Euro Cuisine RI52 All Natural Yogurt Culture

All Natural Yogurt Starters for Making Yogurt. 2 – 5-gram pouches. Ingredients: Skim Milk Powder, Sucrose, ascorbic acid, lactic bacteria(L. Bulcaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus)

Quick facts

  • All Natural Yogurt starter for making yogurt
  • 2- 5gr pouches

Top reviews

Review of Yogurt Starter

The product arrived on time and in good shape. I haven’t tried this product yet but am confident it will be what I expected.
TamikaGreenup, KY

Girmi Yogut Starter Packets

Bought a yogurt maker for my daughter for Christmas and figured I should get these starter packages to go with it.
VaniaTylertown, MS

overpriced powdered milk

Well, the good news is, it does what it’s supposed to, making yogurt thicken to the consistency we tend to like it. The bad news is, it’s not much more than just simply super expensive powdered milk. I remember long ago when dry milk was a staple that was given out at food banks, etc., and was a super cheap commodity. Now, it’s hard to find and extremely costly, but at least you get a lot of it when you do buy a box of it. This starter is teeny tiny and makes one batch, more than doubling the cost of the yogurt. Next time around, I tried a little gelatin, and it worked exactly the same way.
LouSautee Nacoochee, GA

Contains sucrose

Just be forewarned, this product contains sucrose. I didn’t realize this and so had to end up throwing it away after I received it.
ContessaCashiers, NC

Sour, thin yogurt

I was very disappointed with this starter. The yogurt was thin, and no matter how much stevia I added it still had a sour taste. I wouldn’t buy it again.
SilviaTivoli, TX

GREAT yogurt

I recently bought an Euro Cuisine yogurt maker and resumed making my own yogurt. There is no comparison – homemade is MUCH better. Starter matters. I tried Dannon plain yogurt as my starter. It worked, but the yogurt wasn’t nearly as good. The Euro Cuisine yogurt starter tastes much better, and after the first batch, it “brews” up in only three hours. I think the bacteria are really lively, which is probably a bonus for our gut, too.
JohnetteMorse Bluff, NE

The Best Yogurt Starter!

I had purchased the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker about a year ago, then just recently noticed that Euro Cuisine came out with their own brand of starter. I have to say, that using the starter made the yogurt making process so much better, because the ingredients they use in the culture is so healthy and it makes the yogurt so much more delicious. I already fell in love with the Euro Cuisine Yogurt maker, now I have fallen in love with their starter as well.
RandallSaint Paul, AR

Perfect Yogurt Starter

This starter is excellent! I used it to make soy yogurt with no problems.
CharleneAmanda Park, WA

could use a lot more detail

here is the sole problem i have with buying things from amazon:

They do not clearly list ingredients.

I’m lactose intolerant, pretty severely in fact. Bought this starter to make vegan yogurt. Turns out the culture has skim milk, a fact clearly stated on the package but nowhere stated on the page.

Thanks. This is now useless to me.

DovieWoodbridge, CA

It’s ALIVE!!!!

Shipping was super fast from the seller. It came in a protected envelope which kept the bacteria from all the harm the post office could muster up. It was protect so well in fact that after I split my order in half (gave one to my mom to try out too) I can’t seem to find it. The bacteria was alive so I’m assuming it must of ran off. That envelope was protecting it not just from shipping harm but from the world. Hopefully once it grows up it will come back.

My moms batch of yogurt came out wonderful though. Better than the store variety any day! We were able to make a gallon of yogurt (that’s a gallon a milk if your keeping track).

If your new to yogurt making or even a pro grab some today just make sure you lock it up so it doesn’t run off once you get it!

MariluEdgerton, WY


A Very good yogurt starter…once u make yogurt with this culture u will never go back to buying yogurt from Supermarket ever again!!!!
NoelMount Kisco, NY

Would rather use something else

When I bought this yogurt starter, I bought it in conjunction with the yogurt maker, which I have come to love. The starter, on the other hand, I suggest using not as the box calls for. Instead, you don’t allow the milk to boil when you create the yogurt, and make sure that the yogurt culture is really dissolved when you mix it… I like the cultures okay, but I find that buying stonyfield plain organic yogurt and mixing a half a cup of that with the milk does the same thing.
GayleOtis, OR


