Evanger’s Grain Free Rabbit – 24×6 oz

Evangers Grain Free 100% Rabbit Canned Dog and Cat Food is made with only 1 ingredient, Rabbit! This formula should be used as a mixed/topper only and it great for pets with specific food allergies. This formula is completely Grain Free and your pet will love this great tasting meat formula!

Quick facts

  • Evangers
  • Grain Free Rabbit
  • Canned
  • Dog and Cat Food
  • 6 oz, case of 24

Top reviews

Pete loves bunnies!

My cat, Pete, is so picky, that he once poopoo’d fresh Dungeness crab that I gave him for Thanksgiving dinner. Seriously. When I was given a free can of this rabbit, I was weary. I gave him half the can, which he then devoured immediately. Usually, he is a shy eater as well. Not so with this seemingly delicious meal! The ingredients list is simple: rabbit, water, liver and guar gum.
LacyAspen, CO