Esprit Du Sel Fleur De Sel Caramel with Honey, 16-Count Package

Naturally white, fine and light, the Fleur de Sel is skimmed from the surface of the salt pans in the salt marshes during the summer season. It is made of fine crystals of salts very rich in magnesium and iodine. The Fleur de Sel crystallizes only under the combined action of the sun and the wind. It will gently season your food and enhance their taste.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 16-count package (total of 32 counts)
  • Caramel with honey taste
  • Product of France

Top reviews

You won’t find this texture in a caramel anywhere else!!!

I’ve tried many salted caramels and only authentic French caramels have this slightly gritty texture that I think comes from the sea salt. Anyhow, I love this caramel!!! It’s worth the price especially since it qualifies for free super saver shipping. The honey is noticeable but not overwhelming and gives it a very unique quality. Does anyone else have any other sea salt caramels recommendations?
DuncanLaneville, TX