This makes yummy yogurt..its very easy to make with no hassles.Now i dont have to go to the grocery store to buy it i can make fresh yogurt at home:)
TammyNorth Metro, GA

Buy some as a back-up

Of course you can make yogurt from starter left over from the last batch. But, what happens when you don’t save some starter? This is a great back-up. Its relatively expensive for the tiny amount in each package (you get two packs), but its better than driving to the grocery store to buy some yogurt to use as a starter. It would be great if this vendor came up with a few different starter varieties, they’d probably sell more to people that like to experiment.
KennaTracy City, TN

Works like advertised

I made several batches of yogurt using these starter packs. It made nice tasting yogurt with consistent results. I will purchase it again because using yogurt starter is convenient.
ShennaJackson, GA

EXCELLENT & EASY TO USE Euro Cuisine Yogurt Starter

This starter works perfectly every time. Yogurt has been awesome!

I use organic milk, boil and cool…add this starter, pour into the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker Jars and then set them into the machine for 8 hrs at least. Yogurt turns out with perfect texture and smooth taste. Just add your favorite fruit or we add the Polaner or Simply Fruit jams/preserves and you have the best yogurt you’ve ever tasted!

EveRuskin, NE

This is the only starter to use!

I tried this with 2% milk, 1% milk, fat free, and lastly with goats milk I bought by the quart at Walmart, it is the richest most delicious yogurt ever (my husband is the one I make it for) I add a lg teaspoon of honey, mix it up and there is nothing better, the tartness blends with the sweet. I let the machine work for 8 hours and it is custard like. Excellent
KarisaRock Island, IL

A Great Starter & Easy to Use

I’ve had the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker for well over a year now, but I’m just now trying out the starter the Euro Cuisine company offers. While a little more expensive to use than six ounces of plain yogurt, it is easier to use. As a bonus, this starter requires no refrigeration, so can sit around for awhile before use. This is especially handy if you plan to use this starter as your back up starter, rather than as your primary starter. The product comes with enough starter to make two batches.

Use of this starter involves the boil method of yogurt preparation. I’ve been using the boil method already, so this was an easy transition for me. I discovered that the boiling point is lower with this starter than with a plain yogurt starter and you don’t have to cool the boiled milk down as far. As a result, the prep time is shorter than when using plain yogurt. The incubation period seems to be about the same.

My first batch was perfect. The yogurt is just a bit tarter than when made with a plain yogurt starter, but still quite good. If you mix your finished yogurt with a little fresh fruit or a touch of fruit spread, the tartness isn’t as noticable, but it depends on your preference.

I love making and eating homemade yogurt. The Euro Cuisine starter is a welcomed addition to my process.

DominickSilverdale, WA

Great starter!

This is a great starter! I tried using plain Dannon for my first batch, and it was nowhere near as good. The Eurocuisine starter makes a nice, smooth consistency, delicious yogurt. Vary percolating time to change the level of tartness. I make mine with 1% milk and add a touch of honey. Store bought tastes like artificial flavored pudding to me now.
RonaldWinterthur, DE

Easy product

This product is great to have on hand. In the past, I’ve used purchased yogurt as a starter, but this eliminates the need to run to the grocery store when you want to make yogurt. After a small delivery snafu, the company immediately sent me a replacement. They also sent me a follow up e-mail just to make sure that I received the product (thanks Fred!!!)
DakotaHampton, SC

Best yogurt starter

I love homemade yogurt when made with this starter. It is relatively foolproof with an inexpensive yogurt maker, and really delicious–much more delicate and fresh tasting than what you buy in the store. It sets up well and provides a good base for added fruit and honey for a healthy, nutritious and satisfying breakfast or lunch. One packet of starter is added to a batch of warmed milk, per your yogurt maker’s directions, stirred and left for the required length of time–about 6 to 8 hours. That’s all there is to it. The finished yogurt lasts well in the refrigerator and can also be drained through cheesecloth for a denser, Greek-style yogurt. I’m told the quality of the yogurt depends on the starter and this is the only kind I’ll use.
JuttaHubbard, TX

Makes not too tart yogurt.

Acidophilus makes yogurt a bit more tart than starter without it. This starter makes a nice creamy yogurt that’s not too tart. It’s the only starter I use now. I make yogurt several times a week.
VictorinaToledo, OH

The Best so Far

I really like this starter. I tried a different brand and it turned my yogurt sour and it was very soft. This one produces a good flavour in cow and goat milk. Although, my goat milk yogurt never sets up, it has an outstanding flavour- my daughter loves it this way. She adds about 1 Tbs. of Honey and some thawed raspberries and it is like a little smoothie.

