellent flavor and crunch

After enjoying Baker’s Double Chocolate Chunk Breakfast Cookies, I decided to try the Homestyle Granola. I’m glad I did. I love it. The sweetness is just right, the intensity of chocolate taste is perfect, and it stays crunchy in milk. I’ll be a regular purchaser of this product!
GalenSaukville, WI

Not like the one in store

The one i received was very rubbery tasting. Compared to the one i bought in the store this one is horrible. Maybe i got a bad bag (it happens). But wouldn’t purchase this again unless i know its a newer batch. Also if your in a hot climate be aware that this is chocolate and it does melt.
ReubenEagle, WI

Chocolate on top of chocolate

This granola is not bad if you love chocolate, crunchy but not too hard with dark chocolate pieces intertwined. Good in a bowl with milk and good right out of the bag as a snack. It should keep that chocolate monkey off your back for a few hours.
CheyenneMedina, WA

Best Granola Ever

I loved this stuff. It was delicious. Very chocolatey. This is sweetened with honey, which I didnt realize it before eating a bit of it. Was surprised by how prominent the honey taste was, but it wasnt super sweet. I even took a pack into work and had some of my co-workers try it. Everyone that tried it loved, those that didnt try it said they dont like granola in general.

Absolutely recommend as both a cereal and just a snack. Toss a bag in the freezer and it comes out cold, crunchy, and chocolate goodness.

LigiaPlain City, OH


this is the most versatile, tasty, nutritious product ive come to encounter. can be used as cereal, a snack, etc. delicious and nutritious.
ReynaldaSebago Lake, ME

Most awesome chocolate granola in the world

I am hooked. My local Meijers used to carry this and when they stopped I had to find a new source. This with vanilla yogurt in the morning is the perfect chocolate start to the day. I can have again before bed as a sweet chocolate snack and get the same satisfaction as a brownie or cake with none of the guilt. It is the most awesome chocolate granoloa in the world.
KendraBatavia, IL

awesome! 🙂

love this stuff, it’s much like the nature valley chocolate granola bars, not too sweet but with definite chocolate flavor
it has a bit more of a honey background flavor to it, tho
the big chunks are great, I’d have given 5 stars if it was more chunks & less of the small bits, but that’s probably just from shipping & can’t be helped
I will be ordering more of this when I run out
StacieYorkville, IL

The only problem is..

I can’t stop until I finish the whole package.
My the best pleasure of all so far -*
It’s my second order 🙂
ElroySpirit Lake, IA

I Second “Best Granola Ever”….No Hyperbole!

Seriously, not kidding, the best combination of tastes and textures I have ever experienced. I see many bags of this granola in my future….
LeliaMosby, MT

healthy Tasty Snack Food

I like this product. You get a lot. It’s got a great taste.
You don’t feel like you are eating junk food.

I recommend giving this a try. Works good in a trial mix too

CelenaParkman, OH

3.5 stars.

The chocolate chunks are yum, but the granola itself is bone dry and missing a pinch of salt. It just needs a bit more flavor. Please get on this, Erin! Thanks.

PS. It makes my tongue go kind of numb…anyone else experience this?

DeandraGeorgetown, KY

Absolutely delicious!

This is by far the best breakfast granola for a true chocoholic. It is dry, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for snacking, but, pour some in a bowl with some milk and… chocolate heaven. With a just right sweetness, bold crunchiness and a “knock your socks off” chocolate taste, it’s the perfect way to start the morning.
JammieBigfoot, TX

Great taste

Great product, with nice big chunks. Not like other granola that gets broken into little, itty bitty pieces.
AideSchofield, WI

Chocolatey Yum!

My kids really like this too. Doesn’t seem healthy with all of the chocolate, but the ingredients say otherwise! Great granola–positively sinful!
DebbyAndover, NH

Too Tastey for Words!I

I am hooked on these Granolas! Good Chocolate taste which seems to curve my cravings! (Only wish they were less calories) I recommend them!!!
NeomaDenali National Park, AK

nice and chocolately granola

I have ordered this item twice and both times have enjoyed the crunchy granola with bits of chocolate mixed in. It seems better than a breakfast food. I like that it is organic too. If you love chocolate but try to not indulge too often this is one way not to feel too guilty. Enjoy!
OscarSherrill, AR