Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water, 50.7-Ounce

Eternal artesian water comes in 50.72 ounce. Eternal water comes from an artesian source located on the unspoiled islands of new zealand. Nestled deep in the south pacific and isolated by large oceans, new zealand is a place of purity and beauty that remains relatively unchanged, untouched, and uninfluenced by many of the world’s environmental threats.

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Buyer BEWARE !!!

The item that Nutricity ships is not true product description on the Amazon web site. This water is not from New Zealand but bottled somewhere from muilt-sources and has a bad smell and tastes bad. Nutricity refuses to honor my complaint that the item is not as described and will not refund my money. BUYER BEWARE! The one star review is only becuase you have to put at leaset one to post a review, so my review should have no stars.
MarisVersailles, CT

great water

Really good water…
I love it high alkaline
Just hard to find..and expensive but good l the same
VonHeadrick, OK

No Longer from New Zealand—–Horrible Water!

DoNOT Buy this Water. This water used to be delicious but the have recently within the last 3 months started making changes to this water. Cheaper packaging and the water is no longer purchased from New Zealand it is actually now purchased in different parts of the US and they charge the same price at my local Whole Foods as if it was still from New Zealand. The water now tastes horrible….it tastes like it has sediment or contaminents in the water. I inquired about the change in the water and here is the email I rec’d: Although Eternal was previously sourced in New Zealand, there are many reasons for our decision to change to a US-based source. Your naturally alkaline spring source is nestled deep in the Great Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee at the base of English Mountain.

I am now searching for another water to drink. SMH!!!

GretchenTununak, AK

Best tasting water out there

I drink a ton of water throughout the day while at work – and this is the only water that actually tastes good. I don’t know what it is about Eternal, but it has this really pleasant clean velvety taste to it that I have yet to find in other bottled water. If you were to drink this water and then take a sip of Fiji water, the harshness of Fiji would knock your socks off. (I am not sure about the alkaline and how it effects clarity – as I’m tired on matter what during the day. I don’t feel a difference from drinking this specific water. However, not even coffee helps!)
MaritaFredericksburg, IN

Helps IBS

Completely agree with the other reviews. May be placebo but I found it reduced my IBS symptoms thanks to the ph balancing.
SherylAndover, ME

If u are looking for amazing bottled water

I love this water; placebo effect or truth to the Ph…sorry im a skeptic…this stuff makes me feel fantastic!! If Im going to drink a bottle of water I turn to this brand of alkaline water. 😀
MelaineGuaynabo, PR