We add a little honey and some raspberries and it is soooo much better than anything you could ever find in a store. Also, with the recommendation of Elain Gottschall in Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet, we let our yogurt “cook” for 24 hours, which produces the best yogurt you could ever eat. Why 24 hours? Because you get Billions and Billions of the right kinds of bacteria, instead of only millions that you get in commercial yogurt; not to mention all of the sugar and artificial flavours that commercial yogurt contains. *NOTE: If you don’t like or can’t eat honey, Agave Nectar is pretty good in homemade yogurt also.

MickeyMatinicus, ME

Better Have It Shipped Refrigerated!

This stuff works fine until it doesn’t. Then a call to the company reveals that you should have kept it refrigerated or else it can “bloom” and lose its potency. However, it is not SOLD or SHIPPED under refrigeration, so what gives? Use prepared yogurt instead for consistent results.
AngelitaRosine, KY

Great Yogurt Culture

I use the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Starter to make my yogurt with the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker YM100. It makes a great yogurt. My only suggestion is that you stir the culture into the milk very well, as I found it a bit difficult to dissolve. I now take some of the prepared milk into a separate container, add the culture and stir to blend extremely well, then add it back into the entire prepared milk. This assures that the culture was dissolved properly and gets evenly distributed.
MalindaBerea, KY

Reliable starter

This product works exactly as advertised and dissolves easily, producing somewhat tart yogurt in about 7hours. The resulting yogurt can be used as a starter if frozen and stored for later defrost. I would argue however that buying plain yogurt allows you to decide what taste you want and works just as well. If you live 50 mile from a supermarket, buy this but if you want to experiment, buy as many store yogurts as you can find and use the brand whose taste you like as a starter.
WillenaOxford, FL

Perfect thick yogurt

I have the Euro Cuisine yogurt maker and have used store bought natural yogurt as a starter, but the results were not always as thick as I would have liked, however, when I used this product, I got thick, beautiful, tangy yogurt.

My only problem with it is if you freeze it then defrost it, the defrosted yogurt is as runny as water and using it as a starter left my fresh yogurt runny too.

I’d rather keep buying culture than deal with runny yogurt.

3/26/2012 UPDATE: I’m starting to find it too expensive to buy the yogurt starters. I found a nice alternative in Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt – plain. It’s 1 dollar at our local walmart (cheaper if you have a coupon) and works just as well. Just make sure to use a stick blender to distribute the store bought yogurt culture evenly through your homemade product. It does yield a yogurt with more whey, so I like to strain the end product a little through cheesecloth to get a thicker, firmer yogurt.

LetitiaConneautville, PA

Great culture

I heard about this culture on a cooking website that i love and wanted to try it since the way i make yogurt using store bought yogurt — it came out okay but not the best. Was a little sticky and gel-kind. I love this one a lot and once you buy it, you can always save culture from previous made yogurt.
TheoCarlisle, KY

Works fine and the taste is good.

By Volkan Akkurt: I use this to make yogurt as well as fermented drinks. Both comes out fine each time, nothing unusual. Try it.
CarleyRimforest, CA

First time using this starter

It’s been years since I’ve made homemade yogurt. I recently purchased a Waring Pro YM350 Professional Yogurt Maker and decided to try this product. The last time I made yogurt, I had used plain Breyer’s yogurt and knew it works fine.

This starter works very well, and, although I’m still in the experimenting stages, I was quite pleased with the results. I’ve made two batches so far, the first with this starter, the second using yogurt from my first batch. I’m going to make some in the future using some store bought yogurt for a starter and see which I prefer. I’ve also got to figure out the best time to leave the yogurt in the maker, as my first batch was quite tart; the second was in less time and wasn’t quite so tart.

Will I continue to use this product? I’m not sure, I guess part of that decision depends on how long I can keep using my yogurt as a starter. I intend to keep some of Euro Cuisine Yogurt Starter around though. It would certainly be more handy than running to the store to by a small container of yogurt to start a new batch.

Also, the shipping was excellent on this. I got it 3 days after I placed my order and that was 2 or 3 days earlier than expected.

Buy some and try it. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.

FaeSpeaks, TX